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Studio Time...Song Surprise...Full Concert Video

Sep 18 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello weekend…and Friday!  We’ve hit a wonderful cooling trend with temps to be in the mid-70’s for the next week at least.



I was in studio for a while yesterday laying down a new song with Gerald Smith and Vaughn Lofstead who played guitar and produced our little gospel-bluegrass song. Vaughn has a little studio in his basement where he can crank out little acoustic demos like this one that Gerald will take and probably add fiddle and mandolin too to fatten it up a bit. Turned out great, and we appreciate Vaughn’s work on this.  It will give us another song to pitch to folks looking for something traditional in this vein.   



I always love getting an e-mail, phone call, text or carrier pigeon message from my co-writers letting me know that a song I’m involved with is going to be released.  That happened yesterday through a text from Rob Bellamy out in Boston who had decided to release a tune we wrote titled “100 Proof” either next weekend or the weekend after.  Rob had started this idea…actually had a big start on it and I got to jump in and come up with a title that worked and fill in the back half of the song. And I love Rob’s voice on this song.  So hopefully within a few weeks I’ll be able to share that here so you can hear it.  Great news…and thank you Rob. 


Rob’s a cool guy with a hockey background.  Played minor league hockey and started for the Maine hockey team…and that’s serious college hockey.  And then at the last Winter Olympics in Seoul he and his fiancée’ Ayla Brown, who I also write a lot with, got to watch Rob’s daughter claim the gold medal for the USA Women’s hockey team against Canada.  And Ayla got to sing the National Anthem before that gold medal game in Korea.  How cool is that?



Last weekend in Hot Springs Arkansas I had the pleasure of playing a wonderful outdoor show at Hot Springs Village…a huge retirement community. I had a great crowd out on the lawn and Larry Wilson was nice enough to send me this LINK that will allow you watch the entire show I you’d like.  Turned out great.  Click on the link and enjoy.



Aruba is inviting Americans to relocate for 3 months visa free and work remotely from there…on the beach!  Temptation.


And now a small study shows that humans can indeed pass on the virus to their pets…dogs…cats.  Do they make masks for wiener dogs?


Sobering news here.  The Pastor who ENCOURAGED his congregation to not wear masks is now in the hospital from Covid in serious condition…on a respirator.


On the flip side of that. Turns out our Mayor here in Nashville held back true information about how bad the virus spread was NOT on Lower Broadway.  The numbers are much lower than the city reported before they shut down all the honkytonks and restaurants that bring millions of dollars into our economy.  And on top of that the Mayor is trying to raise taxes by 37%.  Almost the very next day our Mayor decides to increase capacity to 50% at those venues. I see lawyers being very very busy.


It’s an unreal tough time for business owners. One prediction shows that 60% of those who closed their doors will never reopen again.



Next year Music City will host a Grand Prix race where the cars race downtown. I’m hoping the pit stop will be in front of the Lower Broadway honkytonks.  Very cool. The event will take place next August 6-8 a big three-day event. 


Now, I do have one true Grand Prix story in my life that ended up with a memory I won’t forget.  Here’s that story.


I was assigned to go up to Elkhart, Wisconsin when I was doing the morning radio show for WMIL in Milwaukee to try and grab some interviews in that road course race from a driver or two…or anyone interesting. The late great Hall of Fame football player for the Chicago Bears Walter Payton was driving in that race.  He had a passion for going fast in other places than at Soldier Field in Chicago. 


I find his area that’s roped off…there’s a trailer and out pops Walter.  I ask loudly from a distance if he would do an interview?  The response was like, “maybe” and he disappears back into his trailer.  He was not smiling. I’m thinking this will not happen.  But I stay outside the ropes and wait and it’s hot…really hot. So hot that I’m wearing athletic shorts and a radio station T-shirt.  The waiting pays off as Walter comes out and walks right up to me again not looking happy.  And again, I’m thinking this will be a horrible interview. I hold a microphone attached to my tape recorder over the little barrier fence and ask my first question. A pause from Walter, and then he leans over and DE-PANTS me!  And then he laughs like crazy!  Turns out it’s a prank he played a lot on reporters.  Who knew?  I pull my shorts up red faced and then I have the GREATEST interview with “Sweetness”…an extremely nice gifted man with a sense of humor.  I still laugh when I think about it.


Quantas offered up a flight going nowhere.  A 7-hour flight over Australia…a scenic one. Here’s how much folks want to get out of quarantine.  The tickets go for $787 for the cheapest up to over 3 grand for the most expensive. And the flight sells out in less than 10 minutes!



Maybe you want to drop over 5 grand for one night in the Maldives Islands to stay in a villa that has a bedroom with a retractable roof that you can watch the stars from at night.  And a pool that has a slide that dumps you into the ocean when you reach the end!  Heck, I figure if you have that kind of money to drop you can pay someone to pick the wedgie out of your tuckus after taking that slide.



The Kansas City Chiefs game had a fan test positive the other night.  And there weren’t that many fans allowed in.  10 other fans are now quarantined with this guy.


I saw some fans in the stands in Cleveland last night as the Browns beat my old Bengals 35-30 in a dang good game.  That rookie QB for the Bengals has got everyone talking.  Even though he’s lost his first two starts?  He’s played unreal. Last night Joe Burrows he broke an all-time rookie record by completing 37 passes!  He attempted 61 passes.  Hope for the Queen City. 


BUT the real HIGHLIGHT for me last night was when they surprised announcer Joe Buck “live” to let him know he would become a member of the Football Hall of Fame.  And that means he joins his late father Jack Buck who called Cardinal baseball games forever as the first Father-Son team to do so. Pretty special.  If you missed it…here ya go. 



Did you see this drone that landed at Wrigley field and stopped play between the Cubs and Indians last night?  Not something one sees every day.



MSN listed a bunch of jobs they predict will be gone within the next 50 years due to computers and technology and robots. Pilots, truck drivers and restaurant servers. Computers will fly planes and drive trucks and robots will show up at your table to take your order.  Hello George Jetson.


But the one that caught my attention most was wranglers and herders as drones will start moving cattle and horses to where they need to be.  High tech cowboys on the range in the future.



Lori Loughlin who’s going to jail for a few months over that college admission scam she was involved in with her husband and two daughters won’t feel like she’s really in jail as she’ll be able to take yoga classes, ceramic classes, Pilates and who knows what else.  More like adult summer camp.  I may want to commit a crime myself to get a little relaxation time like that.



I’m online writing with Brent Baxter and Nathan Woodard today.  Brent sent a great idea from Missouri we’re going to tackle together with a specific artist in mind who’s looking for songs right now for a new album. We’ll see how that goes.


Have a Friday AND a great weekend!





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