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Labor Day Weekend...Beatles and College Football

Aug 31 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Labor Day weekend…and for the most part…nobody will be laboring.  What’s with that?



Thursday found me working way ahead and writing a parody song for my New York folks about having to go back to work after a long Labor Day weekend…nobody wanna do that.  So some morning radio shows will air that next Tuesday as folks put away the grills and the boats and head back to work.


I also spent some time with my “Evening In The Round” trio talking to an agent about adding more dates on the road for our songwriter show.  It’s always nice to get to know those who have done this business for a longtime so it was great getting to know “Sissy” at 615 Entertainment and I think all of us are looking forward to working together in the future.  Sissy has booked acts forever starting as a young girl here in Nashville and still books the likes of Charley Pride and pretty much anyone else you can name.  She’s just started working with my friend Brady Seals and his Seals & Crofts 2 duo, which sort of led us to her.


Here’s to the road ahead.



Mid 80’s to start our Labor Day weekend…although the Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a COLD Winter with lots of snow.  Don’t want that.  I’ll take the summer heat over cold any day.  I have zero idea how accurate the Farmer’s Almanac is…but gosh…it’s been around making those predictions forever.  I’m hoping it’s wrong about the winter.



Bob Doyle who is Garth Brooks manager and filmmaker Laura Israel put together something called “Muzology”.  It somehow puts music to Math…making Math more fun to learn…and easier.  Some folks in Science agree and gave it an award.  Where was that when I was in college dreading the required General Math class that made me take?


I have no idea how it works…but if music is involved?  I’m in.  I’m so into music I only learned to count to 4 to kick off a song.



How in the world can the Beatles hit “Hey Jude” be 50 years old?  Good grief.  I remember hearing that in my college dorm blaring down the hallway from kids totally hooked on the Beatles.  My friend Steve Dean and I wrote a song a couple of years ago called “Blame It On The Beatles” that we do in our “Hits & Grins” songwriter show and is included on one of our CD’s that’s a big hit.  I think that’s because the song (which has several Beatle song titles in it)  resonates with those who grew up with the Fab 4.


The song was inspired by Steve telling me one day he found out it was 50 years ago that the boys made their appearance on the old Ed Sullivan Show.  Scream city from the girls if you remember.


Steve is a HUGE Beatles fan and said if you wanted to blame anything on how he turned out…you could blame it on the Beatles.  And that’s how songs are born. 


That song just fell out that day, but I am hoping I’m not in a writing room one day with someone who wants to write “Blame It On Abba”.  I’d struggle with that.



Already folks are listing the hottest toys for Christmas season!  Christmas.  At the Opryland Hotel where I go to work at WSM…they’ve been putting up Christmas lights now for a month.  Good grief.


Anyway…if you’re curious three of the hottest toys are:


Num Nom Silly Shake Makers.  (the kid can make their own shake…sort of)


Paw Patrol Fire Truck (I’m guessing dogs are putting out the fire…and I don’t know if they need the hose or not)


And finally, Barbie’s Dreamhouse.  I can’t remember anytime in my lifetime that a Barbie something was not popular for Christmas. 


I’ll take a Lionel train set or a Tonka truck if you’re shopping for me.  Thanks.



Someone has made “Inside Out” blue jeans.  Just like they sound.  The jeans are turned inside out and you’ll pay $1,000 for a pair to wear backwards.  And if you want 10 holes cut into them that’ll be another $500 bucks I’m sure.  We’ve lost our minds.



“Olive Oil Better Than Viagra”.  Uh huh.  I’m gonna play it safe here folks and allow you to erect your own jokes.  Your welcome.



I’m off to write with Scott Southworth who’s been touring Europe some on the strength of his independent CD’s full of traditional music.  A couple radio stations started playing a few and the next thing ya know…Scott is playing I France and Ireland and just got back from Norway.  I’m gonna be picking his brains about that today.


And..he was just honored by his High School in the Oregon town he grew up in and was put into the Hall of Fame there.   Who knew High Schools had a HOF too?  Congrats to Scott.


Let the weekend begin…college football is back but my cell phone will be on the couch with me if you really need to get a hold of me for any reason.


Have a great Labor Day weekend!




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