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Bad Movie...Bluegrass Awards...Parrot Head Today

Sep 27 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And here comes the weekend.



I had a rare off day for me these days so my wife and I took in a movie.  Brad Pitt stars in Ad Astra a space movie…Tommy Lee Jones has a part.  The trailer for the movie?  By far the best part of the whole thing.  Geez.  Slow pace, little dialogue…drug forever.  For both of us it was really really disappointing and that’s about the nicest way I can describe it.  I can’t remember seeing a movie I’ve like less for a really long time.  I wanted my time and money both back on this one.



And I watched the final episode of the Ken Burns documentary that helped save my watching day.  Excellence in everyway.  Anyone interested in the least bit in Country Music should watch this documentary on PBS.  Watching Vince Gill trying to sing “Go Rest High On This Mountain at the funeral for George Jones will reduce you to tears as Vince could not get through it…even with help from Patty Loveless who was patting his arm and back and trying to help him get through that moment.  Vince started the song when Keith Whitley died…then finished up this song that’s been sung at numerous funerals when his brother passed away.  It’s a moment for sure.


Too many great moments to mention.  Just truly great stuff from start to finish


And one of the side stories coming out of this documentary success is that sales for a LOT of the music featured have jumped.  Stardust for Willie Nelson in particular.  And it’s just nice to know that a new audience may discover Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, Flatt & Scruggs and lots of others they may never have listened to before.



The International Bluegrass Awards are wrapping up in Raleigh this weekend but some of my friends walked away with awards.  Jerry Salley was named songwriter of the year back to back years.  And Brooke Aldridge of Darin & Brooke Aldridge won the Bluegrass Female Artist of the Year for the third year in a row!  Awesome.  Add to that my friend and co-writer Irene Kelley got an amazing write up for her bluegrass CD “Benny’s TV Repair” that I’ve got a couple of songs on.  Both Jerry and Brooke have recorded songs I’ve helped them right.  “Front Porch Philosophy” for Jerry.  And this song that Brooke sang the lead on of “Going Under” that was nominated for a bluegrass award last year.  Happy for my friends.


And add to that Australian bluegrass artist Kristy Cox announced yesterday that her new single will be “Train” that I wrote with Daisy Mallory and Steve Dean.  It’s been a heck of a good bluegrass week to say the least.



This is from a show I did a few weeks ago in Hot Springs, Arkansas with “Hits & Grins”.  I wrote this love song with Steve Dean.  In this VIDEO PERFORMANCE you see it done as a duet…Steve singing with Victoria Venier.  “Willing” seems to be a crowd favorite when we perform it so I thought I’d share it with you here. 



J-Lo and Shakira will be the half time entertainment for the Super Bowl this time around.  Whole lotta shakin’ going on I’m betting.  It makes me sad to know I’ll never be invited because I just don’t have the booty to pull off that kind of show.  Sigh.



Marty Brennaman called his last game for my Cincinnati Reds yesterday.  Sad.  Just a great Hall of Fame baseball announcer.  And a really nice man to boot.  I listened to a lot of games laughing at the back and forth between him and Joe Nuxhall before Nuxie passed away.  Joe Nuxhall was the manager of my team when I played in the Reds Fantasy Camp one year in Florida.


If you are the slightest of baseball fans you’ll enjoy this.  Bob Uecker was in Cincinnati to call the game between the Brewers and Reds this week…a Hall of Famer himself and a funny funny man.  Go to this LINK and listen to some on air back and forth between these two guys.  Great stuff.  Happy retirement Mr. Brennaman.



Maybe Marty will buy a place in Ventura, California.  It was just named the “best weather” laid back beach place in the country.  Keep in mind the media price of the home is almost $600,000.  How much is the weather really worth?



Japan Airlines now has a website that will allow you to see where young babies will be sitting on their aircraft allowing you to sit as near or as far away as you want.  I’m thinking a lot of folks who get annoyed when babies cry will be using that feature big time.  I would also like for them to show me what seat has an emotional snake or horse.  Thank you.



I play the “Nash Bash” at the Opryland Hotel which is a big Parrot Head function that singer Mike Nash tosses every year.  I’m happy to be one of the invitees this year.  I start yodeling about 3 pm this afternoon to all those beach song lovers who have gathered.


Have a great weekend!

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