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Bluegrass Waltz...Hall of Fame Reopens...Wienermobile Proposal

Sep 10 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Rolling into Thursday.  Warm today in Music City as we’ll hit 91 for a high. Meanwhile, 4 states in the country got snow yesterday.



I wrote a bluegrass waltz yesterday with Irene Kelley at her kitchen table that’s produce about 27 songs now for the two of us. The sun was shining outside the kitchen window, we could see a hummingbird dancing with a flower or two and it was just a gorgeous clear day.  So of course, we wrote a heartbreaking traditional bluegrass song. Hopefully it’s raining or snowing next time and we can write something up and fun. Kind of the way songwriting goes.  Always fun to write with Irene who’s stacking up a lot of songs for another album somewhere down the road to follow up her album “Benny’s TV Repair” that has two of our co-writes on it.  So hopefully some of these new ones will make their way on her next CD too. 


Benny was her Dad who ran that little down in the basement TV repair shop in Pennsylvania for years.  Irene was just home up near Latrobe and went to her family’s old house she had not stepped foot in for a very long time. She went hesitantly and found a nail that had “Irene” written beneath it. That nail held the keys to her first car that her Dad had put up.  Funny how an old house can talk to you and take you right back in time.  As she mentioned, there’s probably a song in that somewhere down the line.



During Covid times I can’t think of a TV show more ahead of it’s time than “The MASKED Singer”…can you?


Some companies of course are going out and will go out of business during the pandemic.  Others will thrive.  Like Amazon. They are getting ready to hire 30,000 new employees at an average salary of $150,000 yearly.  Tech and corporate kinda folks it looks like. 


Walmart is trying to keep up with Amazon.  They just announced they will start delivering packages with drones too starting in Fayetteville, NC.  Another field with job opportunities it looks like.  Drone operators.


And after being closed for a long while, some museums are now opening back up including our great Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum here in Nashville starting today.  I’ve played the Hall’s songwriter series several times and I’m waiting to hear if those will be rescheduled as well.  The closing was so long that I had a show with Steve Dean cancelled not once but twice for that series.  Hopefully a new reschedule date will be coming soon.


And Wheel of Fortune contestants will be socially distanced by at least six feet from Pat Sajak and will have to use a personal cap to put on the peg to spin the wheel instead of grabbing it with their hands.  All contestants will be screened before being allowed on the set to compete.  Wheel of Covid.



Joe Bonsall of the “Oak Ridge Boys” will host “Name That Country Tune” on a TV channel to be named.  They are taping the show right now. Sounds like fun. No air date as of yet.



The Eiffel Tower was just named the “Most Complained About Attraction In The World”.  Trip Advisor gave it 1 star. Reviewers claim it’s pretty from a distance only. That you’re hounded by vendors and crowds when you’re up close.  And the street food near it is apparently bad too. Who knew?  Still, I can’t imagine one doesn’t go see it when one is in Paris. 



Husband: “Honey, you need to embrace your flaws”.

Wife: “Okay”. (Then she hugs her husband)



The Monday Night Football theme this year will not be sung by soon to be Hall of Famer Hank Jr.  They’ve sidelined him this year thinking the song “All My Rowdy Friends” won’t work as well as the camera shows empty stadiums during the games.  So, they’ve dusted of “Rip It Up” by the late Little Richard and will us some version of that song instead.  Talk about difference.  Hank Jr. and Little Richard…that would be that.



And the NFL season officially kicks off tonight with the Word Champion KC Chiefs taking on the Houston Texans.  The game is in KC and they can only allow 16,800 fans in in a stadium that holds almost 80,000.  That will be a tad weird to look at tonight.



Last night the Atlanta Braves scored 29 runs in a game against Miami.  29!  How do that happen?  Actually, it’s the 4th time it’s happened in Major League history. 7 home runs from the Braves.  If you’re curious…here’s what that looks like.  Not pretty.



“Woman Votes Topless After Getting Stopped For Wearing An Anti-Trump T-Shirt”.  It happened in New Hampshire.  Just keeping you “abreast” here folks of all the “Top”ical news. 



A guy just proposed to his sweetie at Yellowstone National Park in front of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.  Can’t make this stuff up folks. She said yes.  I’m sure the marketing folks at Oscar Mayer will be passing out those miniature wiener whistles to toss at the bride and the groom when they come of the church married. 



I’m writing with the “Sweethearts of Bluegrass” Darin and Brooke Aldridge this morning.  Brooke is the Bluegrass Female Vocalist of the Year for the last 3 years in a row and she sent me and idea by e-mail last night that I’m going to have to wrap my head around as soon as I finish this blog this morning. Just hoping I can contribute to her great idea this morning.


Have a great Thursday.   





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