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Writing...Gluten Free Cookie...Show Tonight In Nashville

Sep 25 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hump Day and here we go.



I had a full Tuesday that started with a great writing session at Curb Music with Wil Nance and Lauren Mascitti. My Missouri friend Wil has been very busy and on the road a bunch.  He’s just back from New Mexico and is getting ready to jump on a bus in Texas with a great artist Aaron Watson to write songs with him.  And that’s a pretty good bus to be on.  Aaron has made himself a huge draw independently and I’m a fan of his music.  So I’m jealous!


And then our young friend Lauren Mascitti who sings so great is deservedly excited because she gets to sing on the Grand Ole Opry in within the next few weeks alongside her talented fiancée Shawn Camp.  So it was great to be able to congratulate both of them AND write a new song together.



Then early yesterday evening I was the “The Local” club in Nashville as another friend Jenny Tolman was having her vinyl album release of her record “There Goes The Neighborhood”.  I did not know that I would get wrangled by her boyfriend Dave Brainard to do the introduction for Jenny…but certainly I was happy to say some good words about my friend and bring her on stage.  And she was great…as always along with Dave and the talented band of musicians on stage.  Jenny did a song that she and Dave and I wrote that’s not on the album, “I Know Some Cowboys In Texas” and that was great to hear.  Jenny’s a gluten free addict so it made me laugh to see that a friend of hers made cookies in the shape of her new album and some of those were indeed gluten free.  A fun day and night hearing and working with young talent.



I got home in time to watch another episode of the Ken Burns documentary on Country Music.  This episode was titled “Will The Circle Be Unbroken” and was just excellent again.  What jumped out at me last night was how Kris Kristofferson elevated the songwriting game in Nashville and helped turn this town into a songwriter’s town.  His lyrics are more poetic than almost anything that came before him.  And it was also nice to see some time spent on the “Will The Circle Be Unbroken” project headed by the Nitty Gritty Dirty Band that turned into a three album release (I bought when it came out) of them backing iconic artists like Roy Acuff, Mama Maybelle Carter, Doc Watson, Jimmy Martin, and on and on.  I can’t remember enjoying watching TV this much in a long while.



The St. Louis Cardinals lose to the Arizona Diamond backs in 19 innings!  19!  The game lasted almost 7 hours!  There was a combined 48 strikeouts in the game.  I’ve sat through double headers back in the day when they put those on the schedule that did not last that long.  Wonder what inning was last call for beer?


How popular is Christmas?  Just up the road from where we live a full time year round Christmas store is about to open.  Wonder if they’d be willing to sell this Christmas classic I wrote with Steve Dean…”It’s Okay To Be Gay Cause It’s Christmas”?



Halloween of course is next.  Folks are already buying their costumes and I GUESS this “Beyond Burger” outfit is popular?  Umm…I don’t see my wife choosing to trick or treat in this outfit.  However...I could see me in between these Sesame Seed Buns.  Maybe.



There’s this woman who makes hats out of vegetables.  I hardly eat them.  I just don’t see me wearing a Cumquat fedora. 



Did you know that the most spoken word on the entire planet?  Now you know…Ok?



A woman outside of Paris had a painting hanging above her hot plate.  Somehow some auctioneer saw it there and to the woman she should have it appraised.  She did.  Turns out it’s a rare Italian painting that might be worth 6 MILLION dollars!  It will be auctioned off October 27.  I am so going to have my Three Dogs Playing Polker on black velvet painting appraised now.



It’s polka time…sort of.  I have a 7 pm show this evening with my “Hits & Grins” trio featuring Victoria Venier and Steve Dean at the Bavarian Bierhaus tucked inside the Opry Mills Shopping Mall here in Nashville.  Just like it sounds it a traditional beer garden kind of place full of long picnic table and pretzels and brats and beer…indoors.  Normally there would be a polka band but management wants to try other kinds of music in the venue and our trio will be the testing ground for that…so wish us luck.  And no…I will not be wearing lederhosen as I play.


Have a great Wednesday!



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