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Jennyville...Tybee...Birthday Cake Dentures

Aug 19 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And it will be almost 100 again today in middle Tennessee.  Do they make air conditioned shorts?



Nothing big over the weekend at the Whyte House.  But on Friday morning I spent some time with Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard finishing up a fun new song.  Those two are excited for good reason as Jenny is getting a LOT of great press over her CD “Jennyville”. In fact, on the table in front of the couch I was sitting on was “Cowgirl” Magazine with Miranda Lambert’s picture on the cover.  But tucked inside was yet another great article about Jenny where the writer ask, “Do we have another Emmy Lou Harris”?  Nice compliment…but Jenny is not Emmy as she would tell you but, she’s making some noise in town as being not only a great singer, but one who brings a very “fun” playful approach to a lot of her songs. Check out the ARTICLE for yourself and get to know my friend that I’m rooting for.



To Becky Denton and her husband Will Denton who’s song that we wrote together “Take Me Back To Tybee” got her a gig in their favorite spot…Tybee, Georgia over the weekend.  How cool.  I guess we need to write “Take Me Back To Paris” and “Take Me Back To Hawaii” soon!



Apparently bears are breeding in East Tennessee then catching an Uber ride over to west Tennessee.  That’s the word that more and more bears are migrating from the Gatlinburg area over to the side of Tennessee we live on.  Our backyard is already like a zoo with deer, and squirrel, fox, turkeys you name it.  Now bears?  I think I’ll start dragging our trash can inside.



I get to write with our Veterans some.  I’ve done that a couple of times and there will be more of that in the future.  Incredible moving experiences to say the least. Viet Nam was the war I did not have to go to because I was college exempt at the time of the draft.  All these years later I’m in the camp of “why were we there”? 


That sentiment was completely captured in a moving segment that ESPN filmed of Pittsburgh Steeler great Rocky Blier who won a few Superbowls with Terry Bradshaw and company.  He also received a purple heart fighting in those unforgiving jungles in Viet Nam.  Watch this VIDEO of Rocky’s return to where he fought for the first time in over 40 years.  It made me shake my head once again at the complete insanity of that war. 



Uh huh.  They have those with sensors that lessen the impact of running making that kind of stuff not so hard on the body. More complicated than I can grasp.  Read about yourself if you want HERE.  


Me?  I’m inventing Uber-Runner. Download the App and then someone will run for you.



I have this song I wrote that “Hits & Grins” recorded that I sing every now and then titled “Get Over Your Selfie”.  I may have to start singing it more after finding out they make a LIGHT can clip on your smart phone to help make your face look more “model” like when you are taking pictures of you.  I’m waiting for an app that you can hit that will spray you with makeup before you start clicking away at yourself.   



How bout this desk that hooks up to the wheel of your car?  When you’re stuck in traffic you can work on your laptop if you want.  And it only costs $12. 


In Nashville folks would buy a guitar stand that attaches to the steering wheel to hang their guitar or mando on WHILE driving.



There’s a guy who wants climb Mt. Everest…swim the English Channel and bike across America before he dies.  Gosh…my bucket list of wanting to see every Major League baseball park seems pretty trivial now.  Unless I walk to all of them.  Right.



“Grandma Blows Out Teeth Trying To Blow Out Birthday Candles”.  And there’s your “gummy” visual you’ll have trouble getting out of your mind for awhile.



I’m writing with Gerald Smith “The Georgia Quacker” and talented Janelle Arthur.  It will be fun catching up with both of them and writing something new together.


Have a great Monday!


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