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Farm Writing...Guitars...Trop Rockin'

Aug 20 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday dark and early.



My songwriting session took place at a Tennessee farm table.  Gerald Smith, Janelle Arthur and myself went out to the farm Janelle and her husband own…400 acres worth and wrote a song idea that Janelle had written down with a view of the soybeans out the kitchen window.  And I got a new guitar in the process as Gerald sold me one that he had bought (stole) at a pawnshop that he then sold to me.  So a new six string Takamime was added to my small selection of guitars.


When I first started songwriting with folks from time to time I’d see a room full of guitars and could not understand why someone would need or want so many.  Now I do as each one it’s own unique sound and beauty. So thank you Gerald for the new baby and for the great song with Janelle yesterday.



To my Paris, Missouri buddy Becky Blackaby Denton who I heard as the featured guest last night on a big Internet broadcast on an Ohio Trop Rock Radio station.  Those Trop Rockers are everywhere folks.  Becky’s new song that I helped her and her hubby Will Denton “Take Me Back To Tybee” has made enough noise in that world that Becky is becoming a known name in that genre and I could not be happier for her.


We’ve written three songs together that will be on an album she’s working on.  The other two are “Two Bags One Beach” and “I Love Dolly”.  The Dolly song is a loving tribute to her favorite singer Dolly Parton and the host of the show last night played all three songs. Little did I know that when we started writing together a few years ago that Becky would start dipping her flip flops into beach and Trop Rock music.  Very cool.



The next couple of days I’ll be focusing on Brent Burns songs…co-writes of ours as he’s getting ready to invade my house and Nashville this weekend as we go into the recording studio to start work on his new project.  We’ve stacked up more songs than he can record, so some of the process this week is deciding which one’s he’ll record. But, no matter what songs he chooses I can tell you there will be some really good tropical tunes mixes with a couple of REALLY funny tunes.



A big CMA Awards show this year, as Brad Paisley will NOT be co-hosting the awards show with Carrie Underwood as he has the past several years. This year Dolly and Reba will split co-hosting duties with Carrie. No reason given, at least that I’ve found for why Brad was replaced.  Hopefully he didn’t “Tick” them off.  He congratulated the girls online so all is good.  Look for a lot of  “boy” jokes this year on the show.



There’s this tortoise.  His name is Tommy.  Tommy is 121 years old today!  How does any living thing live to be 121?  Wow. I started to write that ole Tommy at this age is surely slowing down then remembered…he’s a turtle.



Dwayne Johnson quietly married his sweetie in Hawaii. So if he cooks for her he’ll be able to use his wrestling line on her.  “Smell what The Rock is cooking”!!!



A Travel article today suggested a trip to the Florabama Bar should be on your bucket list.  I’ve played there many times.  Great fun and they truly do have one of the great listening rooms to experience songwriter shows.  It’s a big part of the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival every year…in fact it’s the headquarters straddling the Alabama-Florida state lines.  But…I would not have thought of is as being on a bucket list for folks. 


It is a cool fun place though.  And ladies if it’s on your bucket list…remember to take one of your bras to hang.



People have a hankering to do some really strange things.  Like the guy who just broke the headstand record ON a motorcycle going 76 mph.  Just saying…if that’s a bucket list item thang, give more serious thought to visiting the Florabama some day.



“Puffy Pink Seaweed Can Stop Cows From Burping Methane Into The Atmosphere”.  I’ve been around farms a lot of my life.  Why am I just now hearing that cows burp?  Put a Holstein on “America’s Got Talent” doing that in rhythm, and I assure you Simon Cowell will sign it to a development deal.



I’ve got a couple day off of anything big excepting working ahead a bit to a couple of studio projects this week. One of those with my co-write Irene Kelley on Thursday as we lay down some tracks for new songs we’ve written. And then a couple days with Brent Burns over the weekend.  He’s staying with us and I’m hoping to NOT find out that he burps methane.


Have a great Tuesday!





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