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A Death Grass Song...More Show Dates...Vacation Days

Aug 27 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Don’t look now but August is almost gone…already.  End of the month and gas prices are down.  $2.11 at my pump this morning. 



I wrote with Donna Ulisse who just signed a deal with Billy Blue Publishing and Billy Blue Records.  She’s jumped over to the bluegrass side of the fence after being a mainstream artist for many years.  And she’ll do well in this genre for sure…already has as a matter of fact.  So we are both part of the same team now at Billy Blue so I see us writing more in the future for sure.  She brought a great idea for a bluegrass song…someone dies in it.  And for bluegrass?  That’s usually a good thing!  Lot of death bluegrass songs for some reason.  So now I can add that I killed someone in a “grass” song and add that to my catalog.


Donna will also be producing some young acts in the near future too.  So multi-talented she is.  And I spent yesterday afternoon sending her some songs that I hope might fit the one young group from Pennsylvania that she’s getting ready to develop and record.  We’ll see.



I did put February 13, 2020 on my calendar.  Our “Evening In The Round” show will be returning to Gulf Shores, Alabama for a show at the United Methodist Auditorium there.  Last year we played there and you could not get any more folks in for the concert.  So…we are going back for another show and once again our Gulf Shores friend Brent Burns will be joining me, Linda Davis and Lang Scott on stage.  4 sweethearts on stage the day before Valentine Day!  Here's a little CLIP of what it's like when Mr. Burns joins our trio.



And I got the nicest note from a show rep out on the northwest coast who caught our “Hits & Grins” showcase in Nashville that we did recently in front of buyers from all over the US.  We will know soon what theaters will be visiting in the Fall of 2020 and the Spring of 2021.  But from the looks of things I think we’ll be out in Washington, Oregon and California for sure.  We’ll see.  Certainly Steve Dean, Victoria Venier and myself are looking forward to that.



A little tropical storm-hurricane has got the attention of those off the east coast right now.  We’ve had rain and with it cooler weather yesterday and today both with temps in the 70’s.  Awesome.  However, I keep reading predictions of a REALLY cold winter hitting a lot of the country this year.  Did I mention I’ll be playing on the beach a bunch when that’s going on?  Check my calendar for beach dates and get away from the cold yourself.



He caught a little flack making his retirement announcement from the Colts as their QB just before the start of the season.


Our Titans are in the same division so he just increased our chances of finishing higher.  So there’s that.  But more importantly I got to applaud his decision.  It’s his choice.  Retire with some health young man.  If you’ve ever been around a pro football player, and I have been around a few, they will all tell you about their aches and pains and limps and other health issues that they carry with them for the rest of their lives.  Not to mention all the concussions most of them have had.  I think Andrew Luck may have started a movement of thinking by players to take their money and run while they are still upright and healthy.  And that’s not a bad thing. 



Spirit Airlines has announced they will install comfier seats for their passengers.  They have not had the greatest reputation for fliers.  Adding comfier seats for FREE?  That may help restore their image. I can’t think of anything more comfortable than a 6-hour flight in the middle seat of an airplane on those HARD seats.  Here’s hoping more airlines follow suit.


There’s actually a new travel app you can put on your phone that will alert you to really cheap flights from your nearest airport.  A lot of them are last second deals and built for those who can pack and go quickly.  If the seats get comfortable more folks might download the app.



Apparently we have a LOT of workaholics in this country.  Last year alone 768 vacation days went unused by American workers.  I’m guessing some of those numbers fall to folks who really love their jobs and would just rather work than take a few days off.  I wonder how many of those are from folks who either forgot or didn’t know they had days coming?  Some were unused by folks who could not afford to take a vacation so they chose to work instead.


Use em’ or lose em’.  Thinking back on my radio career I THINK I used all of mine but it was a struggle getting them in at times as radio did not me leaving during the bigger rating months.  And I also remember that no boss comes by and says, “Hey…you know you’ve got some unused vacation days right”?


Wonder if you could take those unused vacation days AT work?  Show up…but don’t do anything. That won’t work for those workers who do that daily…but for some…maybe?



There’s a dude standing on a paddleboard paddling all the way from San Francisco to Honolulu!  Apparently…he did not read about that cheap flight app I mentioned above.



Well, I just found out my writing appointment got cancelled so I’m going to use one of my vacation days.


Have a great Tuesday!






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