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Pennsylvania Morning...Queen City Tragedy...Bandit

Sep 7 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

The sun is just starting to rise in Somerset, Pennsylvania.



Our “Evening In The Round” trio was on the road early as it was about a then and half hour drive up to Pennsylvania.  The route took us through Cincinnati-Columbus-and Wheeling West Virginia before we got here.


Going through Cincinnati meant we HAD to stop at a Skyline Chili restaurant where my trio mates Linda Davis and Lang Scott got to experience the chili for the first time.  For those in the know…there were 3 three-ways on the table and three bibs tied around our necks.  And like anyone trying it the first time Linda wanted to know what the different taste was?  The answer, as any Queen City resident would know is cinnamon.  You’re welcome.


So I was a very full and happy camper as we made the rest of the trip up to Somerset where we begin full weekend. 


My songwriting workshop is this evening from 6-10 in Johnstown, Linda teaches two performance classes tomorrow here in Somerset and then our show is Sunday at the Mountain Playhouse in Jennerstown.  Some folks up here, especially Carla Fanale and Denise Baldwin have worked very hard to make this happen…and we surely thank them and the sponsors who got on board for our weekend.


This will be fun.



It was weird and sad to be rolling through Cincinnati about the time that shooting went down.  3 people killed.  And on it goes.


I actually posted a short video of us coming in from the Kentucky side and the beautiful view one sees of the Cincinnati Skyline…the Ohio River…Paul Brown Stadium and more.  The Bengals were at their outdoor facility practicing as we crossed over the Brent Spence Bridge preparing for their NFL opener this weekend.


That post got several responses from friends in Cincinnati letting me know about the shooting downtown as we rolled through the city.  For me it’s always great to see Cincinnati…so it felt sad knowing a tragedy had just unfolded there. 


Ya just can’t stop insanity.



Who didn’t love Burt Reynolds?  A lot of folks like me can remember seeing “Smokey & The Bandit” the first time.  Bowling Green, Missouri for me.  A little one screen cinema off the town square there.  I laughed my butt off.  I left the theater thinking, “wonder how much a black Trans Am cost?  They became cool…like the “Bandit”. 


He had a great laugh…and a great gift of making others around him laugh.  RIP Bandit.



Experts say the best way to get a pay raise is to quit your job.  Well...one tends to find out a bit more of what they are worth if they are willing to quit…at least that’s what I’ve found out a couple of times.  I’m not sure why one has to be willing to quit sometimes in order to get a raise (if they deserve it).  In a perfect world…if an employee is worth more money…the boss would walk in and say, “we’re gonna raise your pay” instead of the employee having to nervously walk in and ask.


Leverage is everything.  You’re not so nervous if you have another job offer in your back pocket when you ask for that raise. 


I had a job offer from another state once upon a radio time ago.  The radio station I worked at I loved…but the new place was offering a substantial raise in pay if I would move there and do their morning show.  At the time, I had no idea what I was worth.


The city I was working in?  They waited until they knew I was serious about moving (and I was) and only then did they counter the offer. 


It was a lesson I never forgot…eye opening.  So I think if it were me, I’d massage that advice about getting a raise a bit.  “Be willing to quit your job…but have another one in your back pocket first”. 



Somebody stole one of the world’s deadliest spiders from a museum in Philadelphia along with several others. Great.  Try going to sleep tonight wondering where those bad boys are now.  I’m keeping a hard sole shoe near my bed.



I’ll have a parody song to write for New York this morning before turning my attention to my notes for the songwriting class this evening. I’ve had the pleasure of playing music in a lot of different states but it did hit me…never in Pennsylvania.  So I’ll be able to click another state off this weekend with our “Evening In The Round” show this Sunday afternoon.  Looking forward to that.


Have a great weekend!







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