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Arizona Bound

Sep 14 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Sitting at the Nashville airport dark and early with a guitar and a bag. 



I'm flying to Phoenix today through LA on standby which can be an adventure.  But...I'm flying at the right time of year and both legs of my flight are on time.


Once in Phoenix I grab a rental car and head to gorgeous Northern Arizona where I'll drop bags in a hotel in Camp Verde then head north to join my tour Tourism Hall of Fame friend out there Roger Naylor and we will hike a trail and watch the sun set on the red rocks this evening before dinner.


Tomorrow we'll grab one more trail that Roger knows all the crooks and crannies that exist...and he also knows where the rattlers slither out...before I head to Williams Arizona on Route 66 Sunday to prepare for five days of singing on the Grand Canyon Railway for the second time.  I've got a cowboy hat, a vest, CD's and a guitar so I'm good to go from car to car singing to the tourists headed to see (as my friend Roger describes it) "The Big Ditch". Takes my breath away every time I see it.


So I've got quite the 9 days in front of me but I'm looking very forward to the experience.  Hard to top the kind of scenery I'm going to be soaking in for the next several days.


Hope you have a great weekend too!

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