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Hall Of Fame...Hits & Grins Show...Elvis Week

Aug 13 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello Monday.



Quite the day Saturday with not one but two shows.  The first was inside the Ford Theater at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum here in town with my friend Steve Dean.  I think this was the 4th time the two of us have had the pleasure of playing inside this beautiful theater where one can literally feel the history.  We do a 45 minute set and also do a 5 minute short question and answer session with the tourists from all over the world who sit down to enjoy the tour as part of their visit to our wonderful Hall of Fame here.


I’ve had the pleasure of playing in lots and lots of beautiful venues and theaters across the country…but certainly this is one of my favorite experiences when it comes to sharing the original songs.  My thanks to Abi and the folks at the Hall for allowing us to soak up this experience again.



Our “Hits & Grins” trio gathered to play at Puckett’s in Franklin to a sold out house and then some.  And Saturday night was special because Steve Dean’s Father was sitting up front with his companion Darlene as they made the trip from Little Rock.  And seated next to them were my wife and Steve’s wife as well as my second set of parents Dodge and Dean Raymer in from Missouri after recently celebrating their 66th wedding anniversary.  So much fun having them in the house and getting to recognize them from the stage.  Here's a little VIDEO captured by some friends who were out front.



I went out and saw my friend and co-writer Jenny Tolman and full band rock the house at 3rd and Lindsley.  Jenny’s Dad and Mom were in the house and Jenny did a very cool thing by taking one of her Dad’s old stage outfits and cutting off the pant legs and re-doing the stage jacket and wore that last night on stage.  Without ever seeing a picture of Steve Tolman in that suit…I can tell you without a doubt that Jenny wore it better.


It was great hearing her sing one of our songs “Skeleton” that we wrote with her talented producer-boyfriend Dave Brainard who was part of the band last night.


One other cool thing happened.  Two couples from Tampa were in the Hall of Fame Saturday morning and caught my songwriter show with Steve Dean.  I mentioned Jenny to the audience as her Mom and Dad were there…and told folks to check out her music.  Well these four folks did just that…cancelled some other plans Sunday night and came out to hear Jenny and were blown away.


And…after talking with them…I think there’s a fair chance that they may sign up and cruise with me and my friend Brent Burns down the Rhine River in 2019.  How cool.  There are over 80 folks onboard already and we have more room if you’re up for doing a once in a lifetime cruise where Brent and I will be performing.  All the details are right HERE.



I did accidentally have my TV on the PGA Tournament Sunday and was half paying attention when I heard a roar.  Tiger Woods was making a charge and making shots I had not seen him make in years.  He didn’t win…but he showed he’s going to again and that’s something a lot of folks thought might not happen.  Ya just can’t count some folks out.



I guess I should remind you that it is Elvis week.  Uh huh.  I’m pretty sure there’s been no slowdown in the amount of Elvis impersonators who can pop up anytime anywhere.  I see more of the jumpsuit Elvis than the slim leather clad Elvis and I think that’s because most of the folks who want to do that are a little older and have hit the all you can eat buffet more than a fair share. 


There are so many Elvis impersonators…it inspired me to write a sort of kind of Elvis tune that I put on my first comedy song CD “Off The Wall”. If you’re curious…click HERE and listen.



Scientist now say that they believe they have a drug to stop weight loss.  I’m pretty sure gym memberships will be in big trouble if this turns out to be true. Please be true.  Put an end to gluten free, fat free, kale, tiny portions and let us eat like Elvis and still be able to fit into the leather outfits he wore when he was young.  Please!  Combine that with a pill for hair growth and I’ll be a dangerous man.



National experts say the average AC temp in houses is in the high 60’s.  My wife has ours at 75!  Next time I’m hot in the house I’ll remind her of this stat.  What’s your AC set at?



So do a lot of consumers.  Now some of the most popular TV shows we watch are spawning off their own beers and wines.  Game of Throne beer already exists.


I think I’m going to pass on the Walking Dead Wine if that comes out.


Which leads to the news from Guinness that they will open a Tap Room in Hawthorne, Maryland.  After touring the one they have in Dublin…I’d make a stop here too when that’s done.  It’s a very cool tour…and the dark beer?  I would have never bet I would have liked it…but I do.  You will enjoy that tour if you take it.



So a Massachusetts car owner hears a hissing in his car.  One would think radiator maybe.  Nope.  Boa…as in constrictor curled up.  It made for an interesting call to the police.  If I was on duty and got that call?  I’d turn in my badge and put on an orange apron at Home Depot.



Gucci is offering up a pair of sneakers for $1,600.  Encrusted with jewels I believe.  Sneakers.  They had better have a guarantee that I could dunk a basketball if I wore them.



“How To Survive The Bull Run In Pamplona”.  I got the answer to that without reading the article.  Don’t put yourself in front of the bulls.  Exercise your brain.



I’m rhyming with my friend Amanda Williams this morning.  And I’m starting to look ahead to a run over to Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mt. Songwriters Festival this weekend.  More on that tomorrow.


Have a great Monday!


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