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Lingering Cold...Michael...."Hello London"

Oct 9 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Readjusting to being home after our Italy trip.  I’m STILL upset they would not let me fish off the gondola in Venice. 



I'm nursing a cold that’s lingered since our overseas trip but getting better.  I did cancel some appointments for the first of this week to make sure what I’ve got doesn’t go to any of my friends sitting around a songwriters table.  I did write a comedy song about the Facebook scare going on right now.  You’re probably getting THOSE messages.  I took the Tracy Lawrence hit “Find Out Who Your Friends Are” for that song parody that a few radio stations might be playing this morning.


I’ve decided that “coughs” are weird things.  I’ve done a fair amount of that with this cold but when I got out for a little walk yesterday I did not hack one time.  The minute I finished…here it comes again.  I’ve decided to day I’m going to walk 1,000 miles.


I also spent some time working on some future show dates that will be up on my calendar here on the website soon.


And I got some good news that independent artist Randy Moore who had me as his guest on his internet radio show a few weeks ago has decided to do a digital album and he’ll record a song I wrote inspired by my daughter Heather “Hello London” that I co-wrote with Paul Bogart.  Those are always good calls or e-mails when you find out someone loves one of your songs.  Thank you Randy.



Man…the weather here is about to turn big time.  In the lower 80’s for today the temp will be at 69 for a high this Thursday and only 63 for a high on Friday.  Yikes.  That’s why I’m always glad at this time of the year to know a couple of runs to the beach are coming up.  However…hurricane Michael has us concerned.


Next Thursday I head for Port St. Joe, Florida for the “Blast On The Bay” songwriters festival with my “Hits & Grins” trio.  Port St. Joe sits in the panhandle where Michael is getting ready to make noise.  So we’ll have to monitor that and hope that Michael does no real damage there and that this truly great festival is not affected.  If the festival IS held…once again the “Jim Cantore” song I wrote with Brent Burns should be a hit again down there.  Be safe down there y’all.



Why is October the only time of year I’ll even think about trying a cup of cider?  I dunno.  Things that make me scratch my head.



The New Orlean Saints QB broke Peyton Manning’s all time record for most passing yards last night.  Hard not to be happy for that guy who is not a tall QB…but does stand tall as a football player, husband, father and great citizen.  Too bad Johnny Manzel didn’t pay attention.  Class act.  We need more of those.



1 in five of us still work after age 65.  My guess is those folks don’t consider what they do a job.  We should all be that lucky right?  At my age I truly can’t believe all the wonderful opportunities and travel experiences that music continues to give me.  I think part of the reason I’m still able to do this is because laughter is not age sensitive.  Being able to sit down with a guitar and lift spirits with a funny song…or touch their hearts with another choice is just rewarding and magical to me still.  I’m just grateful to be able to do it.  And I don’t see slowing down anytime soon. 


Some folks choose to sit down in an easy chair at 65.  I choose to sit on a barstool with a guitar. 



A survey of 1,000 millennials reveals that 72% of them have made a conscious decision to stay single for a period time.  That period of time is longer than the period of time we took as Baby Boomers.  Maybe it’s because they look at their parents working so hard for so long in some cases.  I dunno for sure. 


Some of the new generation have decided to live a lot of life early while they have their health.  I’m not sure they’re wrong about that.  To each their own…and that’s applies to all generations.


For some…the “bucket list” is not something they click off at the age of retirement.



My next “get rich” scheme will be selling “Non-Essential” oils.  Anyone can sell “essential” oils.  Look for the marketing campaign soon.



Did you see this VIDEODenise Mueller Korenek broke the world speed record on a bicycle going 183.932 MPH!  How?  She got in a slipstream and held on the Utah flats. And the bike didn’t even have a bell or a basket on it!



Nothing big. A little more catching up and working ahead and probably a trip the gym today where they’ll be able to take one look at my out of shape body and say, “oh…I see you’ve been to Italy huh”?  They have good wine and pasta ya know.


Have a great Tuesday!

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