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Labor Day...Last Of Baseball...Trips Ahead

Sep 3 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And how’s your holiday so far?



Labor Day weekend saw me at our ballpark Friday night as our Sounds are wrapping up their year concluding with a game today.  Friday night’s game was special as my daughter Heather drove down from her new home in Clarksville to join her Dad and root the home team on.  Always special moments that you learn to cherish…especially once their grown and on their own.


Which reminds me of this song “Grow” that I wrote with Paul Bogart where we captured some of those thoughts in a writing room one day on Music Row that Paul turned into a wonderful video that you can watch when you click on the link above.  My daughter obviously got her looks from her Mom…but she got her love of baseball from her Dad…and I got my love of the game from my Dad.  I’ll take it.



I did want to mention that I wrote with Scott Southworth on Friday.  Scott has found a little niche of singing traditional country music that has landed him gigs in Europe.  He’s played Ireland three times now…Sweden, France, Norway and others…and he’ll be going back.  So Friday we wrote a song idea I brought to the table that should work for him when he sings his “real country” whether it’s here or overseas.  A really good day at the writing table. 


After we finished we hit a little burger bar that had Guinness on tap…that I did not know when we chose the place.  Yep…we both had a pint after both of us got hooked on it after both of us visited Ireland at separate times.


Scott told me a great story of being young in Oregon where he’s from and singing and playing in bands of all kinds.  He didn’t figure out what he was writing was “country” music for quite awhile.  But someone called him one day and wanted him to meet with a guy who had heard his songs on a cassette tape.  So he goes…on his bike.  The guy tells him who he is…Scott not being “country” (he thought) had no idea who he was talking to.  But this guy told him he too was a songwriter and in his opinion he thought Scott should move to Nashville.  Scott thanked him, and quietly thought he was crazy as he was making a little living at the time singing in the bars out in Oregon.


Years later Scott figures out who Mickey Newbury was.  That will stay with him for as long as he lives.



I also got to listen to the latest mixes of the songs going on my friend Brent Burns new CD “70 And Partly Funny”.  Brent and I co-wrote 7 of the songs on this 10 song collection and I’m more than happy with the way it’s sounding.  For those of you who have discovered by Trop Rock friend…you’ll love this CD.  Some beach songs as always but man if I do say so…there are a couple of really really funny songs on this CD.  I’m sure we’ll be doing a couple of these with our group who have signed up for our Italy trip coming up the end of September.  Again…2 slots open…if you’re curious…here’s the Italian Trip itinerary…in English.



Apparently Disneyland is going to let ya buy alcohol in 2019 in the park…somewhere.  My advice?  Don’t ride those dang spinning teacups if you’ve knocked back a couple after eating one of those gigantic turkey legs they sell in the park. 



He’s announced he’s done being on the silver screen.  He may still produce but this will be the last MOVIE we see one of my favorite actors in.  The Sting, Butch Cassidy and my favorite Redford movie?  “All The President’s Men”.  Saw it four or five times.  I’ll miss seeing him at the movies.



My wife and I took in “Fallout” the latest movie in the Mission Impossible series with Tom Cruise.  Great action scenes and a fun couple of non-brain surgery hours watching it unfold.  It was kind of cool seeing Henry Cavill go from playing Superman to being a bad guy in this movie.  If you like Tom Cruise and action movies…it ain’t bad.



Scientists are saying they can not rule alien life up on Jupiter.  They’ve seen enough to think it could support life up there on ole Jupiter.  Folks who sell timeshares will be arriving up there soon.   Bet on it.



I love fairs…don’t go to hardly any…but I love what they’re about…and what one can see at County Fairs.  Here’s a new one somewhere near me.  A Goat Beauty Pageant.  Uh huh.  Folks pretty up their goats hoping to win the crown.  Can’t even imagine what the swimsuit competition must look like.  Don’t really wanna look.



Near Amsterdam they are building the first floating dairy farm.  Just like it sounds.  Multilevel deal with cows being milked.  I guess it’s an option over buying expensive farmland that some are considering for the future.  I’ll keep my ears open for “mooing” on the water when I’m in Amsterdam next year as part of a tour going down the Rhine River with my friend Brent Burns.



Those who are supposed to know say the most productive hours of the day for most of us is between 9-11…the first part of the working day.  The least productive?  3-5 pm.  Makes sense.  My clock is badly misadjusted from hours of getting up so early for radio…so my most productive time of day is more like 6-9 AM in the morning.  I’m thinking even those dairy cows floating in Amsterdam may not be giving up any milk between the hours of 3-5.  I’ll have to ask someone who’d doing the pulling to find out.


And with that…it is Labor Day that means there will not be one productive hour all day long for most of us.


Enjoy your last day off!



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