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Intellectually Speaking...Road Trips...Cussing Parrot

Aug 14 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

How’s your Tuesday so far?



My songwriting appointment was with Amanda Williams yesterday, which is always a fun creative adventure.  I brought a chorus idea for a fun eclectic kind of tune that she liked right away and the next thing I know...Amanda just spilled out a couple of very fun verses that fit perfectly with the message of the chorus.  A fortune teller shows up in the song and gives some sage advice to anyone who is on the rise in his or her career whether it’s music or something else. 


And I found out that Amanda who is quite the business woman and independent entrepreneur is at the forefront of speaking out to groups about intellectual property and explaining to folks what that truly is.  Songwriters own intellectual property but the property values have plummeted because folks illegally download songs or can access music for free…and they don’t buy.  So Amanda spoke before an impressive group in Washington a week ago and now may be carrying that message worldwide with trips overseas.  AND...there’s a chance that I might do some of that too at her suggestion.  We’ll see.  Right now…I’m glad I own a passport.



I got a really nice e-mail from Irene Kelley…a great Americana-Bluegrass artist who wrote to tell me how great the two songs we wrote together turned out in studio and that both will be on her upcoming CD.  That’s always great news for a songwriter and I love Irene’s voice and talent.  Can’t wait to hear those and they should be out soon.  I’ll let you known when.


Brent Burns new CD is pretty much completed and we will have six songs on that project with a couple of very funny new tunes we can’t wait to share.


And my Missouri friend Becky Blackaby is releasing a single to Australia that she and I wrote with her husband-drummer Will Denton titled “Two Bags One Beach”.  Becky had some airplay “down under” on the song “I Love Dolly” that we wrote…so she’s going for more airplay on this new fun beach tune.  I should be able to share that within the next few weeks too.



Busy ahead.  Between now and November I have trips to Gatlinburg (this weekend) the Grand Canyon Railroad (second time) Pennsylvania, Italy (with Brent Burns) and Port St. Joe, Florida.  Find out when and where I’m performing on my calendar at billwhytecomedy.com



The most kept car in Tennessee?  That would be the Honda Accord according to those who know.  The most kept vehicles in the United States?  Ford Explorer and Chevy Corvettes.  The survey shows Toyota in general have a lot of long kept cars by their owners.  Average amount of time we own one?  7.4 years.  I got a couple of those in my driveway for sure…both Toyota’s that just keep running.



Well…15.4 per 1,000 are stolen in New Hampshire per year.  That’s the lowest total in the country.  The highest honor goes to New Mexico where 40.6 per 1,000 are heisted.  And now ya know.



I read an article today where some guy listed what he says are the best beers for when one mows the lawn.  All of them were craft beers I never heard of.


It’s pretty easy to spot the yards where the mower has been drinking a few.  They tend to miss a few spots…but don’t really care.



Couple of funny stories spotted today.  This one made me laugh while reading it.  A parrot got stuck up on a roof in England.  So…the firefighter comes..goes up the tall ladder…sees the parrot and the parrot sees the firefighter.  The parrot then says to him, “F off”!  See.  This is why some folks buy a hamster.



“Woman Who Prefers Dating Ghosts To Men Now Wants To Have A Baby With One”.  That should be an interesting process.  Pretty sure that woman has been into the lawn mowing beer heavily.



“Honduras Man Fakes His Own Death So His Wife Would Stop Asking Him For Money”.  I guess counseling was out of the question in this case.



I’m off to write with a young Australian artist named Angus Gill who flew over here to collect some great songs for his upcoming album.  Some co-writer of mine gave him my name and he reached out to me.  He’s looking for something funny or quirky and those are indeed the calls I sometimes get.  It should be fun getting to know him and rhyming with him today.


Just another day in Music City.


Have a great Tuesday!



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