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Old Friends In Town...Hall Of Fame & Puckett Saturday Night

Aug 10 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Bring on the busy weekend.



My great friends Dodge and Dean Raymer came in from Missouri and will be here in Nashville through the weekend.  They are now celebrating 66 years of being married to each other…amazing.  We gathered for dinner last night along with friends Steve Tolman and his wife Kathy and caught up on each other’s busy lives.  Steve had not seen Dean for a long long while so it was a nice reunion.  Steve was a noted performer who worked with Dean as I did when we were all young and now books talent around the world including his very talented daughter Jenny Tolman who you’ve seen me blog about here numerous times.


Dodge and Dean have always been my extended family and I so admire the way they just get up and go whenever they want.  It’s going to be nice having them in the audience Saturday night when I play at Puckett’s in Franklin with my “Hits & Grin” trio.



I pitched some songs yesterday by request to a Texas artist who’s getting ready to make a new CD…Jon Wolfe.  So I pulled up some of his music and got a sense of who he was and sent a few tunes his way.  The entire time I was looking for songs that fit I kept thinking his name sounded familiar.  It wasn’t until after the last song was sent by e-mail that I remembered we wrote here at the house together a few years ago.  We got a start on a song that we never finished as his career got busy and he’s rarely in Nashville.  He’ll have no idea he’s listening to my songs when he hears them…if he remembers that writing session.


It would be funny ironic at least to me if he likes one enough to record.  It would surely make for a fun moment the next time I bump into him.



Not something we see a lot of around here but yesterday in one neighborhood close to hear they spotted a Bobcat roaming near the backyard.  Yikes.  Those in the know say folks would be surprised at the different kinds of animals that are closer than they think.  In our backyard we regularly see deer…lots of deer.  Turkey, geese from nearby Old Hickory Lake they show up sometimes too, woodchucks and more.  And I’ve become convinced that squirrels do something else equally as much as eating nuts on their haunches because there are so danged many of them.


Squirrels.  The new appetizer for our Bobcats I suppose. 



I’d rather watch a Bobcat chase a squirrel in my backyard as opposed to having to watch pre-season NFL football that broke out last night.  Until they start playing for real…I’ll spend my time rooting for the squirrels to get away.


It took a long while but finally…no more Crocs.  Every croc factory in the country is shutting down.  Folks will no longer wear those plastic shoes that remind of whiffle balls on feet.  How did those catch on?


Of course in today’s society I do wonder if they are really going to shut down all the factories or if this news is just “a croc”.  Fake croc news.  Had to happen.



So the headline I read this morning was “First Tattoo Tips”.  I’m not a tattoo guy.  Don’t think you will ever see me lying on a table and having an anything burnt into me permanently.  I’m still more of a “mood ring” kind of guy.


However…just reading that did make me smile thinking of what my comedian friend Heywood Banks says about getting a tattoo.


“Couple things if you’re things if you’re thinking about getting a tattoo.  First…be sober.  Second…enunciate”.  I’m laughing again.


And as if Heywood didn’t cover it all verbally…he made an exclamation point on the subject when he recorded this Tattoo Song that he wrote and performs often.



“Man Shoves Live Crabs Down Pants To Steal Them From Restaurant”.  So if you see a man who looks like the front of his pants are dancing…call the Po Po.



Well…my writing appointment got cancelled with Jenny Tolman because her career has gotten her busier than a bobcat chasing a squirrel.  She’s gearing up for a big show in town Sunday night that I plan to attend.  I’ll be holding up a sign while she sings that reads, “She cancelled me”!  Or not.


So I’ll use today to prep for a busy weekend and weeks ahead.


Tomorrow morning I have an 11:30 AM show at the Country Music Hall Of Fame and Museum followed by that “Hits & Grins” show at Puckett’s in Franklin at 8:30 tomorrow night.  Pretty sure the place will be packed…so if you are thinking about coming do call to check for reservations.


Then next weekend I’ll be back in the Smoky Mountains for the Songwriters Festival doing one show with “Hits & Grins”, judging a songwriting competition for the festival AND I have one show with Randy Brooks…famous for his song that keeps his bank account filled…”Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”.  This will be the third time the two of us have worked together and I promise you…between “Grandma” and “Ugly Early”…this will be a very fun show to see.


For details on those shows and more check my calendar at billwhytecomedy.com


Have a great weekend!



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