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Cowboy Christmas...Bob Kingsley...More Baseball

Oct 10 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning and even though it’s the 10th day of October my coffee still has no pumpkin spice sprinkled in it.  That’s grounds for a man card removal I think.



My writing appointment was with two of my favorite folks-writers in town, Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard.  They are a really fun creative couple and always always fun to write with.  Yesterday at their place we finished up a fun new song, Jenny sizzled some bacon when we got stuck for words, and I got to hear the finished Christmas single they will release this Christmas we wrote together when it was like 90 degrees.  A Cowboy Christmas song that’s reminds you of the cowboy harmony songs we used to hear around campfires out west.  I’ll let you know when they release it…and there could be a fun video to go along with it.  So a whole bunch of good stuff happened hanging with those two for a few hours yesterday.



I could not believe my eyes when I looked up and saw the Cardinals had scored 10 runs in the first inning of their winner take all playoff game with the Braves in Atlanta.  A record amount of runs scored in the first inning in any playoff game ever. 


And then late last night the Washington rallied in extra innings to upset the favored LA Dodgers.  Pretty good stuff if you’re a baseball geek like I am. 


TOP 40

My best thoughts go out to Bob Kingsley the host of the American Country Countdown for years and years and years.  Bob is battling bladder cancer and will have to step away from the microphone for a while…at least.  Just a great guy.


Bob was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Country Radio Broadcasters in 2012…the year I was inducted into their Hall of Fame.  I’m not sure but I think I may have been his most frequent replacement host through all the years he’s done that iconic countdown show from his ranch in Weatherford, Texas.  I flew out there four times through the years to take his place an work with his great staff and his wife Nan.  It’s quite the set up as you read the script in a booth looking a local producer and engineer and then you have an executive producer in your ear from LA to help you through the show your recording too.  The same guy that worked with Casey Kasem and his countdown show for years.


Bob and Nan could not have been kinder to me…and his staff was so great to work with.  At one point Nan and I had a conversation about me stepping in even more for Bob but things changed when Bob had to change syndication companies and compete against the new Kix Brooks Countdown that some of you listen to on the radio.  I was just flattered to be considered…to say the very least.  That full story is for some other day.


Right now I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that Bob will be back sooner than later where he belongs. 



After reading that some states up north could see the temperature drop 50 degrees or more within 24 hours and some BIG snowstorms could happen?  It made me take note.  “Bill, do not move north again”.  My wife Kathy likes cooler weather.  Me?  I’ll take summer.  I don’t miss snow blowers, and ice and Kroger runs for milk.  Nope.  Not ever.  But for you hardy souls who do…put on your stocking caps and long underwear and have a ball.



So, some folks have too much time on their hands.  Someone slowed down the old 45 pm of the hit “Jolene” by Dolly Parton.  When you do that, Dolly sounds like a dude.  And to be honest, it’s ain’t bad.  But it is odd to hear the guy sing, “Please don’t take him just because you can”.  If you’ve not heard this…HERE YA GO


My old comedian friend out in Arizona Roger Naylor talked about slowing a record down in speed and making it go backwards like they did with a Beatles hit many years ago where folks claimed they heard "Paul is dead".  Roger says if you play your record backwards you’ll hear “you’re screwing up your record”.  (In more colorful terms that what I just printed but you get the picture)



Bunch of stores recalling chicken right now. Listeria is to blame.  I typed in what I thought was listeria and got back a picture of a popular mouthwash.  And that stuff was awful.  I’d prefer they recall Listerine to tell ya the truth.



A new "sound shirt" is out with sound sensors and gadgets that allow the deaf to really feel music.  Like they feel the drum beat on the back of their head as part of the experience.  Add a “signer” at a “live” music event where they can feel the power of lyrics and it’s certainly a joyous improvement for their lives.  They can feel the rhythm so much that they can jump on the floor and dance like everyone else…feeling the same beat.


Who says change and tech is all bad?



I have nothing big on the calendar for today or tomorrow.  So I’ll take the time to get outdoors a bit as the high in Tennessee is 83 with sun and NO SNOW.  But I’ll also spend some time working ahead to a duel road trip that starts early Saturday morning, as I’ll have three shows at Billy Yates Choices Theater in Branson Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  And that’s followed by a Thursday morning departure for Port St. Joe, Florida where I’ll have shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Blast On The Bay Songwriters Festival with “Hits & Grins”. 


And then there’s another Game 5 winner take all baseball game on this evening with the Astros-Rays.  Who gets the Yankees?  We’ll see.


Have a great Thursday!



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