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A Bierhause...A Parody...Cheese On A Belt

Sep 26 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning requires some extra caffeine.



“Hits & Grins” that includes Steve Dean, Victoria Venier and myself played at the Bavarian Bierhaus for the first time ever here in Nashville at Opry Mills.  Just like it sounds.  A BIG traditional indoor German beer garden complete with long picnic tables, German food and there was even one of those gigantic alpine horns on stage.  No…I did not grab it and blow. Every time I see one of those all I can think of is “Ricolah!!!”.


We had a great time…and my thanks to Lynn Marie the Entertainment Director for having us and to her husband Eddie Roddick for running our sound last night.  The crowd was fairly sparse but it was a week night and they are trying songwriter nights to go along with the traditional polka music that’s in house on Friday and Saturday nights.  Very fun place to check out if you’re in Nashville.  And the food and German beer?  Not bad.



I was surprised a bit yesterday morning to write an “impeachment” song for my New York folks as they tend to stray away and avoid political topics for parody songs.  But…this particular one…a parody of “Some Beach” by Blake Shelton turned into a very fun “Impeach” that took no sides.  Sort of my own political stance anyway so that worked out.  I watch almost zero political news unless I have to research something to make sure I know what I’m writing about if that kind of topic comes down the line.  Today I’ll resume to normal programming.



I did see that both the Milwaukee Brewers and Minnesota Twins have clinched for the baseball playoffs.  Not one but TWO small market teams.  A good sign for those who root for the underdog for sure.  I can easily root for Milwaukee after working there six years.  Any chance to hear more of Bob Uecker is a great thing.  Such a funny nice man. 



I’m behind one episode now on the Ken Burns excellent documentary and I’ll watch that today.  I did watch the episode of “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way” and that was great too.  This one showed us again how talented and smart Dolly Parton is. The documentary reminded us that some reporter once called her a dumb blonde…and that did not bother Dolly one bit as she retorted that “I know I’m not dumb…and I ain’t blonde either".



My friend Wil Nance just got back from Patrick Swayze’s Ranch in New Mexico where he sang and hung with some local songwriters. One guy he ran across told Wil he gave up songwriting and started making a lot of money carving wood sculptures with a chain saw.  He saw someone else do it and thought, “well hell, I can do that”.  And in 30 minutes he carved something and sold it to the first person that saw it.  And then did it again with the same results.  He told his music friends, “Boys, we need to sell our guitars and buy chainsaws”.  And now he owns a successful wood carving business in Gatlinburg.  Gotta love that.



Couple of bits of airplane news.  A new kind of engine is being developed for planes that will allow us to fly from New York to London in just four hours.  That would take a little jet lag away.  Even better, a space type of engine is also in development that will allow you to fly from Australia to London in just ONE hour!  Wow.  I’m not sure why everyone wants to go to London…but for those who must you’re gonna get there quicker if you live long enough.



A cop with an Electric Tesla car was chasing a bad guy in a high-speed chase when his battery died.  I’m sure buying those for the Police seemed like such a great idea at the time.



The Abbey Road album by the Beatles is now 50 years old!  That’s the most recognizable album cover ever with the 4 guys walking across the road.  Two of my favorites are on that album.  “Here Comes The Sun” and “Let It Be”.  Pretty sure that the album will grow older but listening to it will never get old.


Here’s a little Beatle’s trivia I did not know until I read a list of things most folks do not know about the Fab 4.  Paul played the drums on “Back In The USSR”.  Cool.


What if Ken Burns the documentary guy I’ve been talking about did one of his documentaries on the Beatles? 



Alexa is going to give you Samuel L. Jackson’s voice.  And it can cuss at ya if you want.  I don’t own one.  Think I’ll wait until they install the voice of James Earl Jones…or Homer Simpson before I buy mine.



Kelly Clarkson is so popular that her new talk show had the highest premier on TV in over 7 years.  Wow.  And the new Judge Jerry Springer show ain’t doing bad either.  As popular as she is…think about this.


Simon Cowell who helped make Kelly Clarkson the season one winner on American Idol?  His net worth is $550 MILLION or more.  I have so got to get a job as a judge.



In London they now have the worlds first “Cheese Conveyor Belt Restaurant”.  Just like it sounds.  Just wait for the right kind of cheese to come your way.  Take a LOOK.  Proof that cheese may be the only thing more popular than Kelly Clarkson right now.



I have on “off” day…woo hoo!  So some catching up on stuff including watching another episode of “Country Music” and this years premiere of “Survivor” that started a last night.  A guilty pleasure I can’t resist…as I’ve seen every one.  I have GOT to get a life.


Tomorrow I play a big Parrot Head function at the Opryland Hotel.  More on that in tomorrow’s blog.


Have a great Thursday!





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