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Computer...Back From The Desert...Off To Italy

Sep 24 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Back in Nashville and “blogging” again.



There’s been no blog here over the last week because my trusty ole laptop “crashed” on me in Arizona at the start of my week long singing on the Grand Canyon Railway experience for the second time.  Sigh.  Off to a computer shop today…and for now I’m borrowing my wife’s computer to get caught up here a bit.


I’ll be able to “blog” this week…but odds are I’ll be off of here for another week starting next Monday as I’ll be in Italy for the first time for the entire week with my wife as part of the Brent Burns tour over there.  More on that at the end of this blog today.



If you’re curious at all about the Arizona trip that I could not blog about last week…just check my Facebook page where there are plenty of postings and pictures of the gorgeous scenery out there.


I’ll just say thank you to John Moore in Williams, Arizona for asking me to do this again and to my new friend and train family…thank you for your hospitality and making me feel like part of your family.  And thanks to my friend John Carpino for teeing this up originally a year ago. 


5 days for singing on the train from Williams, AZ to the South Rim and back every day.  I met and sang for folks all over the country and the world.  I met an Opera tenor singer and his wife who were on their honeymmon who know people I know, a songwriter here in Nashville, folks who listened to me on the radio in various states and on and on an on. 


I got to hike a couple of times with my writer pal Roger Naylor in Sedona before jumping on the train to work.  What a great trip in one of the prettiest parts of this country.  I actually completed one of Roger’s books “Burgers and Boots” on my return flight home that actually made me want to turn around and hike a little more with him.  FYI…my friend just logged over 900 miles so far this year on the Arizona trails.  Not a bad guy to follow down any trail for sure.



And thanks again to a GREAT American Airlines gate agent who got me home yesterday. I was to go through Dallas to get home but she told me because of “weather” related issues that I would NEVER get home through Dallas and re-routed me through Charlotte.  Here’s to more employees like her. 



So now instead of sunny skies I’m looking at rain and lots of it here in Tennessee.  And…it’s getting darker sooner with Fall being here.  I’m not a big fan of snow.  But I’m less of a fan of short daylight hours.  I guess it could always be worse as I read that Buffalo has 167 days of precipitation a year.  And to think I interviewed for a radio job there once.  Sometimes you give thanks that certain things didn’t work out in your life.


My wife is ready for the change in season…she loves it.  So much so that she’s already bought pumpkin flavored coffee.  Pumpkin everything now.  Me?  I’ll take the lemon-flavored beer I’ve found to keep me locked into summer a bit longer.



Might need one.  Flash flood warnings here for the Rocky Top state with several days of rain in the forecast.  Maybe I’ll buy a gondola and practice before getting to Venice late next week.



Apparently Tennessee has alligators.  And the population is supposed to grow over in east Tennessee.  Who knew?  To even things out…I would hope country singers now multiply in south Florida.



The first Harry Potter book?  It came out 20 years ago.  Fan of brooms and Quidditch or not…if you go to Universal Studios in Florida…do ride the Hogwarts Express train.  It’s not the Grand Canyon Train I just worked on…but it’s a pretty cool ride.  20 years already!



He retired this past weekend officially.  Done singing.  Gosh.  I’m a fan of his and of Simon and Garfunkel.  Hard to pick a favorite song.  Maybe “The Boxer” for me.  But I love love “You Can Call Me Al” from the “Graceland” album that I bought in vinyl form.  Yesterday sitting at my Starbucks they played nothing but Paul Simon songs.  That’s what I call good management.



I gotta say I watched golf…REALLY watched golf for the first time in a long time when word started spreading that Tiger could win…and he did.  First time in five years.  Electric is the only way to describe the scene in Georgia.  Love him or hate him…Tiger Woods moves the needle with golf fans…me included.



Some folks are putting their dogs on vegan diets.  Good Lord.  A dog!  Real dogs beg at the kitchen table for the leftover pork chops you don’t want.  No real dog wants to be on vegan diet or have the owner put them in a pair of Lulu lemons to do the “downward dog” yoga position.  That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.



So called experts say that being in a relationship makes one fatter.  I’m guessing the ole home cooking has something to do with it.  Or maybe it’s the fact that the only thing a lot of men like me can figure out how to cook at home on their own is mac and cheese.  The dog may be on a vegan diet…but not yours truly.



Yep.  They’ve combined mayo and ketchup into one product in a jar.  It will be on US store shelves soon.  Mayochup.  Since I like neither mayo nor ketchup…I’ll wait for donutburger to come out.



All the new TV shows are coming out.  The “Voice” starts again tonight.  I only watch the audition part…my favorite part of the show by far when the judges select their teams.  It’s when Blake and Adam are at their best.  And “Survivor” starts again this Wednesday.  Don’t ask me why…but I’ve never missed an episode of that show.  And I still can’t start a fire on my own with sticks.



“Divorced Man In Shanghai Steals 73 Wedding Dresses To Feel Like He Was Getting Married Again”.   Hard to say “I Do” 73 times in a row without stumbling over your tongue. 


Rome-Florence and Venice all cities my wife will be in next week on the Brent Burns tour I’ve been blogging about for awhile.  It’s getting close.  I did find out yesterday that we could be playing in some Italian type pubs and bistros over there which will be cool.  We’ll be entertaining the group of 50 or so that’s going with us as well as locals who may be part of the crowd.


If you sat on the fence and did not sign up for this one (which is closed out now) do think about joining Brent and me on our trip down the Danube next year with stops in Amsterdam, Germany and Switzerland.  Details are right HERE.  I’m going to look so cool playing a guitar in lederhosen!



Catch up stuff…and did I mention my computer is on the fritz? 


Have a great Monday!

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