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ACM's...Lotta Reese's Pieces...Studio Today

Sep 17 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning and that means we’re sneakin’ up on the weekend.



I wrote on a great idea that my New Hampshire buddy Rick Lang came up with and our mutual friend Jerry Salley joined us online to try and turn the great phrase Rick had into a great song.  We banged away at for almost 3 hours and we still have a little polish that we need to apply before it’s really ready to be pitched and possibly recorded.  I’m not always right about songs.  It’s hard telling where they will or won’t end up sometimes but if I were a betting man, I’d bet this song will be recorded for sure. I’ve learned to write when there’s no idea in the room, learned to write with just a simple melody someone’s playing, learned to write from a conversation in the room or something I’ve seen visually.  But the best way for me always is when someone comes up with a great title like Rick did in this case.  Thanks for sharing it with me and Jerry.  Can’t wait to finish up this one.



I watched a fair amount of the ACM Awards last night hosted by Keith Urban on CBS and for the most part I thought it was great even without an audience. A lot of the songs were very stripped down and more acoustic based and I did enjoy that.  It was WEIRD though to have a TIE for Entertainer of the Year between Carrie Underwood and Thomas Rhett.  A tie?  Really?


Some of my favorite moments?


Seeing my friend Sydni Perry on stage singing with Carrie Underwood…especially on the tribute to Loretta, Patsy, Martina, Dolly and others.


I thought Trisha Yearwood’s tribute to those we lost last year was just great…class.  Girl can sing.


The Johnny Cash recitation of “Ragged Old Flag” may have been my favorite moment followed by Eric Church’s “Stick That In Your Country Song”.


Maren Morris and Taylor Swift both gave great performances too. 



Man, did my favorite vacation spot get hit…Gulf Shores, Alabama. A ton of water and still no power from my longtime buddy Brent Burns who lives down there who witnessed a big ole tree fall in his backyard (and he’s probably 10 miles off the ocean) and a lanai at a house near him collapsed from the storm onto the owner’s pool.  A category 1 quickly turned into a category 2 and Brent admitted he got surprised on this one. A lot of businesses on the islands that have been hard hit from Covid will be closed for water damage now. 2020 just can’t be gone quick enough.


One weather guy claims that Pensacola got four months of rain in 4 hours.  And 92% of Escambia County is without power right now. 




The CDC director saying most of us won’t get the vaccine til mid 2021 while researchers reveal that the virus may have been in the US as early as last December.


India has been a real hot spot and now they appear to be taking it extremely serious as 8 people who refused to wear a mask were forced to dig graves for those who died of Covid there. Wow.


Largely because you can social distance golf has had its biggest year in a decade.  More people out on the golf courses than ever. Makes sense.  If you find any of my thousands of lost golf balls please get those back to me if you will. And if you’re looking, here’s a hint.  You won’t find any of them in the fairway.


The quarantine led to this meme being posted by a woman who wrote:


Me IN 2019: “If I could just have like a week with nothing to do and nowhere to go I could finally get this house clean and organized”.


ME NOW:  “Nope, that wasn’t the problem”.



Saturday Night Live is getting ready to start shooting again finally helping provide some laughs. They announced yesterday that Jim Carrey will play Joe Biden in those sketches. Alex Baldwin as Trump, Carrey as Biden.  That should make for some fun moments of sketch debate I would think.



Costco is now selling a THREE POUND jar of Reese’s Pieces.  3 pounds of those bad boys.  I’m more of a peanut M&M guy myself but can’t imagine looking at a 3-pound jar of those either tempting me while I’m being a couch potato watching TV.  My wife is so dang healthy that if she had to choose a 3-pound jar of something she’d probably choose Tofu and be happy with that decision.



Wife: Not to brag, but my husband just came back from shopping for my birthday gift, and he was carrying a Rite Aid bag. 



“Minneapolis City Council Alarmed After Crime Surge After Defunding Police”.  They may have been the only people on the planet surprised by that result.



I’m going to be in studio a bit today recording a gospel bluegrass song I wrote with my friend Gerald Smith. It will give us a song we can pitch to that world, and there’s a fair chance that the “Georgia Quacker” may include it on his next album that he’s starting to make plans for.  It will be fun to hear the song come together today.


Then tonight it’s Bengals vs Browns on Thursday Night Football.  Where’s my 3-pound jar of M&M’s?


Have a great Thursday!



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