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Last Day In Branson...Leona Williams...Florida Ahead

Oct 15 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

One more day down here in Branson, Missouri somewhere between the Go Carts and the Putt Putt courses.



Another 2 pm matinee at the new Billy Yates “Choices” Concert Hall here in lower Missouri with Billy and Jimmy Paine.  My cousin Shirley drove down all by herself from my hometown of Montgomery City and caught the songwriters show and we had enough time after the show to really sit down and eat unhealthy ice cream and it gave me a chance to catch up on family and friends back home who I don’t get to see a lot these days.  It just made our Columbus Day show down here more fun for me. 


This is such a wonderful new music venue and I hope if you’re ever down here that you’ll go check out one of the songwriter shows.  The after show comments I hear the most are “I didn’t know what to expect” and “I love hearing the stories behind the songs”.  Yep…that pretty much describes it. 


Billy told a story about sneaking into a studio to hear George Jones record his song “Rocking Chair” when he was basically uninvited.


I told a story about sneaking into RCA Studios when I was you and walking in to hear Jerry Reed record “When You’re Hot You’re Hot” with Chet Atkins sitting behind the control board.


And Jimmy Payne told us the back-story on how his smash hit “Woman Woman” got to Gary Puckett and The Union Gap after Glen Campbell had the song first.  Turns out Glen had also found a song titled “By The Time I Get To Phoenix” and recorded that instead.


So in a short nutshell…that’s kind of what you get when you pay for your ticket for a songwriter show.  Fun to be a part of always. 



I turned on the Cardinal-Nationals MLB Championship game 3 and wondered, “Where did the Cardinal bats go”?  In the post-season they always say that pitching rules. The Nationals are proving that as the Cards just can’t score any runs and are now one game away from being eliminated and sending Washington into the World Series.  Anyone pick Washington for the World Series?  Me neither. 



Dolly Parton just celebrated 50 years of being an Opry member over the past few days.  A who’s who of folks showed up to celebrate with her at the Ryman Auditorium including my young co-writing friend Lauren Mascitti who got to sing “Coat Of Many Colors” on that stage for the celebration…a great moment for her as it was her first time singing on that stage.


The Tennessean newspaper this morning wrote this about Dolly, “She’s a five alarm fire of charisma”.  That might be the best short description ever.


She continues to be amazing and all the while inspiring others who love her so much that they want write songs about here as another friend of mine Becky Denton (Blackaby) did with me the first time we wrote together.  I asked her at a writing session who she listened too and she lit up and said “I Love Dolly”.  And that became a song going on her new album out before long.  Happy Anniversary Miss Dolly.



Phonocut is the name of the thing that will let you make your vinyl records.  And if you read the article it doesn’t sound all that complicated. Place the blank vinyl disc on the turntable; turn on a sound source and the disc records what it hears…on vinyl.  Wow.  Vinyl is now officially outselling CD’s to this could be something that music fans want. 


Now I’m hoping they’ll invent 8-Track Cut.



They just fired an employee who revealed how they make their mac n cheese. She posted a video…it went viral showing that it comes in a bag and is dumped into boiling water and not made fresh…it’s frozen.  My fave food ever is good ole mac n cheese.  I got by “does it taste good”?  I don’t think my brain ever says, “it’s frozen so I won’t like it”.  But, ya can’t be exposing stuff like elbows and cheese to the public…if you like your job. 



An Irishman was a prankster.  That Irish man died.  As they lowered him into the ground his recorded voice was heard saying, “Let me out”.  And they heard his voice singing “Hello again hello, I just called to say goodbye”.  Everyone laughed at his graveside.  Not a bad way to say goodbye.



“Is It Wrong To Keep Octopus In Captivity ”?  I’ll never know.  At this time of year the real question to ask is, “Does Any Pet Really Like Being Squeezed Into A Halloween Costume”?



One more show here in Branson at 2 pm today. 


Yesterday Leona Williams walked in and told us she'll be back to catch our show this afternoon so that will be a treat having her in building.  Imagine the stories Leona can tell about her own career and being married to Merle Haggard at one point!  Check out this fun song with Leona singing with Merle "The Bull and The Beaver".


I’ll be back here for three more shows December 1,2 and 3 and that will kind of mark the end of a busy year of shows all over the country and the world for that matter before we start gearing up for 2020.


I’ll leave for Nashville early tomorrow morning but will be right back on the road early Thursday for Port St. Joe Florida with “Hits & Grins” for the Blast On The Bay Songwriters Festival there on the beach.  I’m keeping my vitamins handy.


Have a great Tuesday!



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