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Branson...Big Oreos...NASCAR Bowling

Oct 14 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And a good Monday morning from Branson, Missouri where right outside my hotel door I can see a mammoth Gorilla clinging to the top of the Empire State building…weird.



I made the long drive from Nashville to Branson early Saturday morning.  There was zero traffic so I just took my time getting back to my home state enjoying the cornfields, the deer and the Mississippi River I crossed over a couple of times.  I got in early enough to just chill and watch some of the MLB baseball series as well as a lot of college football.  My old Wisconsin Badger team I rooted for in Milwaukee is looking for real this yea. Meanwhile the teams in Tennessee?  Not so much…although the SEC is obviously still the king of football play.


There’s a little restaurant near the hotel where they put us songwriters up and on Saturday I got trapped by a lady with wireless microphone singing karaoke while I was trying to eat.  Sigh.  I always feel bad for those who sing to a crowd who really could not care.  They give their food and drink more applause than the poor singer crooning old Patsy Cline songs (it’s Branson).  I made yet one more mental note to myself, “please don’t ever do that”.  I think left about the time she burst into “Johnny Angel”.


I'm working on a new tune titled "Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Karaoke Singers". 



Sunday was the first of the three matinees I have here…2 pm shows with Billy Yates and Jimmy Payne at Billy’s new “Choices Theater” here in Branson.  It was my first glance at Billy’s new venue and it’s really great.  I like it a lot…even more than the big theater we used to play in.  I had some family drive down from my hometown of Montgomery City so thanks to Claretta and her gang for doing that.  It’s always fun to have family out front…plus it gives a chance to catch up especially since I’m so rarely back there anymore. Really fun to sit between Billy and Jimmy and hear their big hits like “Woman Woman” and “Rocking Chair” for sure.  And we get to do it twice more.



They’ve just made a stuffed cookie…a REALLY stuffed cookie with a LOT of filling to lick out if you’re one of those who separates the Oreo for that purpose.  There are Oreo lickers and non-lickers in this world.  I’m a non Oreo licker myself but still the best way to consume an Oreo is to dip it in milk first.  And I’ll take points off if you dip it in rice, soy or almond milk.  Real milk…dunk twice…consume. 



Porsche just dropped the price of one of their new electric car the Taycan by $80,000!  It’s a cheaper version of the original and it will only cost you $103,000.  There ya go. That so helps my budget.  I’ll take two please.



I rarely if ever watch NASCAR racing anymore.  Apparently I’m not the only one as a lot of the bigger names quit racing and interest had declined enough to really affect attendance and TV ratings. Even Darrel Waltrip retired from announcing for goodness sakes.


So when that happens they look for answers.  Maybe NASCAR Bowling would help.  If they had a car go 140 mph and then make a “strike” on the final lap at Talladega…I’d watch THIS.



“Elderly Man Steals 159 Bicycle Seats Because Someone Stole His”.  So, if you’re having a REALLY uncomfortable ride on your Schwinn…you deserve that apparently.



Must be a mattress on sale somewhere right?  I had forgotten today was Columbus Day…so that makes it a long holiday weekend for some.  So…I hope that means we’ll see a few more folks out front at our 2 pm show today here in Branson!


Have a great Monday. 



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