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WSM...Got Wood...Hall Of Fame Saturday

Aug 8 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Just trying to get over the ole hump today.



I was up early to be on WSM yesterday morning filling in for Bill Cody.  Always a pleasure to fill his morning shoes and work with his partner Charlie Mattos.  A couple of songwriter-artists dropped by with their guitars.  One of those was Greg Rider…a Canadian who went from Ontario to beach singing on Grand Cayman Island to Nashville.  Enjoyed hearing him for the first time and his new SONG.  He sounds an awful lot like a lot of what’s being played on contemporary country radio today, which won’t hurt his chances.


And my old songwriting buddy Gerald Smith came by and did some of his Georgia Quacking that made him a semi-regular on Hee Haw back and talked about his hit song “What Part Of No” that went number one for Lori Morgan.  Gerald is truly one of the nicest guys in this town and has been at it a long time.  It was fun for me to give him some airtime yesterday on the radio home of the Grand Ole Opry…and I know he enjoyed doing that.



And in between my radio shift and the songwriting appointment with Wood Newton I wrote a parody song about a new East Asian breed of ticks that’s invaded our country.  Guess which hit song we used?  Uh huh…Brad Paisley’s “Ticks”.  So somebody somewhere is hearing that on a country morning show today.



Wood Newton is from Arkansas and was just back from doing the songwriter show in Branson with Billy Yates that I did a couple of weeks ago.  Wood wrote “Bobby Sue” and “Private Malone” to name just a couple.  It had been awhile since we rhymed together at his office in the old RCA building on Music Row.  Wood knows I’m from Missouri so he had a “Show Me” idea that was cool that we turned into a bluegrass song in fairly short order.  The perfect capper to a busy Tuesday.



I did get word that I’m back on the WSM morning show for three mornings in a row coming up August 22, 23 and 24 and we’re already lining up guests that will include Jimmy Fortune from the Statlers and Syndi Perry.  I write with both of them so this will be special on air I’m sure.  And my friend Brady Seals is brining in Lua Croft…Dash Croft’s daughter from “Seals & Crofts” to give us a musical taste of “Seals & Crofts 2” that the two of them have formed.


And if that’s not enough…Gordon Kennedy who helped co-write a monster hit “Change The World” for Wynonna and Eric Clapton will be with them.  That’s gonna be a fun three mornings on air.



I did notice when I left the Opryland Hotel where our studios are yesterday that the crews for Gaylord are ALREADY stringing up Christmas lights.  That’s how long it takes them to get the place ready for the huge Christmas crowds that come to the massive hotel every year to see the displays and lights of which there are thousands and thousands.  Christmas!



Off the San Diego coast they recorded the warmest water temp EVER.  78.8 degrees.  Some scientists now say the earth is at risk of being a “Hottish Hellhouse”.  That’s the scientific description.  Most of us will be using more blue-collar language.  “It’s hot as…#!#*”


How hot is it?  In Japan fake food in a restaurant display melted.  Fake food.  Real heat…fake food.  I’m gonna need a third job to pay for the AC in a few years.



Of course all the heat has a lot of us rooting for Fall to show up sooner than later.  Already Kellogg’s has announced they will introduce pumpkin spiced frosted flakes this year.  Pumpkin spiced beer was available last year…and Starbucks seems to pour pumpkin into everything in the Fall. 


I’m just hoping if I type the word “pumpkin” enough that I’ll feel cooler.



Blue Diamond Almond Milk has been recalled because they found out it had real cows milk in it.  Just as I suspicioned.  I’m holding onto my belief that no farmer nowhere goes out in a field, pulls up a stool with a bucket and milks an almond.  The teats are dang near impossible to find.  Saying.



I’m off to write with that Georgia Quacker I wrote about at the top of this blog…Gerald Smith. 


And just ahead this weekend. I play at the Country Music Hall of Fame with Steve Dean this Saturday morning followed by a show that evening at Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant on Main Street in Franklin, TN with “Hits & Grins”.  Complete details on my “calendar” at billwhytecomedy.com


Have a great Wednesday!                                          



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