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Parody CMA...Pitching Tunes...The Irish Influence

Aug 21 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Getting ready for some rain the next few days. If that helps take the temperature down a few degrees that would really “cool”.



It was a day to stay indoors if you could as the temps were up to 100 or so.  I love Summer…but yesterday was pretty danged brutal if you were outdoors at all…so I tried hard not to be.  I wrote a parody song for my NY folks about Brad Paisley being replaced as Carrie Underwood’s co-host for the CMA Awards this year by Reba and Dolly.  I would not be surprised in the least if they don’t write that into that show with Brad showing up to reference that in a funny way.  Stay tuned.


And then I worked ahead as I’m getting ready to be in studio to record songs with Irene Kelley tomorrow and then my beach nut buddy Brent Burns all weekend.  So I’m breaking out those songs and making sure they’re ready.


I set some new songwriting appointments yesterday to help fill up an already full calendar with some talented folks.


Add to that a lot of pitching of songs yesterday…particularly in the bluegrass field.  As a writer that’s all you can do.  Ya just keep sending folks your musical babies in hopes that some will be adopted.



I tossed some songs across the pond into Ireland for an artist I’ve sort of gotten to know through a co-writer friend of mine Zach Runquist. Zach co-wrote a huge hit in Ireland for Donna Taggart.  He wrote it with another friend Jimmy Fortune and Jenn Bostic.  Jenn lost her Dad in car accident tragically and took her grief into a writing session with Jimmy and Zach. Her talking about it led to Jimmy saying “sounds like your jealous of the angels” and this GREAT SONG was born.  And just that one song led to a major European tour for Donna.


So because I wrote and write with both Zach and Jimmy it opened a door of conversation for me and Donna.  After her tour she had another baby and came off the road for over a year and is just now thinking about going back into studio.  And yesterday she sent me a very nice note about some songs I sent her way for consideration. 


I fell in love with Ireland as my wife did when we were there to watch our daughter get married over a year ago. And I certainly love the music there with the Celtic influence.  So it would not hurt my feelings one Guinness pint to have an Irish artist record a song of mine.



With the temps on “bake” here I also sat down to have my haircut and had an alarming thing happen. While the person cutting hair was working on shortening up what I have left…they got word that one of their co-workers had a seizure next door at a sub sandwich place. Every hair stylist dropped their scissors and went flying out the door to check on her. The ambulance came and from what I could tell the young lady was going to be okay.  It was not her first seizure apparently. While that was going on the lady who owned the shop came in and finished my haircut.  I do believe that’s the first time TWO people cut my hair in one sitting.



The Fairs are going on full tilt boogie right now.  It’s the only time of the year I hear words like Pig Racing.  Or Diving Mules.  I’ve never really gone and seen a diving mule.  But the moment they announce one is going off a diving board in a Speedo?  I’m buying a ticket.



There’s a big Hollywood auction coming up where memorabilia from Star Wars and Batman will be sold.  Can one buy a Wookie?  I dunno.


But yesterday was “National Radio Day” and I could not shut off my morning show brain when I read about that auction knowing full well if I were on air somewhere this morning I’d be asking callers to tell me “What One Item From Any Movie Would You Buy”?  How bout you?


My favorite movie still today is Field of Dreams.  So I’d want something from that.  One of the bats they used.  Or the light switch box on the front porch of that old farmhouse they threw up to light up the baseball field.  Or maybe that old VW bus Kevin Costner drove to find answers.



More catch up and preparation for what’s coming in studio the next few days.


Have a great Wednesday.





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