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The Opry...Dolly Slowed Down...Arizona Tomorrow

Sep 13 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Packing bags once again.



A full Wednesday as I had a late songwriting appointment with Amanda Williams and Keesy Timmer.  Amanda and I started writing recently and after the two of us did a songwriters show with Keesy we knew we wanted to add him to a session if we could.  I had written with Keesy several years ago when both of us were learning our way.  Since that time I’m happy to say that Keesy had a huge hit he helped write for Kelsea Ballernini “Yeah Boy”


And Amanda is just a red headed whirlwind of motion and activity mixed with wonderful creative talent.  In the near future she’s going to be traveling overseas to several countries to talk about the importance of intellectual property and trying to explain to government  organizations overseas why it’s important not to steal music. Romania, Kuwait and others are being teed up right now.  And there’s a chance that Amanda will enlist me to be a speaker from time to time which would mean my passport will get a workout.  We’ll see.


We got a great “contemporary”  song out of our session yesterday and certainly I enjoyed hanging with these two.



I had the pleasure of rambling around the halls backstage at the Grand Ole Opry as my friend Linda Davis was on last night.  Lord…she belongs there.  Such a pro.  I certainly enjoyed watching her tear up the Opry folks as she always does and enjoyed visiting with our mutual friends backstage.


Everyone should get that opportunity.  There’s a “family” feel backstage and no door is ever closed unless a star is getting dressed.  So that means those with backstage passes can peek in and see no telling who.  Many of them are singing in their dressing rooms getting ready for their 15 minutes on stage…or artists get together and jam.  It’s truly magical…especially to those of us who love country music and the long history of that music on the Opry Stage.



My friend and artist Jenny Tolman called me yesterday offering me a part in her video she’s shooting next Wednesday.  A guy behind the counter in a bowling alley.  I’ll be in Arizona and had to turn it down which I hate because I know I could have delivered a great “what size shoe ya need”? line that would have slayed!


They are shooting a video around her new single that you can check out HERE.  So CLOSE to being a danged movie star!



It was great seeing that Florence is now a Cat 2 and not a 4.  That should help some but there will still be a lot of damage in looks like in the Carolinas.  Despite all the warnings and evacuations I did see not surprisingly a guy on his boat saying he would ride it out on that boat.  He may get quite the ride.  Things that never cease to amaze me.


And of course the reason there will be more damage than ever is because more houses and business places have been built on the coast that puts more property in harms way.  It’s great living at the beach…until one of these ugly bad boys start churning off your coast.



That pageant is over…bad ratings this year.  It was also this year they eliminated the swimsuit competition.  Coincidence? 



I realize I’m out of touch with TV shows for sure.  The Emmy Awards are Monday night and there’s not one show nominated that I watch.  Most of the nominated shows are on cable…not mainstream TV networks.  And unless they nominate a baseball game or “The Bachelor”…I’ll have no rooting interest.  I’m pretty sure the “Bachelor” was not nominated as quality TV.



They found what they think is the oldest drawing in history on a cave wall.  It looks like a hashtag #.  There ya go.  When I “tweet” this later today I’ll end my post with #adam&eve #whoknew?



They rolled out the new iPhones yesterday.  Expensive.  If you get one maxed out you’ll have spent more money than it would take to buy a Mac Book computer.  Yikes.  This one supposedly monitors your heart and other health issues.


If I spend that much money on an iPhone I’ll most surely have a heart issue!



Mark Wahlberg the actor says he gets out of bed at 2:30 AM to workout.  At 2:30 I might DREAM about working out…maybe.



Henry Cavill will no longer be Superman.  The search for his replacement is on.  I hate admitting I’m old enough to remember watching Superman on TV…in black and white.  Wonder if they can’t go another direction and put comedian Kevin Hart in the cape and red pants as the first black Superman?



In Columbus Ohio (just went through there) they have a hotel where your room has a beer tap in it.  If they’ll add a bowling lane and shoes…I’ll book a night.



I read an article about some guy who took Dolly Parton's smash it Jolene and slowed his 45 rpm’s down to 33 and third.  He claims it’s a completely different song.  I’m sure it is.  I’ve got a little suitcase turntable and I have that record.  Since I don’t like buying record needles…I think I’ll keep listening at 45 RPM.  Nobody needs to hear Parton sound like Cash anyway.


However...if you're curious...here's how it sounds slowed down



It’s all about getting my ducks in a row from my journey to Phoenix early in the morning.  If my flights are on time I’ll be on the ground around noon…then drive a couple hours north near Cottonwood where I’ll go on hike with my longtime friend Roger Naylor tomorrow evening in the beautiful Sedona area.  We’ll get another hike in Saturday before I make my way to Williams on Sunday to get ready to play 5 days in a row on the Grand Canyon Railway for the second time.


So…a cowboy hat, cd’s, guitar, hiking boots and sunscreen are all being tossed into a big bag today.


Have a great Thursday!












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