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Hometown Music...Bloopers and Road Trip

Sep 5 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Packing for a road trip today.



My writing appointment cancelled out at the last second…but for a very good reason.  My co-writer Irene Kelley was in studio laying down vocals for her new CD that includes two songs we’ve written together that I can’t wait to hear.  So we’ll re-schedule. 


I also got a nice note from my Aussie friend Tamara Stewart who let me know that phase two of her new project will be out digitally shortly and will include the song we wrote together “Dear Hometown” that was inspired by her small home town in Australia but certainly includes some images of my home town and what I remember Montgomery City, Missouri being like when I was very young.  Tamara just lost her Dad who loved this song…so it will always have special meaning to her…and I’m proud to be a small part of that through this song.



On the parody side of writing I turned in a parody on the big Nike story.  Because the song goes out nationally to their clients I was not sure if they would want to touch the story or not…but they did.  So somewhere this morning someone may be playing “Burn Your Shoes, Boycott Nike”.  New York obviously feels the “country” audience airs on the side of John Rich’s sentiment (from Big and Rich) that’s going around which makes sense to a radio guy who understands the target demo for Nike is like 16-21 year old…not 25-54 and older.  This is certainly going to remain controversial for a while and only time will tell if Nike’s decision was wise monetarily for them or not. 



Because I had some real “down time” yesterday I somehow landed on “Raymond” bloopers from the old TV show I was a fan of.  I think every TV show…every movie…should end with bloopers.  They are sometimes far better than the movie or TV show. 


So with that…have a few laughs yourself if you’d like with these Raymond BLOOPERS.



WrestleMania 35 has announced it will host the Senate Confirmation Hearings.  Some of those folks won’t look all that good in wrestling trunks…but it will be must see TV for sure.



Couple of interesting notes in the world of chasing a little white ball around 18 holes.  Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will both be on the Ryder Cup team.  More people will watch…me included.  I think I enjoy watching the Ryder Cup even more than the Majors…including the Masters.  Their addition will just spike interest.


And then there’s this.


If you play golf at all…you’re familiar with the golf cart that shows up with something cold to drink and something to eat while you’re out on the course.  Now…one North Dakota course is going to use a drone to deliver to you whatever you want.  App it in…a few minutes later the drone finds ya…and drops off what ya need.  Cool.  Wonder if it can hover over your putt and help line you up?



I was just in Gatlinburg a few weeks ago for a writer’s festival and there were more pictures than normal of bears…at least one in town.  Now Gatlinburg has announced they are lining the streets with a lot more bear proof garbage cans.  It is a tad alarming to be walking between Tammy’s Taffy and the Moonshine store and see Mr. Bear ambling towards you in downtown Gatlinburg.  Makes ya wonder if it was the taffy or the moonshine that made you see the bear.



13 years ago someone stole the ruby red slippers Judy Garland wore in the “The Wizard Of Oz” from a Minnesota Museum.  An FBI sting has found them and they will be returned.  They have not caught the bad guys yet…but I’m sure when they do that one day in jail one will turn to the other partner in crime and say, “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore”.  (Unless they put them in Leavenworth of course)



Jim Nabors little old place in Honolulu is up for sale.  It will only cost you $14 million to hang out in 6,000 square feet like Gomer did once.  That’s a big old “golleeeee”!



“Sleeping Naked Is Good For Your Health”.  That’s what it says.  And who am I to argue.  I gotta admit…I feel pretty danged good these days.



Off to write with one half of the comedy-song duo Williams and Ree..."The Indian and The White Guy".  Bruce Williams and I are going to get together and rhyme.  I love these guys.  They’ve been doing their shtick since they first met in college like 50 years ago up in South Dakota.  So quick on their feet and funny funny funny.  Here’s an EXAMPLE to check them out if you’ve never.


So I’m looking forward that this morning…then a little dinner meeting with my “Hits & Grins” trio this evening downtown before getting home to pack for a long road trip to Pennsylvania in the morning with Linda Davis and Lang Scott for our “Evening In The Round” show Sunday along with two workshops we’re holding Friday and Saturday up there.  I’m teaching Friday, Linda teaches Saturday and we play music Sunday.  Complete info on all of this is on my calendar here on my website.


So…if there’s a blog here tomorrow morning it will be short as we are hitting the road dark and early.


Have a great Wednesday!







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