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In Law Writing...Wasps and Fair Food

Aug 9 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday bloggin’.



A first as I wrote with a Father and Son in Law.  Gerald Smith and I co-write quite a bit and yesterday morning before leaving Gerald sent a text wondering if we could add his son in law Randy Finchum to the mix who is also a songwriter.  So that was experience and I enjoyed getting to know Randy a bit.


All three of us will be heading to Gatlinburg next week as both Gerald and Randy are participating in the Smoky Mt. Songwriters Festival that starts next Wednesday where hundreds of great songwriters will gather to play and share stories in a beautiful setting.


Click the link HERE to find out more…and check my website to find out where and when I’ll be playing.



I also turned in a parody song about going back to school yesterday for my New York folks.  This one dealt with backpacks which I think must weigh at least 50 pounds these days.  You’d think kids were hiking the Appalachian Trail for a week as big as some of them have gotten.  I kind sorta remember carrying books to school…but never a backpack.  You remember books right?



Although it’s not firmed up yet…it’s looking like I could be part of a two night Christmas show run with “Evening In The Round” starring Linda Davis, Lang Scott and me.  We are waiting for complete confirmation…but if it happens the shows would be near Indianapolis and we’d be doing a combination of “country” AND Christmas songs.  Great.  That will give me a chance to sing “I’m Getting Scrooged For Christmas”…maybe.  Stay tuned on this one.


We did get a little downburst of much needed rain yesterday.  In fact I got drenched in a short run from my car with my guitar and computer into the publishing company I wrote at yesterday.  That gave way pretty quickly though and it was another steam bath by the time I got done.


Big time heat does weird things.  Apparently…it’s ideal for wasps as experts now say this is the worst wasp season ever.   Just another reason to root big time for rain and cooler temps and I see we have a chance of rain over the next three days.  Bring it on.  Hopefully it will drown the wasp population.



The latest fashion trend is fake eyebrows?  Is there anything real left on the body?  I’m waiting for a franchise to open right next to Build A Bear called “Build A Bod”.  Walk in and add, delete, enlarge, shrink anything you want and walk out.  I’m not sure why anyone ever says “just keepin’ it real” anymore.



Fairs have broken out everywhere.  It’s been years since I’ve gone to one.  But every time it’s fair season I think it might be cool to go find a tilt a whirl or scrambler and get sick all over again.  And then I sober up.


The food though…that might make me go.  Here’s a new one to check out at the State Fair in Kentucky.  They have a Bourbon Ham Donut Burger!  Good grief.


All time favorite Fair Food?  The cream puffs at the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee.  They have an entire building cranking them out with the line stretching forever to get one.  You can always tell the folk who bought one there from the whipped cream on the top of their shoes as they walk through the midway.



Jason Alexander who played George Castanza on “Seinfeld” is the new Colonel Sanders in the Kentucky Fried Chicken TV commercials.  He’s following Reba I believe.  Good fit?

See what ya think HERE.



When I played basketball…in short shorts for Elsberry High back in Missouri…I don’t know that we had a player…or ever played against anyone who could dunk a basketball.  Now…a 14 year old GIRL can do that.  Here’s the proof at a recent NBA exhibition.  How do this happen?


If I had springs loaded in the bottom of my old Keds…I still could not get up to the rim. 


And in other sports of interest…the PGA starts today in St. Louis. 


AND…there are 12 NFL pre-season games on TV tonight.  Football.  Here it comes. 



An off day allowing me to catch up on stuff and prepare for a busy weekend ahead.   Have a great Thursday!


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