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WSM Work...Michael...Hai Karate

Oct 10 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

The season has changed.  It’s easy to see that outside my window as it’s still completely dark as opposed to being able to watch the sun starting to rise as it did a few short weeks ago.  I love fall too…but HATE when the hours of daylight become precious because there’s just not enough hours of sun. 


My friend once said he didn’t hate the “cold” of the Midwest as much as he hated the “gray” that lingers for so long. 



After writing a parody song about Taylor Swift’s political comments and the possible fall out for my New York folks, I got in a walk and then my day changed in short order as I got a call from WSM to come in and do the 3-6 pm afternoon show.  Devon O’day who hosts that show with her producer Lexi Carter was not feeling well (lot of that going around).  So I felt like I had rebounded enough from my own cold to go in and help.  Glad that I did cause I had a blast on air yesterday.  And I’ll be filling in today and perhaps the rest of this week too.  Stay tuned.




The show no more than started when Jeannie Seely the 51 year member of the Grand Ole Opry sat down with us to talk about a fund raiser going on in town tonight to honor the late Dottie West’s birthday that’s filled with musical guests like Steve Wariner, the Gatlin Brothers and more.  Jeannie has done it all.  She’s a hit writer, hit singer, has written a book, a regular host on the Opry and she’s as busy as she’s always been.  Her bio alone is worth reading.  We got into a very fun conversation about her late Father who called square dances.  I did a bit of that too at the old Elsberry High FFA annual Barn warming back in the day.


Just being able to spend 45 minutes on air with Jeannie made it more than worth my time to take the drive to the Opryland Hotel yesterday afternoon and do the show.



After that every fifteen minutes a guest sat down.  So the afternoon show which is called “Nashville Today” is truly a talk show where one has to be able to improve and dance and roll with the flow.  Just a very fun format for me.


One of our guests owns a farm near Nashville that has several acres of corn cut in the image of Alan Jackson.  It’s a corn maze that folks will pay to get lost in over Halloween.  And apparently a GPS won’t help you find your way out.


My thanks to Lexi Carter who produces the show for making my job so easy yesterday!


I did notice pulling up to the massive hotel yesterday that the new indoor-outdoor water park has come a long way since I was last there.  This will become the latest huge attraction for Gaylord helping to draw even more tourists.  A lot more swim trunks will be packed in suitcases for trips to Music City USA.


And the Christmas lights are getting close to being turned on.  Millions have been strung all over the complex.  Come the first of November the Opry will leave the Opry House and return to the Ryman Auditorium for a couple of winter months as all things Christmas will take over the hotel and properties.


If you’ve not come during Christmas…it’s worth the trip.



And now that hurricane looming off the panhandle has strengthened to a category 4.  Wow.  The “Blast On The Bay” songwriter’s festival that I’m supposed to be part of starting next Thursday certainly could be in jeopardy as it’s right in the pat.  I’m certainly thinking about my friends down there and hoping for the best.  The festival organizers will be making a decision as soon as the storm rolls through as to whether the festival will be a “go” or no.  .  This has become on of my favorite festivals of the year down on the “Forgotten Coast” in beautiful, quaint, Port St. Joe.  So all good thoughts going out to those down there.



Got to admire those who love slogging through marathons so much that even when a deer shows up and knocks you flat in the middle of the race you just get back up and finish.  It happened. 


I don’t ever see me running a marathon.  Nope.  But if I did…and a deer shows up and knocks me down?  I’m thinking it’s a sign to go sit on the couch and watch football. 



In a list of 100 things a man should not say after age 40 that MSN put out…this is my favorite.  “Need help moving a couch?  Sounds great”!



This one listed the best men fragrances since 1950.  Hai Karate did not make the list.  So this had to be “fake news” right?  C’mon!



“Man plunges 8-inch knife into his own skull so he can breathe better”.  Sure Einstein.  A few air holes opened up in your noggin’ oughta cure that for sure.



Well…it got a lot busier.  I’m off to write with Paul Bogart this morning and then I’m on air again 3-6 pm on WSM.  Tune in if you can at wsmonline.com


Have a great Wednesday!







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