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An Expensive Phone...The Joker...Showcase Tonight

Sep 24 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello Tuesday.  A little cooler this morning but mid 90’s are coming right back.  I saw someone state “Welcome to Hotaumn in the South".  Pretty accurate.



I wrote with Gary Cavanaugh and Scott Barrier…first time the three of us have sat down together.  I’ve written with both but separately.  So yesterday it was a trio over Scott’s kitchen table writing a beach kind of South Carolina groove about a guy and a girl.  How’s that for original? 


And when we wrapped that up I did write a parody song for New York about the total craze we seem to have right now for pumpkin spice.  It’s in everything.  So I turned the Little Big Town hit “Pontoon” into pumpkin and had fun doing that.



One sign that Autumn really is here.  There’s just a week left before the Major League Baseball playoffs begin.  When my Reds fall out of contention…and that happens a lot…I switch over and root for the Cardinals if they are in the playoffs.  And this year they seem to be on a roll at the end of the year peaking at just the right time.  I sat in Busch Stadium for a whole lot of games growing up in Missouri so it’s easy for me to root for my original team at season end.


After spending almost 12 years in Cincinnati I got to know a lot of the Reds…played in their Fantasy Camp…did Spring Training and had many of them on my radio show through the years so I got hooked on the Reds and have rooted for them ever since.  I even got “perfect game” Tom Browning to sing a parody song on my show once as he was a big fan…loved country music…and so does Hall of Famer Johnny Bench who also listened a lot. 


Just wanted you to understand how a Missouri Cardinal fan became a Reds fan through time.  And believe me…my Cardinal friends and co-writers down here like Wil Nance give me a lot of GRIEF over that.  I’m writing with him later today so I’m bracing myself.



Here’s a sign you’re getting old.  Bruce Springsteen is 70 for crying out loud.  I’m not a huge “Boss” fan, but gosh…it’s hard to believe.  Time doesn’t slow down for any of us.



Who knew they made charcoal toothpaste?  They do.  And some experts say you should not brush your teeth with it.  I have not explored the “why” of that this morning.  I just know if I ever do brush my teeth with charcoal…I’ll stay away from an open flame.



That Samsung foldable phone is out this week.  It will cost you 2 grand for one of those bad boys.  For me?  If I were to lose my mind and spend  $2,000 on a phone it had better unfold into a big screen TV. And, I think I’ll leave the price tag on it like Minnie Pearl’s hat so folks will know I lost my mind spending that kind of money on a phone.



China apparently has a sonic gun now they can zap unruly crowds with.  Sort of like running into an electric wire fence in a cow-pasture as I’ve done a few times.  I learned as a kid playing softball in a cow-pasture…you don’t really go hard after a foul ball when there’s an electric fence between you and the ball.  Nope. 



My wife found this…I laugh every time I see this.  Two young boys doing what boys do.  Stupid stuff…but so funny.  Every time the trash lid hits one of them they should drop Homer Simpson yelling “Doh”!  Watch this VIDEO and have a laugh on me.



Joaquin Phoenix is getting rave reviews as the “Joker” coming to theaters soon.  So I guess the Batman folks have decided to do feature movies now on all the bad guy characters Robin and Batman go to war with.


Jonah Hill look to be in line to play the “Riddler”.  That role on the TV series was played by Frank Gorshin  who was so “camp” and good in that role.  Jonah Hill I’m betting will be great in this role.  He played one of my favorite supporting actors in a movie…the young guy who ran the math for Brad Pitt’s character in “Moneyball” where Pitt played Oakland A’s General Manager Billy Beane.  GREAT baseball movie. 


And now I wonder who might be cast as "The Penguin" when that one comes along?



“An Art Student Trained Pet Rat To Make Paintings With His Feet”.  I’m pretty sure the same folks who buy these paintings will be the same folks buying the Samsung $2,000 flip phone this week.



I’m off to write with Wil Nance and Lauren Mascitti.  I’m excited for Lauren as she is going to sing on the Grand Ole Opry for the first time with her talented fiancée’ Shawn Camp in a few weeks. Boy does she deserve this good news.  I love hearing her sing…and here’s an EXAMPLE of that as she sings with the great Delbert McClinton on board a cruise ship. 


Then tonight I’m going to a vinyl record release party in town for another co-writer Jenny Tolman.  I don’t have a song on this record but she and I and her boyfriend producer Dave Brainard write a lot together.  I am on the record…doing a funny bit as a weatherman.  So I don’t know if they expect me to get up on stage or not tonight and give a 5 day forecast.  We’ll see. 


Have a great Tuesday!





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