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Lotta Studio Time...Alabama...Fall Is Here?

Aug 23 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Rain came through yesterday and the high today will be 79!  Hello early Fall.



My Thursday, at least some of it was spent in in Jason Roller’s home studio as Irene Kelley and I went in to chart 5 bluegrass songs that Jason will record. Then in another week or so at yet another studio Irene will go in and record her vocals over what Jason plays.  And then we’ll start trying to find homes for those songs we’ve written together.


We were in good hands with Jason who I met for the first time.  Jason has already recorded three or four of my songs…I had just not met him yet. Come to find out that Jason is as a big a baseball fan as I am…a season ticket holder for our Nashville Sounds…and he’s got the bobblehead dolls to prove it.


Also turns out that Jason has been playing with Alabama on the road…both guitar and fiddle.  Where have I been?  Alabama has been on tour with Randy Owen and Teddy Gentry from the original foursome and that tour just got halted because Randy has migraine headaches and vertigo that he’s battling. Makes it hard to sing and perform when your head hurts and the world is spinning.  Been there…no fun.


So it was great meeting and making a new friend yesterday and I’m sure we’ll be working together more in the future.



To my long time Arizona buddy former radio partner Roger Naylor who has THIS BOOK out now about all the state parks in the sunny state of Arizona. Roger does the footwork on these kinds of books literally.  He’s Arizona’s best tourism writer these days…and that’s not just me saying that.  They put him in the Tourism Hall of Fame out there recently. He hikes over 1,000 miles a year out in the desert and when he’s not hiking he’s writing.  He was a former stand up comedian…and that’s how I got to know him when he was hired to write comedy for the morning show I was part of in Cincinnati.  Check out the book…maybe buy a copy.  You’ll feel like you’re hiking with Roger.



You realize that Labor Day is just a couple of weeks away.  Wow. Pumpkin spice everything is rolling out.  And…I read an article about flu shots this morning.  AND…real football begins this weekend with some real college mean something football games.


And I also know its Fall when my friend from the beach Brent Burns decides to come to town.  More on that at the end of today’s blog.



Did you see THIS?  Girl got game right here. Soccer star Carli Lloyd kicked a 55 yard field goal with the Philadelphia Eagles. Right through the ole uprights.  See for yourself.  I could most certainly see someone like her on a Pro football team in the future.


But I don’t get soccer.  Never have.  Not my thing.  Too little scoring…lot of running up and down the field.  But the sport is huge.  In Nashville they are building what will be the largest US soccer stadium built just for soccer.  It will hold 30,000 fans. 


Stop  me if you’ve heard this.  But the stadium is going to cost more than they projected.  Only 50-70 MILLION more.  Missed it by that much.



Did you know that we have a Ukulele Society?  Uh huh.  We do.  Bring a grass skirt or Hawaiian shirt and go crazy folks.  And now I can’t get “Tiny Bubbles” out of my head.



Garth has been busy since his kids have grown and he’s returned to recording, singing, and filling up football stadiums. He just recorded THIS DUET with his wife Trisha Yearwood who may be the best girl singer in this town.  He done good.  Just down to earth nice too she is.  Check out the duet.



Wonder if my brother in Missouri knows that some hunters are building those tiny houses you see on TV and using them as hunting cabins?  I’m not a hunter but if I were still loading a gun…I’d buy one for that purpose.  Put it up in the middle of the woods with AC and a big screen with big windows so I could see when Mr. Deer shows up…roll up the window and take aim.  Or…ignore the deer when he does stroll by so I don’t miss one play in the game I’m watching…the other game.



This is really cool. We live in Wilson County.  The man in this STORY you need to read about drove a school bus for the county for 50 years.  His kids and everyone loved him.  And his family and friends honored him with a very unusual casket for his funeral recently.  Click on the link above and see the first ever school bus casket.



“Preacher Spoke In Tongues While His Wife Translated To English”.  I can’t think of a more appropriate time to remind you of this song on my CD “Off The Wall” titled “Sometimes Religion Scares The Hell Out Of Me”



I’m off to pick Brent Burns at the airport flying in from Gulf Shores.  I’ll grab him and his one bag and we’ll drive straight to my publishing company to write with Jerry Salley and see if we can’t add one more beach or funny tune to the pile he’s brought with him that we’ll start recording this weekend. I’ll be in studio all day Saturday and Sunday helping him do just that. 


I had a conversation with Brent yesterday about a possible overseas trip in 2021 that could be off the hook cool.  It will be awhile before that’s firmed up…but stay tuned.


And if you’re interested in coming out and seeing me play “live” sometimes I have two dates next weekend…both in Tennessee.  Just check out my calendar on the website for more info.


Have a great weekend!




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