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CMA's...Dummies...Radio Interview

Aug 29 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hump Day…getting ready to be on the other side of the radio microphone.



A day of catching up…and writing a parody song about he CMA nominations that came out.  All guys…so that was the angle of the song.  New York wanted “Man I Feel Like A Woman” turned into “Man, Where Are The Women”? for the Entertainer Of The Year category…five dudes.


Chris Stapleton got five nods yesterday…as many as any other artist so he’s still on a roll.  Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Keith Urban and Kenny Chesney round out that category this year.


Well…I know Labor Day is right around the corner because the newspaper this morning was heavy…full of Labor Day ads.  Hard to believe we are already this deep into 2018 with just a couple days left of August. 


I’m bracing myself as September is going to be the busiest I’ve had on record I believe with three big road trips.  Pennsylvania, The Grand Canyon and Italy all locked into next month.  I’m hoping I’ll run into less heat on all three of those trips.



Although rent went down in Nashville for the first time in 7 years…the place is booming with y’all.  Those who come to visit and soak up the music.  Last year?  20 BILLION spent by tourists in Music City USA.  Folks love hillbilly music I guess.  Or the hot chicken…I’m not sure which…but you just keep coming and dropping dollars into the local economy. 


You can’t beat a town where you ride a pedal tavern up and down Broadway and have a cold one while you pump the pedals and see the city.



I read an article today that suggests logrolling is great exercise.  Good for the core, dexterity and it’s a carb burner.  Plus…you get rid of more calories because you have to tramp out into the woods and cut a tree down then drag it to a body of water.  Y’all go on without me.  I’ll stick to my thigh master.  Plus…I don’t look good in flannel.



Did you know there is a museum of dummies?  Yep…in Northern Kentucky.   I worked with Jeff Dunham for a week in Cincinnati at the Funnybone Comedy Club once…opened for him which allowed us to visit some backstage before each show.  He told me he loved Cincinnati because it gave him a chance to visit the dummy museum just across the river in northern Kentucky.  Lots of famous dummies there. And Jeff knows all their names and history.  He’s got a couple of his early dummies housed there.  Who knew?  If you’re curious…here’s the dummy WEBSITE.



I’m getting ready to do an interview with a morning radio show in Pennsylvania in a few minutes to promote my songwriting workshop and our “Evening In The Round” show with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and myself.  The workshop is next Friday…our show is Sunday in a very cool looking rustic VENUE.   Again..for complete info just find my calendar on my website at billwhytecomedy.com


Have a great Hump Day!








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