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Never Forget...Mr. Rogers...Hot Springs Tomorrow Night

Sep 11 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Friday morning and I’m packing for a rare road trip. 


It is 9/11 today a time for remembering where we all were that fateful morning. I was on the radio covering what I could not believe was happening on the TV screens inside the WSM studios that morning. I’ll never forget it. I think I’ve mentioned this before but more than once when I’ve been interviewed the question will come, “what was the best moment or day in your radio career”?  I always answer the best AND the worst day were the same…9/11. I was on air for 10 hours that day covering what was happening and talking to listeners as we all tried to make sense of something that made no sense.  God bless the responders that day and all the families that lost loved ones.



My writing appointment had me hooked up with husband and wife bluegrass team Darin & Brooke Aldridge. They were home in North Carolina, and I was here in Nashville. Only with online writing do you see folks leave the screen to grab their dog because they’re barking.  In this case, their little dog is named “Otis” and yes…he was named after the loveable Mayberry character. This Otis though is not drunk or the town jail.  He just barks.


Brooke had sent me a wonderful idea to tackle yesterday that relates to all things “Mr. Rogers” from the TV show from a phrase he used that resonated with Brooke. I had somehow not heard this phrase but fell in love with where the song could go.  And that’s what we tried to do yesterday.  It has a wonderful message tucked inside a melody that Darin and I wrote, and I think it’s a song that Brooke could wind up singing in their shows. If I’m lucky?  Maybe they’ll sing it on the Grand Ole Opry when they perform there again after the world returns to some kind of normal again.


I was blessed last year when they were on the Opry before Covid and sang our song “Corn” to the “live” audience.  They had sent me a personal invite to come to the Opry and hear it, but I was out of town with my own show and truly hated to miss that experience.


Just a fun blessed day creating something like this with those two yesterday.



Fauci is now saying basically to brace ourselves for the cold months coming saying “it won’t be easy”. Mix the flu with Covid and you can see what he’s thinking.


According to the folks who deliver stuff by air…they say that providing a single dose of the vaccine that’s coming to 7.8 billion people will require the use of 8,000 Boeing 747 cargo aircraft and the planning needs to begin now. A lot of those planes have been sitting idle during the pandemic…that may change shortly.


Some of the pandemic stories are just truly heartbreaking.  Johnny Lee Peoples and his wife Cathy from North Carolina both caught the virus.  Both in their mid 60’s. They struggled with the virus in a hospital for 30 days and then were moved into a room together where they held hands until both of them passed just a few minutes apart.


And last night the NFL season kicked off and we say the KC Chiefs coach Andy Reid wearing one of those plastic face masks that just kept fogging over. That led to one tweet from a viewer that said, “He’s going to need to pit for a tear off”.   


Husband: “My wife wanted two kittens but I’m the man of this house, so we got two kittens”.



Jessica Chastain is going to play Tammy Wynette in a limited TV series that will be based on the life and times of George Jones and Tammy Wynette.  No word on who will play George or if we’ll see them recreate the moment when George jumped on his riding mower to go to the liquor store after Tammy had hidden his car keys.  Certainly their marriage is movie worthy with all the great harmony mixed with volatility. 


I remember Tammy most from a radio cruise I was part of.  She was on board with Billy Dean and Steve Wariner to entertain our folks who paid to sail with the country stars.  All of them were great though Tammy did not look well as it was near the end of her life and she was on her last marriage with George Richey who was with her.  She could not have been nicer.  And she still had that wonderful “cry” in her voice when she sang.  She sat on stage one day with the other three artists and fielded every question from our group graciously.  It was a pleasure to be around her a bit.



Golfer John Daly has bladder cancer.  Not good. It has an 85% chance of recurring.  John himself says that he hopes that maybe there’s a miracle and promises to try and change his habit of drinking 28 Diet Cokes a day while smoking 40 cigarettes per day.  Here’s hoping John beats it.  He’s entertaining to watch…despite himself.  Just a good ole boy who can hit a golf ball a mile and he’s won two majors. His life too is movie worthy.  And they should title it, “Grip It And Rip It”.



A World War II vet will have his casket painted to look like a pack of Juicy Fruit…his favorite gum that he would pass out in Roanoke, Virginia where he’s from. Woody Williams is 94 and still with us. Juicy Fruit normally never does something like this, but after reading his story of how he’s touched so many with such a kind simple gesture of passing out gum?  They’ve changed their mind.  They were married for 48 years…together for 50.



“Florida Man Arrested For Impersonating Officer After Trying To Pullover A Real Cop”. Wouldn’t you love to see that pop up on “Cops”?  Dumb boy dumb boy whatcha gonna do?



It’s packing day for a road trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas tomorrow where I have a show in the beautiful retirement community they call Hot Springs Village. The show is 6-8 pm with just me and the guitar and the stories and songs.  It’s being held at an outdoor facility they have next to their beautiful theater I played at a couple of years ago with “Hits & Grins”.  If you want more info, then just watch this VIDEO INTERVIEW that I did with Larry Wilson last week from their Learning Institute.  We’ll be social distanced for sure, so I’m looking very forward to the concert tomorrow night.


Have a great weekend!

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