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Radio Interview...A New Single Coming...ACM Awards Tonight

Sep 16 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

There’s that ole Hump again we gotta get over.  Wednesday.



I had a change in plans last second as my co-writer I was scheduled to hook up with got the date wrong…or maybe I did…but either way the writing appointment was cancelled and reset for another day down the line. 


I did hook up for a radio interview with my friend Brenda Lynn Allen on 103.7 FM WKRM in Columbia, TN…home of “Mule Days” every year.  I felt right at home since I’m a Central Missouri State University Mule…yee haw!  Brenda played some of my funny songs and songs I’ have recorded an we just had a great chat on the air.  Thank you Brenda for such a great time.



I got some great news from my buddy Paul Bogart by text yesterday.  He’s decided to release “The Ballad of Exit 199” as a single soon.  We wrote that song together that’s all about the true story of Paul’s second boy being born in the car on I-40 East at exit 199 one night.  The boy arrived on the floorboard before they could make it to the hospital.  The song turned out really great and they put it in kind of a “Jerry Reed” vibe that’s up-tempo and fun.  Can’t wait for y’all to hear this…it will put a smile on your face for sure.  As soon as it’s out…I’ll be posting it here for sure.


This song is drastically different than the song we wrote about Paul’s first-born boy in this tune “Buckaroo Lullaby”.  This one’s just a tad sweeter.



Well, hurricane Sally changed course a bit and is hovering over one of my favorite places…Gulf Shores, Alabama. Lot of water already and the Cat 1 turned into a Cat 2 this morning.  I talked with my friend Brent Burns who lives there and he was fine last night. The island itself will get flooded for sure…but this side of the bridge that takes one over the intercoastal is much safer from hurricanes.  Not a good thing when the weather folk call for “historic” flooding.


The prediction is there could be over 2 billion dollars’ worth of damage from Sally.



The MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said yesterday he thinks there will be baseball fans in the stands when the League Championship games and World Series on some kind of limited basis.  Sure would be nice to see some real fans over cardboard fans for sure.


Amazon just keeps getting bigger.  Some of their drone deliveries are happening and now they’ve bought 10 all electric delivery vans. What pandemic?


In Hawaii it’s a different story.  No tourism. And one report today suggests that 65% of all restaurants will close their doors. 


Ed Ogeron, the head coach of the College Football champ LSU Tigers says MOST of the team has contracted the virus.



ME: What’s your secret to 55 years of marriage?


Mom: We never hated each other the same day.



There once was a job title of “knockerupper”. That job is no longer available now that we have alarm clocks.  But before they came along one would hire a “knockerupper” to tap on their window with a long pole or shoot peas at the window to wake them up. 



Lot more TV watching going on with folks staying in.  “Dancing With The Stars” with new host Tyra Banks?  They got their highest ratings since 2017 this week.  Got to be folks tuning in to watch the train wreck from “Tiger King” Carole Baskin trying to dance.



“The Rock”…former wrestler…big time actor is not the number one influencer on Instagram overtaking young Kylie JennerDwayne Johnson gets 1 MILLION per post he puts up on his Instagram because of his immense following he’s built there.  Advertisers pay a little over a million to the Rock is they want their ad to show up on his page. I have GOT to figure a way to influence folks!



Taco Bell is offering up a Taco Bell Jalapeno Noir Red Wine. For those in Canada. Remember, red for chalupas, white for quesadilla. 



I’m online writing with Jerry Salley who’s been really busy in studio producing new albums for some bluegrass groups lately so I’m glad he’s got time to join me and our east coast friend Rick Lang who has a great gospel song title that all of us love enough to write and try to write it good enough that it might get selected for Rick’s next “Gonna Sing, Gonna Shout” project that will follow up the first CD with that title that got two Grammy nominations a year ago. 


Then tonight I’ll be checking out the Academy of Country Music Awards show on TV.  Should be interesting to see Keith Urban hosting this from the Opry House with performances by some of our favorite artists…but no crowds in sight.


Have a great Wednesday!





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