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Two In One Day...Wild Rose Surprise...MLB To Nashville!

Aug 29 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning in Nashville and the coffee started brewing extra early this morning.



My friend Tim Stafford came over from east Tennessee to write and got caught up in traffic.  That happens here…a lot these days as this town keeps growing.  Tim sings and plays guitar for a terrific bluegrass group Blue Highway.  He’s authored a book about the great bluegrass singer and picker  Tony Rice   Tim has also written screen plays in the past and is working on one right now about a songwriter this town knows and loves.  Can’t mention his name right now but it’s cool that Tim is doing this.


By the time Tim got to my publishing company I had teed up a song we had written over a year ago that needed a little polish in my estimation and once he got there I found out I was right.  The song is much better now than it was when we first wrote it.  Those in this craft say sometimes, “it’s not the write, it’s the re-write”.  So we made that song better and then I shared a lyric and melody I’d been pounding a way at before Tim arrived and he loved that BUT…changed the melody into something mucho better than I’d been fiddling with.  So we got TWO songs in one session yesterday that I could turn in. A really good creative day at the office.



My friend and writer Jerry Salley was next door at our publishing company writing with a couple of guys so I stuck my head in to say “hey”.  Jerry is the guy responsible for my publishing deal at Billy Blue, and he and I head to Mississippi for a songwriters festival coming up in mid-September where we’ll get to share songs on stage a couple of times. 


My wife and I had seen the movie Wild Rose about a young Scottish female country singer wanting to make it big here.  Good movie. There’s a scene where she sings on stage in Scotland and it turns out the song was one that Jerry helped write with Chris Stapleton and one other writer.  Chris recorded the song on his “Traveler” CD that has gone 4-time platinum and made Chris of course a huge star.   Jerry’s song is called “Outlaw State Of Mind”.   It was used over the credits of the movie “Hell and High Water” (really great movie) with Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine and others and now it’s in a second movie. 


The thing is…Jerry did not know it was in the movie Wild Rose until I brought it up yesterday.  I’m guessing he didn’t get paid knowing the background of that song a bit.  I’m also guessing that’s Jerry’s focus this morning.  Happy to help.   It can be a really weird business sometimes.



Yesterday I listened to a Sports Talk radio show in town and one of the guests was former great major league pitcher Dave Stewart. Think Oakland A’s.  On air Dave and some investors were saying the move is on the give Nashville a Major League baseball team!  Please!!  They would name it the Nashville Stars taking from the old Negro League baseball team that had some history in this town.  I’ve always said Nashville would be THE perfect town for me if we had major league baseball and a Skyline Chili franchise.  It looks like half of my dream may come true.   Of course it will take years for it to happen, but at least the train is moving. 



Does Roundup work for political yard signs?  Tis the season.  I'm starting to spray.



They released a list of Most Popular Baby Names for 2019 so far.  Parents are being more creative.



(The top 5 are…from 1 to 5).


Olivia, Amelia, Ava, Isla and Emily.



Oliver, George, Harry, Noah and Jack.  (William finished 14th.  C’mon!)



Actress Katie Holmes just bought a cashmere purse in NYC for $520.  Who knew they made a cashmere purse? I don’t get fashion as if you can’t tell. Sweatpants are fashionable right?



Check out this little VIDEO of Tim McGraw singing with his daughter Grace in their car going down the road.  Quite the beautiful voice Grace has as you'll hear.  Proud Dad sitting next to her.



Disney has a new resort.  This one will have tree houses and A-Frames that you can rent.  They ain’t cheap. I think if you rent one they automatically make you prove you can afford a cashmere person.  Take a LOOK. 


For the Disney traveling record.  I’ve been or stayed in a lot of the Walt Disney properties through the years. My fave that I’ve stayed in so far is the Beach –Yacht Resorts. And my reason for liking those so much is not only are they really nice…but you can walk into the backside of Epcot within 5 minutes of walking out those doors.  And just remembering that makes me want to Disney World again!



I’m working on a parody song for my New York folks about Labor Day weekend.   It’s this weekend for crying out loud!  Wow.


Then it’s off to write a song with my long time friend Steve Dean and an artist he has in town by the name of Eli Mosley.  So we’ll sit down and see if we can’t give Eli a song to sing in his shows.


Have a great Thursday!   

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