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Aussie Writing...Home Depot and Luke Bryan Parodies

Aug 15 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hump Day Wednesday.



I made a new Aussie friend yesterday…a young Angus Gill who is over here for a couple of weeks to write as many good songs as he can for an upcoming album.  Engaging, fun and it didn’t take long to see the passion and talent this young man has.  There was no one musical in his entire family…he just taught himself.  And today he tours all the time and is getting ready to play like a 14 day festival over in Australia.


Angus had found out somehow that I could write “funny” and he wanted something possibly to add to this album that would add a smile or humor to it.  AND…he brought a great title with him that we wrote that I think he likes a lot.  Time will tell.


It was fun hearing his frustration with Nashville traffic after I vented my frustration in Ireland from trying to drive on the wrong side of the road over there.  So…he felt what I felt behind the wheel here in the states as they drive on the left down under too.


I’m hoping we might get one more write in before he flies home but either way…I’ll be following this young man’s career for sure.



I did get out to see our minor league ball team last night.  Our Sounds had won 14 games in a row!  And no…I did not jinx them by showing up.  They tied a franchise record and have now won 15 in a row!  Wow.


Our minor league team has been the AAA franchise of several major league clubs.  Yankees, Reds, Brewers, Pirates and now the A’s.  Players like Don Mattingly, Bucky Showalter, Willie McGee, Scooter Gennett, Steve Balboni and others have played in Music City and it’s always fun to watch those kids graduate to the Big Leagues. 


Certainly a fun night watching them make it 15 in a row last night after getting behind 3-0 in the first inning!



You see a three-page ad in the paper saying “Thank You” to fans.  This one came from Kenny Chesney who just played before over 55,000 loud fans at Nissan Stadium where our Titans play.  A record for any artist.


That beach music thing is working for Kenny.  He took a page out of the Buffett book…and man has it worked for him.  And I have to say his current hit “Get Along” is impossible not to love.



This past year for the first time in awhile…it was not Garth Brooks who made the most money.  It was Luke Bryan.  Luke pulled in 55 million or so while Garth will have to get by somehow with the 45 million he took in.  And Garth’s huge paydays come after basically being retired for years.  Amazing. 


Make me glad I’m a co-writer on this Cledus T. Judd-Colt Ford parody titled “LUKE BRYAN”.



So…I realized I had left my credit card somewhere yesterday.  I had to calm myself and think, “Okay…where did you leave it”?  After the process of elimination I finally settled on a club I was at the other night to hear Jenny Tolman perform.  Turns out I was right.  Turns out the bartender had to go through something like 50 other credit cards left there find mine!  Geez.


You can’t miss the news that Google is tracking our every move.  Can’t they take that technology and track where we leave our credit cards…and cell phones…and sunglasses?



My New York parody song assignment yesterday was to write something about Home Depot’s record profits last quarter.  Lots of folks are hooked on DIY and are now doing home improvements like crazy I guess.  Enough to make those folks in orange wealthy.  So I took the Sam Hunt hit “Body Like A Back Road” and turned that to “Going Back To Home Depot”.  Glad to do it.



They’ve found a couple of really old things.  First they found the oldest fossil of a Pterodactyl…one of those flying dinosaurs.  (No…not a TWA plane)  Scientists say its 210 million years old!


Add beer to that.  The first traces of beer were found in Iraq dated 2,500 years ago.  I’m guessing they found an old Falstaff can…but I’m only guessing. 



No…I did not win the 245 million dollar power-ball last night.  How bout you?  Despite that…I will have to dig into my penny bank and buy a box or two of the new Girl Scout cookies…caramel chocolate chip!


I’ll be looking for a girl wearing a green sash with a merit button for playing Pokémon.



“6 Year Old Orders $350 Worth Of Toys On Amazon Prime”.  Check the passwords on your computers parents.



Off to write with a couple great friends…Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry.  Jimmy is working towards a new album and has a title for the project that we are going to try and turn into a song.  Always a pleasure catching up with these two great individuals and creating with them.


Have a great Wednesday!




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