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Labor Day Shows...Change In Schedule...Put Your Baby To Work

Sep 2 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And welcome to September where so far it’s hotter than August!



It was all bout the shows this weekend starting with a solo set I did in Crossville, TN Friday night at Grinders Coffee House that’s located two hours east or so of Nashville right off of I-40.  What a great little spot for songwriters that owners Asa and Angela created and I appreciate them having me for the first time.  Yep, great coffee…but also great food and adult drinks too. They’ve done a great job of creating a listening environment for those who love original music and the stories behind them.  And that makes for a wonderful experience for the entertainer.


The show is carried on a few internet radio stations as well as “live” on the web so we did a combo show-radio show if you will where Asa would jump in and ask questions from time to time.  I love that kind of format actually so even more fun was added to my hour and a half show of songs and stories.


I was almost through when Asa asked if I were going to do my “Good Cup Of Coffee” song.  Good grief.  Here I am playing in a coffee shop and I had not even thought of playing that song.  What an idiot!  So I thank him for that reminder.  And thanks again for adding me to your roster of songwriters.  I’ll be back again next year I’m sure.



And if you're interested...here's the VIDEO of the entire show from Grinder's.  You'll need to fast forward a bit to get to the start of the show. 



I was back at Puckett’s Grocery in Franklin, TN with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier our “Hits & Grins” trio.  The place was packed with old friends and lots of new folks from all over the country in to do the Nashville thing.  It had been awhile since our trio played together so we just had a blast.  And it was a great tune up for a couple of shows we have next week in Arkansas.  One in Hot Springs at the Village and another private house concert in Fort Smith. 


Timing is everything and with hurricane Dorian threatening Florida the “Jim Cantore” song was a big hit as that bald headed weather dude is once again in the middle of storm. Pretty sure that even he can’t withstand the winds they’re now talking about along the coast.  Hoping for the best for my many friends down there…some of whom are evacuating and hoping they have homes to return to when Dorian is finally done spinning and blowing.


Anyway…thanks to all who came, including Chris and his friends.  Found out Chris worked at WUBE in Cincinnati before I started a 12 year run there so we got to share some old radio stories and talk about old friends we both knew.   Thank you for coming Chris!



I had to change my calendar a bit over the weekend.  I was scheduled to play at the Mississippi Songwriters Festival down in Ocean Springs, Mississippi coming up in a couple of weeks and was certainly looking forward to that.  But, I cancelled that because I have a chance to go to Little Rock for Freedom Sings USA and write a song with a veteran.  I never turn down a chance to work in any capacity for and with those folks who serve our country.  It’s an honor…every time.  And my thanks to organizers in Mississippi who were SO understanding and promised they will reach out to me next year.


So September 20 and 21 I’ll be in Little Rock.  That info is up on my calendar here on the website at billwhytecomedy.com



I did catch a lot of college football over the weekend…the first big weekend.  Tennessee had it’s worst lost in school history.  Rocky Top is not a joyful song right now here in the Volunteer State.  However…the ONE highlight of all weekend I like the most is this ONE.  Check out the Jackson State mascot getting a penalty for un-sportsman like conduct.  15 yards.  The MASCOT!



My friend Jenny Tolman that I write with a lot has a new video out for a song on her first CD “There Goes The Neighborhood”. Just my friend behind a piano singing what I think is really an amazing song “So Pretty”. 


Then there’s this Dolly Parton collaboration with two young guys called “King and Country” that will remind you how great Dolly is and how she just never seems to get old.  And if you’ve never seen King and Country…and I had not…they’ll knock your socks off too.


The movie “The Joker” with Joaquin Phoenix got SIX standing ovations at the Venice Film Festival.  Have you seen this TRAILER?  This performance will certainly have Joaquin in the running for an Oscar and I would not mind that since I think he deserved one for his portrayal of Johnny Cash in “Walk The Line” and did not win. 


And there’s some of that same kind of buzz going on for Renee Zellwegger’s portrayal of Judy Garland in this movie coming out.



I want to share this great video of friend Linda Davis who I tour with quite a bit along with her hubby Lang Scott with our "Evening In The Round" show.  This is Linda as a guest recently on the Ray Stevens TV show.  She's singing a classic song here as only Linda can perform it.  For young kids learning about stage awareness and how to sing a song and sell it to the audience?  Watch THIS.  


Just a few cool things that caught my attention this weekend that some of you may enjoy.



Apparently there’s a resurgence of popularity for Cassettes now.  Vinyl has already become in vogue again…now cassettes?


The three reasons listed are price, nostalgia and “hipsters” meaning…the supposed cool folk think it be cool again. 


Most of mine are gone.  I don’t miss trying to stuff the tape back onto the spool.  Think I’ll stick with the vinyl resurgence instead.  BUT…I surely hope 8 Tracks will roar to popularity again!  That will help make my greatest trucker hits by Red Sovine valuable…finally.  Giddyup Go Daddy



Science says there are five types of music that help increase your work productivity.  Classical, Nature, Epic (I have no idea), video game music and ambient.  So there ya go.  I can only hope my song “If You’re Not Careful, My Wife’s Gonna Leave You” is classified as epic.  It surely should be in my humble opinion.



I read an article that shared secrets from theme park employees.  A couple stood out.  One employee said they would make sure they walked under the roller coasters after the park closed to pick up bolts that may have fallen off.  Yikes.  Back to the Merry Go Round for me.


And the second was from a kid who worked the basketball hoops who says you can never make a basket banking or with any other shot that throwing the ball straight up in hopes of it coming down and into the net.  Duly noted.  Lord knows how much I need a gigantic stuffed octopus.



On Amazon you can get a baby onesie mop.  Essentially the baby scoots around in this specially designed Hoover like wear and cleans the floor WHILE they butt scoot.  Awesome.  So, put your infant to work and ingnore any child labor laws that may come into playh.



Well…it is Labor Day, which means I WON’T Labor.  I’m working ahead for tomorrow and a busy week that lies ahead.  I’ll be in studio tomorrow with Irene Kelley recording 5 songs as demos that we wrote together.  So some tweaking and fine-tuning going on before our daughter comes down from Clarksville to join us for dinner tonight.  So…looking forward to that for sure.


I hope all of you have a great Labor Day weekend…and again…here’s hoping Dorian will somehow take a turn for our friends down south.







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