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Dorian Songwriter...Festivals Coming Up...Labor Day Weekend Shows

Aug 30 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Let the Labor Day weekend begin!



My songwriting appointment was with my longtime friend Steve Dean who invited me to jump in and write with an artist from Florida by the name of Eli Mosley. Eli is from Central Florida so we talked a bit about hurricane Dorian that could affect him big time.  This morning they are now saying it could be a Cat 5 and that would not be good. He’s working his way home from Nashville and mentioned that at least it would be nice to load up on hurricane provisions HERE because stores will be empty by the time he gets home.  Hoping for the best for him and his family and all the folks that are going to be affected over the next couple of days. Right now Jim Cantore is on the way…that’s never good.  And this would be the 9th hurricane over Florida with 140 mph winds or better if it does turn into a Cat 5…also not good


Eli is former Marine and has a band that stays really busy playing gigs. And it was a pleasure to get to know him some and write something for him that I think he’ll work up and play at some of his shows on the road…and possibly record one day. 



Our Minor League baseball team has already wrapped up its home schedule. And last night REAL college football games were on.


This is also the time of year when the songwriter festivals break out and I’m playing at three of them.  One in Mississippi next month and then “Blast On The Bay” in Port St. Joe, Florida and the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival the first week of November down in Gulf Shores-Orange Beach.  FYI…the website just put up all the songwriters playing this year at Frank Brown…and one of those this year will be Mac Davis.  What a treat that will be to hear him “live”. 


The one I’m keeping my eye on is “Blast On The Bay” as a hurricane wiped Port St. Joe and Mexico Beach off the map almost a couple of years ago and they cancelled this great festival a year ago because most of the venues were gone.  Enough are rebuilt this year to hold the festival again and that really makes me eyeball Dorian coming across Central Florida.  I’m hoping it doesn’t affect Port St. Joe over on the Forgotten Coast too much after what they’ve been through there.



I added another date to my own performance calendar for 2020 as our “Evening In The Round” show starring Linda Davis with Lang Scott and me will return to the BEAUTIFUL Opera House there for a show Saturday night April 11.  The historical town of Sumter rebuilt the old Opera House and it’s a gorgeous place to play.  Happy to be going back to Sumter.



There’s a class men can take now in the Far East if they want that will allow us to feel the pain of giving birth.  You can read HERE for yourself how that works.  I’m going to take women’s word that it HURTS. Don’t need to sign up.  Childbirth is a reminder guys of how lucky we are to be hairy-legged men.


And yes I wrote about that in this song I recorded that Steve Dean and I wrote, “Things That Don’t Suck About Being A Guy”.  Listen and see if you don’t agree with a lot of what this tune is talking about.



This guy…Jacob Pina’s thumb has gone viral.  That’s because his thumb is 5 inches long!  So when this dude approves of something and he gives you a thumbs up sign…you won’t be able to miss it.



So growing up I can remember my Mom putting Vicks Vapo Rub on my nose…or in it. Or it would get rubbed all over my chest.  Could not miss that smell.  I also remember getting tablespoons of Castor Oil.  Child torture I believe but I’ll save room for another blog about Castor Oil.


Anyway there are lots of other uses for good ole Vicks.  One is that it helps alleviate a headache believe it or not.  Breathe it in…it helps. 


It’s also great for ruining your love life.  No woman wants to get near that.  Just saying.  Here’s the ARTICLE listing other great uses for ole Vicks.



Who knew Texas lawmakers worked so hard?  820 NEW laws will take effect in Texas starting September 1. 820! And with all those laws they did not pass one that makes it illegal for Texans to continually brag that everything is bigger in Texas. Maybe next year.


Brent Burns had an idea for a song about that and we wrote it into a Western Swing thing called “What’s So Big About Texas”?



I do like funny signs…and usually they don’t escape my attention. Some of those are written into songs, not just by me but also by lots of great songwriters.


I do like this sign that reads:


The Three Symptoms Of Laziness.




It is Labor Day weekend and I’ve got two shows this weekend so I am indeed laboring…sort of.


The first show is tonight at the Grinder House Coffee Shop in Crossville, TN about two hours from where I live.  I’m doing as solo show there tonight and telling stories and the room is set up for that kind of thing.  They do a radio show “live” while I’m singing, so you can pull me up on the web tonight and listen if you’d like.  Just click on the link provided to find the button ya need to click to listen this evening.


And then tomorrow night it’s an 8:30 pm show at Puckett’s in Franklin, TN with “Hits & Grins that I’m part of along with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier. Reservations are a really good idea for this one.


Fingers crossed for those in Florida today.  Have a great Labor Day weekend!



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