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Packing Bags..."Train"...Flying Cars

Oct 11 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

The end of another week…hello Friday.  Time to pack bags for a two-city road trip.



I had an off day and took full advantage of it catching up, getting in a walk and enjoying what was a gorgeous Thursday in Nashville. I hit a State Park and walked a trail that circles a beautiful lake east of where we live. Long Hollow State Park has this picture taking bridge that spans the lake at one point during your journey on the lake trail.  I got so close to a young buck deer I could have touched him.  They see a lot of folks apparently.  I told him to keep his antlers low…it’s deer season.


I did get a little good news the song “Train” I’m as writer on debuted at number 2 on one Australian chart for my Aussie friend Kristy List (Cox).  That’s very cool.  If you’ve not heard it click on the link and listen.


Daisy Mallory, Steve Dean (the other two writers) have always felt that someone would surely record this song sooner or later.  And it’s nice to see Kristy having some early success with it.


And I watched the Astros clinch their spot in the AL Championship Series beating Tampa Bay.  They now play the Yanks and THAT should be a great series.


Add the Cardinals and the Washington Nationals in the NL Championship Series and you know I’m going to be looking for a TV in Branson, Missouri and Port St. Joe, Florida over the next week, as that’s where I’m headed.  More on that at the end of the blog today.



To my young talented friend Lauren Mascitti who I write with a lot and whom you’ve read about in this blog numerous times. Last night Lauren had a dream come true when her fiancée’ Shawn Camp introduced her at the Opry that was being held at the historic Ryman Auditorium last night.  I simply could not be happier for this young talent who’s just so dang good. I can only imagine how they loved her last night and I’d bet a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts that this was just her FIRST time. 



It’s getting expensive to live here folks.  A new study claims that one needs to make $85,000 per year to live comfortably in Nashville.  The average rent has now soared to over $1500 per month to bed down here.  So it now cost more to live here than it does in Atlanta and Charlotte. I tried applying for a REAL job to keep up with that kind of inflation but once again the Chippendale Dance Troupe turned me down.  Sigh.



Christmas movies are already running on the Lifetime Channel.  If you eat a gingerbread man for every Christmas movie between now and the first of the year that you watch?  Folks will start trying to tether you because you’ll be a blimp. 


And although that does seem really really early…a concert got cancelled in Denver at the beautiful Red Rocks amphitheater because of too much SNOW.



I used to love golf.  I used to be able to keep it in the fairway every now and then and drive it more than 50 yards.  No more.  Not a clue.  So on the rare occasions that I DO golf I always try to make sure I’m not playing with folks who take the game so seriously and don’t mind dragging a poor shanker around 18 holes. 


Ever played with a hot-tempered break their clubs wear out every dirty word they know golfer?  Not fun for me.  You know who you are.


Golf Magazine actually printed an article trying to help guys like me as to what to do when someone goes John McEnroe on a golf course.  Keeping quiet is a good idea.  Whatever you say will probably just light them up all over again and you’ll find yourself ducking trying to not get hit from a whirly bird 8 iron flying your way.


A sense of humor can help though if it’s a buddy.  The article suggests saying “I’m sorry I was out there trying to play golf while you were trying to have a temper tantrum”.  Filed away for future use.



Porsche has just partnered up with Boeing to make an electric FLYING car.  I do believe we’ll be able to go George Jetson in our lifetime if we can afford to buy one and fly over traffic jams.  Finding a parking spot though will be another thing to ponder I would think.



Mustang is rolling out their 700 horsepower Mustang.  It’s out next year.  Cost?  $40,000.  And that’s about the yearly check I’d have to write for speeding tickets if I owned one.  You got 700 horses under the hood and you’re going to go 55 mph?  I don’t think so.



“5 Things You Need To Run Your First Marathon”.  First, I’m more likely to birth a baby as opposed to ever running a marathon.  My comedian friend James Gregory used to say that younger comedians would call him early in the morning if they were on the road together and ask, “you wanna go running with us”?


James would say, “no, but if you’re running by a Krispy Kreme stop and bring me back a dozen”. 


Anyway I don’t need to read a list of what I would need to ever consider running a dang marathon.  I know what I would need.  That new 700 HP Mustang.  Now I WOULD hang one of those running number badges on the hood like the runners hang on their chests just to look cool.  You’re welcome.



It’s all about getting ready for the road trip.  Tomorrow morning I head for Branson, Missouri for my shows with Billy Yates and Jimmy Payne at Billy’s new venue “Choices”.  Billy named the place after his big ole hit he helped write for George Jones…and I can’t wait to see the new place.  The three of us have 2 pm shows there Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  It’s always fun to hear Billy sing “Choices” and to hear Jimmy Payne sing his huge hit “Woman Woman” that he and Jim Glaser wrote that soared to the top of the charts for Gary Puckett and The Union Gap.


When that’s done I’ll head back to Nashville early Wednesday morning but will then be gone early with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier for three shows in Port St Joe, Florida at the “Blast On The Bay” songwriters festival on the beautiful “Forgotten Coast.”.  Last year the hurricane wiped out so many places and the festival got cancelled.  It’s back this year and I’m proud to be there with my “Hits & Grins” trio.  Kind of wish I had one of those flying cars already.


Have a great weekend!










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