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The Anniversary...New Music...WSM Tonight

Start of a new week...back from Missouri and prepping for a radio show later tonight.



My wife went over and back to Missouri this weekend to celebrate the 65th wedding anniversary of the couple pictured here...Dodge and Dean Raymer.  65 years!  Twas a great gathering of family and friend raising their glasses and showing their love for these two who have touched many in a positive way.  We're happy to be part of this family in an extended way for sure.  A lot of their friends are musical...and many including myself got up to sing with the band Highway 67 led by an old friend Colleen Kay Gallagher who was just a little more than waist high young when I first met her.  We were both artists in Dean's booking agency in St. Louis at the time Gateway Talent.  And now full grown..her and her husband have this terrific country band that played and backed up folk like me and Barbara Fairchild.  Barbara sang her huge hit "Teddy Bear" for the couple.  Heck...I remember playing that on a 45 rpm record with the blue Columbia Record label on it in that single wide trailer radio station in Bowling Green, Missouri when I was a kid!  Still love this song.  Kudos to Dodge and Dean's kids and family wo did a great job of preparing this party and making it special for everyone.


Here's to 65 more for Dodge & Dean...and we plan on seeing you guys on the beach again this November.



I never get tired of seeing the Gateway Arch when we cross over the Stan Musical bridge going back into Missouri.  Iconic...breathtaking at times.  It went up in 1965 I think...and I can still remember the buzz and the "what are they doing" thoughts so many had.  It's going to cost how much?  I can't imagine St. Louis without it now.  I still think it would be cool though if they put up a gigantic croquet mallet next to it with a ball. 





I had some good music news over the weekend too.  Kristy Cox... an award winning Australian country artist looks to be recording a song that I co-wrote with my friends Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry.  That's the same combination that wrote "Safe Haven" that you'll find on the Hillary Scott and Scott Family CD "Love Remains" that won the Grammy for "Best Contemporary Christian Album".  And ...the song Christy and her producer Jerry Salley chose is one I absolutely love...so I can't wait to hear what they do with our tune. 


This Thursday night Jerry Salley will have a CD release party of his own for his new album "Front Porch Philosophy" at the Station Inn.  I'm a co-writer on the title track with Jerry which is really cool too.  That song is all about how our grandfathers and father's used to sit on front porches with the dog and tamp down a little Sir Walter Raleigh in their pipes and wax philosophically about politics, religion, family and more as they rocked away.  This album will be available for purchase very soon...I'll let you know when.  But thank you Jerry for recording two of my songs. 





AND...there are six co-writes of mine on the brand new Brent Burns album that you can now buy HERE on his website including the title track "Emergency Vacation" as well as funny true story song about the day Brent lost is wife Pam in Vienna and "slept on the couch".  It's another really fun-beachy album from my great friend down in Gulf Shores.  WARNING:  If you click on the Brent Burns link...you'll have to endure seeing Brent in a kilt.  Not pretty. 



To my own bed...and big screen TV.  It's true...it's good to get away...but it's great getting back home always.  Tired...I plopped on the couch and turned on the Reds-Cards game in time to see the Cards were just walloping Cincinnati.  One of the TV announcers found David Letterman with his huge white beard an sunglasses in the stands and actually got David (who can be surley) to talk on camera about his love for baseball.  His funniest comment was about how he had survived open heart surgery and that he tries to NOT to get overly excited about things...maintaining calm per his Doctor's advice.  He said this ballgame was perfect for that...since it was a blow out.  Funny funny man.



Gosh...in Missouri it was flat out cool and gorgeous.  Long sleeve weather even...first of August!  Mid 80's all this week here in Tennessee...and ain't nobody complaining.  With that cool weather came weird news of a tornado in Oklahoma as well as earthquakes the other day...and now those hurricane experts are saying this could be a bad hurricane season starting with Mexico who could see one come ashore in a few days...depending.  That of course means our friend Jim Cantore won't be home for awhile.  And this would be a great place for the "JIM CANTORE" song. 



Great line for the cartoon strip "Pearls and Swine" this morning in our paper.  The one little animal character in bed all covered up when his friend says, "why are you still in bed at noon"?  The little guy peeks out over the covers and replys, "because nothing that will happen today will be better than the warmth and cover I have now".  His friend then agrees he has found the secret of life.  Somedays...we'd all be better off just staying in bed huh?



Yet another picture has emerged of the Russian Prime Minister Putin fishing this time...with no shirt on.  Why?  Dunno.  A tanning booth in Russia would be a good idea.  And for the most part...I'd say 90% of all fisherman should not fish topless.  If you are waiting for the fish to bite and you are not wearing a shirt...it's not the noise that's scaring the fish away.



Yep...Vanderbilt has just invented that.  It's designed electronically to help ease back pain somehow.  Something about how you push a button or something and it makes sure the stress is not going entirely on your back when you lift and work.  Anybody that's had back pain might be placing a pre-order right now.  I want it to have an audio feature on mine that will automatically chew you out when you get ready to try and lift more than you should be lifting.  "Back away from that you idiot". (Did you just say something Bill?  "Uh...no...that was just my underwear talking". 


The really good news is if  one's undewear does start talking it won't be for long.  Nope...it will be BRIEF!  (I'll be here all day)



Add the tech market to models and singers as far as how old you need to be.  YOUNG.  Average age for technical field is 25-34 and apparently there are very few working out in silicon valley 40 or over.  I'm not sure why...but I'm guessing it may have something to do with the fact of how so many of us who get older pick up our computers and find the nearest young person to bug..."how do you do fix this?" 



A little comedy writing this morning for NY...some catching up on stuff...and then tonight I'm on air 7-Midnight on WSM radio heard around the world at wsmonline.com.  A couple of musical friends will join me live in the studios inside the Opryland Hotel tonight at 8 pm...Zach Runquist and Andrea Thomas.  Andrea had a nice run this past season on "The Voice" as part of Blake Shelton's team...and she has a brand new song that she and Zach wrote that Zach produced on her that we will play tonight on air.  So...tune in if you can and enjoy my musical friends for sure.


Have a great Monday!


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