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Studio Time...New Movies...Dog Quacks

Aug 22 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning and I just realized I still have not watched one episode of Dr. Pimple Popper on TV.  Somehow I’ll survive…I think.



Hump Day was all about working ahead and looking at new songs that are headed to the recording studio over the next few days.  I’ll be in studio this morning with my bluegrass friend Irene Kelley as we chart 4 new songs we’ve written together for a producer who will then record the music parts and then Irene will sing over those in the near future at a separate studio. 


And then this Saturday and Sunday Brent Burns will be in town to start work on his next Trop Rock album so we’ve been going back and forth about lyrics and making tweaks in 7 songs he’ll be recording and 6 of those are our co-writes.  So it was a day of fine tuning and getting ready for those projects.


Thank goodness we are getting some rain, and that is taking the temps down from near 100 to 87 today. Funny to say it’s cooler at 87 degrees!



That’s what they should call all those scooters we have all over town since it IS Nashville.  Word was they Mayor was going to ban them because they’re dangerous…but not so fast.  The council is looking for a away to tighten restrictions or whatever and keep at least some of them.  So eyes up if you drive downtown for scooters in the night darting across the roads. 


Nashville has a tractor that pulls hot tubs down Lower Broadway with bachelorettes in them drinking and partying…so maybe it’s not a shock that we think scooters are okay too.  It’s a fun town folk.



Some guy in Jersey I think the story said caught a fish with two mouths!  Wow.  I’m guessing the first mouth had a plastic worm and the second one a frog colored Lucky 13.  Just a guess.  You can look up Lucky 13 if you’re not familiar…it was one of my favorite lures in my tackle box when I was a kid. 


If fish are all of a sudden biting with two mouths fishermen may have to team up.  We the songwriting process with other writers “co-writing”.  Maybe we’ll have “co-fishing” now too.



I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a bunt that ends up being an inside the park home run.  But it happened!  Unreal.  Apparently it's happened multiple times.  Here's ONE.  Must have been interesting putting that on the scorecard correctly.



If you have the right copyright numbers on an original Harry Potter book it could now be worth $55,000 or more.  Wow.  I’m having my daughter look at hers later today. I knew I should have bought one of those instead of the early edition of  “Men Are From Mars Women From Venus”. 



The top 5 list is out of cheapest states to live in.  At number one…I hope ya like corn…it’s Iowa.  That’s followed by Michigan, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Kansas.  And if you live in any of those states with the exception of Michigan…they’ll toss in a free tornado. You’re welcome.


Speaking of Iowa…have you ever heard my friend Heywood Banks silly song about driving from the east side of Iowa all the way over to the west side on I-80?  Listen to THIS.  Look...a deer!



That’s the movie pulling back the curtain on the story of former Fox News star Megyn KelleyMargot Robbie, and Nicole Kidman have roles…but it’s Charlize Theron who plays Megyn.  Take a look and see how much Charlize looks just like her.  I don’t know how they do that.  Here's that TRAILER.


And considering that he’s out at Fox News too…who will one day play Bill O’Reilly?



That would be Ad Astra starring Brad Pitt.  He’s one of those actors I always enjoy watching even if the movie itself is not great. In this one…he’s in space.  Looks cool.  Here’s the TRAILER



“Vet Removes 32 Rubber Ducks From Playful Dogs Stomach”.  Pretty funny hearing a dog quack like that I’m guessing.



I’m grabbing an umbrella and heading for a recording studio.


Have a great Thursday!

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