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Conspired Writing...Early ACM Award...Radio Interview Today

Sep 15 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And hello Tuesday!



I sat in a big kitchen with Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainerd and wrote a very fun “different” kind of tune that includes some conspiracy theory thoughts and rhyme. Uh…you had to be there. Dave & Jenny think off kilter quite a bit which I love and when we do write a lot of the time, we’re going down the writing road less traveled for sure. It makes the whole process unpredictable and fun. Jenny came up with her own town “Jennyville” that’s referenced a lot in her first album with songs like this one “There Goes the Neighborhood.” Between the smoothies and the cups of coffee…another little eclectic song was born that we can add to their stack of tunes lining up soon for her new album.


I also found out that Jenny will be interviewed by American Songwriter Magazine which is a great feather to stick in her cap.  And the video for the song we wrote together, “If I Could Invent A T-Shirt will film September 26 and I’ll be sticking my head in to check on that the day it happens.


A really good day in the rhyming neighborhood yesterday.



The ACM Awards (Academy of Country Music) will air tomorrow night on CBS with Keith Urban as host.  But already one award was passed out… Event of the Year and that trophy went to Miranda Lambert and her posse of talented girls that includes Maren Morris for Ashley McBryde, and a trio of newcomers to keep your eye on Caylee Hammack, Tenille Townes and Elle King. The girls went into a studio and did a remake on the classic Elvin Bishop song “Fooled Around and Fell in Love”.  Click on the link if you’re curious to see and hear their take on the song that just won the first award of the evening…early. 


Up for Entertainer of the Year in 2020?

Luke Bryan

Eric Church

Luke Combs

Thomas Rhett

Carrie Underwood


If I’m guessing?  I’m taking Luke Combs for the win.



The World Health Organization reported 307,000 cases on Sunday.  That’s the highest single day increase since the pandemic started back in March.  Just what we wanted to hear right?


The Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade?  The balloons will float, dancers will dance, and Santa will show up at the end of the parade but there will be no crowd in New York on the streets.  Strictly a TV event this year.


Southwest Airlines is offering another $39 ticket to fly to try and entice more folks to do so during the pandemic.  Tempting huh?



The Gulf Coast is braced again…this time for Sally coming ashore. Some officials are saying it could be record high flooding. High water might be a good thing out west right now with the fires that are still raging…not so much on the Gulf Coast.  And there are 3 more storms swirling in the Atlantic right now. Been a busy year for Jim Cantore.



Our Tennessee Titans won an ugly late game in Denver last night.  Pittsburgh looked great in the early game with Big Ben back and under center.  But NFL ratings were down over 12% for the opening games this for a lot of reasons you can think of.  It’s early.  We’ll see how the rating go after a few more games.



Husband: “The secret to a successful marriage is to call your wife seven times a day, to help her find her phone”.



Scientist say they’ve found a stinky gas on the planet Venus leading them to thinking there could be alien life there. Or that it might support human life if we all want to jump on Space X after renting a VRBO up there. I’m not sure the phrase “stinky gas” is a big “let’s go” motivator though.



How bout this for a different kind of travel adventure?  You can ride the rails on a rail bike through Carson Canyon located in Nevada.  And unlike being at Disney World right now, I don’t think you’d have to wear a mask.  Looks pretty danged cool.  Sign me up.



A professional fisherman, Jeff Kolodzinski just broke his own fishing record by catching 2,465 fish in a 24-hour period. The body of water he fished on was near Peoria, Illinois and he raised over $15,000 for charity while doing it. That be a lot of fish. Surely there’s a huge fish fry coming right?


Growing up I can remember my Dad taking me and my brothers to a paid carp pond where we filled up gunny sacks with a bunch of those bad boys.  I remember thinking that was a big catch.  Kind of pales compares to 2,465. 


FYI?  Yep…you can eat carp.  But nope.  It’s not the tastiest eating. It put a lot of food on the table, but today I don’t go out of my trying to find carp for dinner.


I’m writing with Bobby Marquez today…a cowboy hat singer who loves traditional country music so I’m sure that’s the kind of song we’ll be chasing online this morning. 


Then at 1:30 Brenda Lynn Allen is going to interview me and play some of my songs on radio station 103.7 WKRM located in Columbia, TN.  Her program is called “Around the Bend” and they do stream. So, if you’d like to listen in you should be able to hear the interview by clicking on the link above. The great thing about doing a radio interview on the phone?  I don’t have to dress up.


Have a great Tuesday!



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