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That Great Voice...MLB Nashville....Shattered Glass

Oct 2 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

First “Hump Day” in October.



I had a mostly open day on Monday so I took advantage of that and went and saw that Linda Ronstadt documentary "The Sound Of My Voice" with my wife.  We have a great little “art” type theater in Nashville called the Belcourt that’s been here forever and was modernized and restored a few years ago.  They show movies that are not mainstream, a lot of documentaries and foreign films and smartly…a lot of music films.


The Linda Ronstadt documentary was showing in a small “screening room” like those you see producers in watching film sometimes.  Some folks probably have a theater as big as this one in their homes.  But it was a cool intimate environment to watch and listen to one of the great singers of our time.  Gosh it was great.  And I could go again and again just to her the music and that voice of hers that has now been silenced because of Parkinson’s.  So many hits, so many different types of music and Linda could sing ALL of it.  Listen to her sing “Blue Bayou” again sometime and how she manages the low notes in the beginning and then effortlessly jumps to the high power notes with ease.  Amazing.


I could not more highly recommend a movie.



And then last night I got caught up in playoff baseball as the Brewers played the Nationals in a winner take all game to move on.  I was rooting for the Brew Crew big time and they had it until the 8th when their closer could not close the door with a 3-1 lead and now have to go back to Cheese Hat land to wait until next year starts.  Exciting game.


And tonight it’s the other Wild Card game with Oakland and Tampa Bay.  I read an article this morning talking about the “ugly” Oakland A’s stadium.  I dunno.  I’ve seen a game there.  It’s not as nice as a lot of the parks…certainly not updated.  But I enjoyed being in the stands that warm California evening I was there in that park.


The other baseball news that catches my attention is how both Florida teams can’t draw flies to their stadiums.  And the rumor mill is that Nashville could get a Major League team and it could be Miami’s or Tampa’s.  Please…for once let the rumor mills be fact!  It would just rock to have LB in Music City.  Imagine how great the National Anthem would sound every home game.


In fact…a group trying to get Major League baseball here that included former All Star Oakland A’s pitcher Dave Stewart released some IMAGES of what a park would look like here.  When can I order tickets?!



A Houston furniture store owner just bet 3.5 MILLION dollars on the Astros to win the World Series.  Wow.  How many couches with doilies does one have to sell to have that kind of moohlah to bet on a baseball team?  I’m obviously in the wrong business.  I can’t afford to bet on the pig races at the County Fair.



Yes…you can sing with such a high shrill voice that you CAN break a wine glass.  Here’s the PROOF.  This guy will never be invited to sing in fine restaurants I’m guessing.  Especially in Italy.



It’s Halloween time so it was good timing to put up the ax we saw Jack Nicholson brandish in the scary movie “The Shining’.  You know…the one where he says, “Here’s Johnny”?  Yep…that one.  The ax sold at auction for $200,000.  Lots of ways to make money with movies outside of ticket sales folks.



Now, I’ve seen my daughter text so fast that I shake my head.  I think she’s fast but she’s a tortoise next to this 18-year-old kid who just broke the Guinness record for texting fast.  It took him just 18 seconds to type "The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human."


Try that yourself and see how long it takes.  And I’ll just bet he did it WHILE he was driving!


There’s a tour company in Alaska that will show you great places to bike in their outdoors.  The bears call the biker up there “appetizers”.  I think I’ll pass.



I’m off to write with Laura Leigh Jones again today.  Laura’s full time job is working with tour groups and more at the Grand Ole Opry so her day job lets her be in the Opry House every day.  That ain’t a bad thing .  It will be fun to catch up and write with my young friend again today.


Have a great Wednesday!






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