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KY Grass...Vince...Ronstadt Movie

Oct 1 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

First of October and we’re breaking the temperature gauges here.  A predicted record high of 97 in Nashville today.  The pumpkins are sweating.



I wrote a little bluegrass yesterday with Dennis Duff who’s from Kentucky and always wears his UK cap proudly…so it was appropriate we write a bluegrass tune.  Dennis has always written as much as he can, but now that he and his wife have retired he’ll be able to write more and travel more.  In fact he told me that he had never been to a songwriters festival but that will change as he’s coming to the beach in Port St. Joe, Florida in a few weeks for the “Blast On The Bay” songwriters festival.  This is one of my favorites so he picked a dang good one for his first.  Last year a hurricane pretty much blew away Port St. Joe and Mexico Beach so a lot of us are looking forward to being part of this one as it’s recovered enough now to hold this great event again.


That will be a very busy long miles of traveling week as right before Port St. Joe I’ll be in Branson for three shows at Billy Yate’s new place the “Choices Theater” named after Billy’s big hit for George Jones “Choices”.  Things are going to be fairly busy from now til about December with shows in Missouri, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas.  In fact I’ll be in Texas two different times before years end.  Just check my calendar on the website for when, where and all the details.



So experts are now saying the best time to shower is in the evening…not in the morning.  Doing that they say helps with acne, dermatitis and dry skin.  Of course for the working world, we appreciate you showering before you show up at your work cubicle.



You can go get a cactus facial if you’d like.  Uh huh. Apparently your rub a cactus cream on your face to make it look brighter.  Lots of Vitamin E in it. 


Tequila comes from cactus two.  I think I know which one I’m more likely to choose.



Most won’t forget the story of Roy getting mauled by one of the tigers in Vegas in their act that effectively ended the career of Siegfried & Roy.   The trainer is now saying it happened because Roy had quit spending enough time with the tigers before shows and made a move that the one tiger did not recognize and then went after Roy mauling him and dragging him off stage.  It’s an interesting STORY and alarming of course.


I’m pretty simple minded.  But it seems to me if you play with WILD animals long enough…something bad is going to happen sooner or later.  Steve Irwin found that to be true.  Get a dog…a cat…a gerbil…a goldfish.  Live a long and healthy life.



Travel Hacker says the best airports to get stuck in are Detroit for a Mega sized.  Portland for Large.  And Indianapolis for Medium.  Vegas was one listed too but take it from experience…they have slot machines in the airport.  You could be writing home for money if you hunker down there too long. 


Our airport in Nashville did not make the list but it’s not bad as there are a few places inside the airport that features “live” music. 



The Eagles just performed their iconic “Hotel California” album in its entirety.  Reviews for the show are off the hook great.  Glen Frey’s son and Vince Gill now fill out the Eagles with Glen Frey’s death and the music still sounds great.  How good is Vince?  Check him out singing “Take It To The Limit” with the band.  That guy sounds good with anyone or any band.



I can’t dance…never could.  My wife now is a terrific dancer.  So when she caught me trying to dance with a song off my computer she asked me to stop.  She said, “You have no algorithm”.  (You can steal that if you like)



Vendor Busted For Charging Fan $700 For Two Beers”.  It happened in Miami at a Dolphin game.  So who’s more guilty?  The guy selling the beer or the guy who gave him $724 on his credit card for two beers?  Hopefully the beer was cold.



Nothing big today so my wife and I are going to take in the Linda Ronstadt documentary that’s out right now for a short run.  I’ve always been a fan so this should be a fun way to kill a couple of hours in a theater.


Have a great Tuesday!



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