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Studio Weekend...Beach Songs...Upcoming Shows

Aug 26 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday morning…and I'm recovering from a Trop Rock studio session.



It was all about my friend Brent Burns who flew into town to start work on his latest CD’s with a lot of songs we’ve co-written over the last year and a half or so.  I threw him in car when he landed at the airport here in Nashville and we drove straight to my publishing company where we wrote most of a new Parrot Head song with Jerry Salley.  Brent comes to town twice to finish his albums so this was the first leg of that adventure.


Friday afternoon Dave Frances…our session leader came to the house and charted 7 songs that we recorded over the last two days at Marv Truetel’s great studio…same one we’ve used for the last three or four of Brent’s CD’s. 


Our core of musicians we’ve also used the last few sessions were on hand and did great work again on the combo of beach and fun songs that are going on the new album.  Always a pleasure to work with such great pros in the studio.


And with any luck Brent will be back in town within the next two or three weeks to finish the CD that has a target release date of October.



According those folks in the know…whomever THEY are…the number one college major for salary and job availability right now is Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.  Learn to build ships kids.  The median income is almost $100,000.


I’m a songwriter so I guess that would fall under Fine Arts. That was ranked at 158.  See how smart I am? 



So…have you ever seen an ice cream juggler?  Just when you think you’ve seen it all.  Cirque de Vanilla. Watch this GUY having fun with his customer.



A toothpaste squeezer.  Who knew they made THIS.  It gets the last bit of Crest out of your tube for those who love to use up every bit of what they got. Pretty sure this had to have been engineered by Spanx.  Same kind of inventive technology. 



North Carolina is reporting they have 9 three legged bears just roaming around. First time I’ve heard of three legged bears. Once again…if you’re in North Carolina and encounter one while you’re out hiking…don’t try and run. They’ve got a leg up on ya.



The things ya learn.  Did you know that the iconic song “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” was almost left on the cutting room floor of that movie. Execs at the time thought it was too long, too sad, and that Dorothy had no business singing a song in a barnyard. Thank goodness protests changed their minds. Still one of my favorite all time songs.



Gosh darn it…I missed the Philly naked bike ride this year.  I forgot to buy a bike and put the date on my calendar.  Yes…they do that every year.  People drop their clothes and straddle a Schwinn or whatever and start pedaling through the streets.  Proof once again that there is NOTHING that can’t be done naked in this country.



Science says that if you bit a pencil it can cure a headache.  It relaxes your jaw and muscles and eventually the pain in your head.  Since I no longer use a pencil I wonder if I’ll get the same results biting my Apple computer?



Want to plug a couple of shows I have coming up this weekend.  First…Friday evening in Crossville, Tennessee I’ll be on stage at Grinders Coffee. They do a “live” radio show while you’re performing and I’ve heard it’s a cool place and fun place to play so I’m looking forward to that.


And Saturday night our “Hits & Grins” trio returns to Puckett’s in Franklin, TN for an 8:30 pm show.  Great food…GREAT listening room. But, if you are thinking about coming do call for a reservation as it always sells out.



I’m writing with Donna Ulisse who just signed a deal with Billy Blue Records and she’s working on her first album for them as a bluegrass artist after being a mainstream country artist for many years.  So I’m trying to think of a good bluegrass idea right now. If you’ve got one…text me quickly!


Have a great Monday!






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