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Back To Work...Trop Rock Nominations...Elevator To Space

Sep 4 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Back to work Tuesday.  Clean the grills…put em’ away.



A quiet Labor Day at the Whyte House.  I got a little prep work done for my songwriting workshop that will take place in Pennsylvania this Friday night.  I’m looking forward to working with those folks who have signed up to be part of this in Johnstown.  That’s followed by a show on Sunday with “Evening In The Round" with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and me.


My daughter came in and spent the night and watched the “Bachelor In Paradise” or as I like to call it…”Train Wreck In Paradise”.  Do not ask me why I watch this…I have no idea…but it does get the three of us on the couch at the same time so there’s that.


And this morning I dropped my daughter off at the airport as she starts a run for American to San Juan and Jersey City I believe before she gets back at weeks end.


So we did have a little family hang this weekend.



Happy Anniversary to my brother Gary and his wife Kay celebrating 48 years together.  Wow.  Here’s to another 48 for those two.


I get to see them as they live near York, PA and they’re only a couple hours away from our “Evening In The Round” show this Sunday.  All of us plan on touring the 9/11 Memorial up there even though because of schedules we may have to do it on separate days.  I’m sure all of us will be moved by that experience.



To my friend Brent Burns.  I just found out that Brent is nominated for Trop Rock Entertainer Of The Year again this year!  Congrats buddy.


And his last album “Emergency Vacation” is up for Album of the Year and the song “Emergency Vacation” that we co-wrote is up for “Song Of The Year”.  The Trop Rock Awards are held the first week in November in Key West so fingers crossed. 



High winds…all eyes on that tropical storm-hurricane Gordon that’s staring them in the face.  I saw Brent posted our “Jim Cantore” song on his Facebook Page.  I’m guessing that means our favorite bad news weather dude may be in the region to tie himself to a lamppost with a camera.  If you’ve not heard our tribute to him…just click on the link and laugh.



To Google…20 years old.  We no longer “search” on the internet…we “google”…that’s how much they’ve dominated the market of search engines.  Like or not…I can say that with “google”…one has no excuse of being stupid.  Google it.



The fact the Nike is going to make the guy who started the movement of NFL players taking a knee during the anthem very very rich as Colin Kaepernick just signed on with them…and you’ll see him in this controversial AD for Nike.  In fact, I heard a sports talk program say he will be making more money in these ads and representing Nike that he would ever make being a back up QB in pro football.


Yep…some will protest big time.  My guess is…it’s a calculated gamble by Nike that the younger generation will buy in with the message.  I guess.


I’m in with those who believe there’s a better way to protest.  If nothing else…this will be an interesting story to follow.



For those who live in a life of being able to afford anything they want (like Colin Kaepernick now)…there’s a new special edition Lincoln Navigator out called “Black Label” that one can purchase for the low low price of $100,000.  Get one before they’re gone.



Apparently, Japan is working on a space elevator.  125 miles per hour straight up a cable to a space station where one can hang out when they step off the elevator.  Takes six days to get there they say.  Uh huh.  Must be a heck of a big elevator if it takes six days and nights.  “Going up” on that elevator is REALLY going up.  I’m waiting for the escalator to space.



Who knew that some folks get hired to be fake mourners at funerals hired by those who feel not many will show up for their loved ones funeral.  Probably the same folks they use as “seat fillers” at TV award shows.  See…there really is a job for everyone.  This should be especially appropriate for those who have been accused of sitting around on their ass all day. 



Off to write with Americana-Bluegrass artist Irene Kelley who’s become a new friend over the past few months.  I love her music…and I’m certainly pleased that the two songs we’ve written both made the cut list for her upcoming new CD.  I’m hoping I’ll get to hear both of those today before we sit down to write something new today.  


Labor Day be done…back to work.


Have great Tuesday!  

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