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Mississippi Ahead...Obla Di...Farmer Proposal

Aug 7 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hump Day and we’ve got limbs down.  Last night some thunder, rain and hail all fell for about half an hour. The little road we live on has LOTS of trees surrounding it and when the wind blows like that I always have to play “Dodge A Limb” when I got out early for coffee while it’s still dark. 



I’m taking advantage of a few off days catching up and working ahead some. I did talk with the official organizer for the Mississippi Songwriters Festival that he officially invited me to play this year.  My friend Jerry Salley and I will do a couple shows together down in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  The event, right down on the ocean, runs September 19-22 this year. Reggie Bates who I talked to? Turns out that he’s a lifelong radio guy like me.  I was on air…he was in management running radio station groups in New Orleans, Louisville, Oklahoma, Mississippi and other places.  So we had that bond right away.


I’m looking forward to being part of this for the first time this year.



Now, do yourself a favor and check out this VIDEO of a young talented lady doing her version of The Beatle’s song “Obla Di Obla Da”. What’s great about this is that some think when they see this that they are looking at a group of sisters.  Nope.  Look again. This is Gabriella Bee…and JUST Gabriella Bee. She cloned herself into all the other girls you see on this fun video in the editing. She’s become a You Tube star and is getting ready now to be part of some big concert tours.  You’ll see why if you watch.  Very fun stuff.



The co-creator of “The Village People”…you know…”Y M C A”!!!.  He passed at the age of 82.  His name was Henri Belolo. Worth mentioning because you can’t get THAT song out of your head when you hear it.


My favorite spoof of the Village People that I’ve ever seen came at a minor league baseball park in Dayton, Ohio.  Between innings a group of 4 old guys got up on the dugout and danced…sort of…to that song.  One had a fake cane, another a fake walker.  They called themselves, “The Senior Village People”. 



Disney has announced they will do a reboot of the movie “Home Alone” that still makes me laugh every time I see it.  It will be interesting to see what young person they will pick for the starring role that made McCauley Culkin famous.  And is there any chance they could bring Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern back as the bungling burglars?



Of all things, Monica Lewinsky will be a co-producer on the Bill Clinton episode of “American Crime Story”.  The story that just won’t go away.  This one is not a Disney product.



I read an article this morning listing opinions about food products they say are 100% true. It’s hard to argue with these.


Coke tastes better in a bottle (Amen)


Nothing is a refreshing as that middle of the night chug of water.  (My Dad used to keep a cold jug in the fridge.  Now I understand why)


Sandwiches cut diagonally are 150% better.  (Hello…grilled cheese anyone?)


Food always tastes better when someone else makes it for you.  (No doubt)



I only read the title because I already knew the answer to: “Spare Your Palate With The Best Things To Drink While Bowling”.  It’s BEER!  Only beer.  It’s a three B sport for crying out loud…always has been.  Bowling, Brunswick, Beer. 


To this day and forever, they do not have an Almond Milk frame. It’s a beer frame for crying out loud.


I bowled in a league just once when I was young.  I did it for the beer those cools shirts you get to wear with the sponsor on the back. “Morty’s Mortuary” was my fave.



“Farmer Proposes Using A Cow’s Udder”.  Uh huh.  She found the engagement ring on the cow’s teat.  True. When she finally pulled it off I’m guessing she got a half full bucket of milk too. A double victory.



One last day of  “chill” before things start to get busy again. Have a great Wednesday!







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