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Boston Writing...How To Feel Better...Mr. Brimley Sings

Aug 6 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Another week if flying by and it’s Thursday already.



I wrote with Rob Bellamy out in the Boston area.  His girlfriend Ayla Brown was to join us, but Ayla had a busy day being part of the morning radio show for the country radio station in Boston and had to pass yesterday.  Being a former early morning radio guy?  I get that…being tired…and busy.  So, she’ll join us on the next date we set to finish up a duet idea we’ve started.


Rob brought a GREAT idea yesterday and had a verse and a part of a chorus he had started.  The song had no title yet, no “hook” as we like to say.  But after reading the lyric sheet he started I spotted where the song could and did wind up going so it didn’t take us long to finish the idea. 


Rob, a former hockey player is pretty danged busy himself.  He’s playing a lot of gigs on the east coast, some by himself, some with Ayla, and others with a musical buddy.  In fact, of all the players I’ve talked with since the pandemic started, Rob is doing better than almost all of them as far as the number of shows he’s doing.  Concerts, pubs, backyard concerts, private events and more.  So, between the two of them?  I’d say that move back east from Nashville has been a fortuitous move.  Good for them.


I found this video of the two of them singing a song we wrote together during a “live” radio interview they were part of on our song “Built That Way” that they put on their last album.  So glad they recorded this song and they tell me the “live” reaction they get to the sentiment in this song that we all agree with is rewarding.  Check it out.



Certainly not the kind of report one wants to see.  Virus deaths in the US increased 24% last week.


UConn cancelled its college football season yesterday.  How many others will follow suit?  The UCLA Bruins have already reported 7 kids with Covid on their team.  I love college football, but it’s going to be a challenge to play a full season this year.


And meanwhile the stock market is almost back to a record high point.  Go figure.


Cruises continue to struggle. In Alaska they finally opened up cruising for ships that carry less 250 people.  The first one to leave in 2020 left from Alaska and had to come back because shortly after sailing someone got sick from the virus. 



That would be Walmart.  They are trying hard to compete with Amazon Prime for delivering to our doors.  You can already pickup your groceries there without leaving your car.  And now comes word that 150 Walmart locations will use their parking lots to turn them into drive in movies from August 14 through late October. 


I’m betting lots and lots of companies are holding lots of meetings brainstorming ways to adapt, survive and maybe flourish during these times.  I see promotions for those who come up with those kinds of ideas.



I do love and agree with this little poster someone posted on my Facebook page yesterday. 


To make yourself feel better do 2 things.  Do not watch the news and stay off the bathroom scales.  Can I get an amen?



As if the “new normal” is not challenge enough…those who live near the Atlantic will need to brace for quite the hurricane season.  Weather guys are now saying the 2020 hurricane season will be EXTREMELY active as it will produce as many as 24 storms. One expert says there could be 12 hurricanes with 5 of those being major hurricanes.  That DOUBLE the normal.  I’m betting the price of insurance coverage is already going up in some places. 


My wife and I use to own a couple of small condos on the beach down in Gulf Shores.  Loved it.  But if we ever buy again, I’m pretty sure we’ll buy off the beach and just pack a beach chair and drive to the beach and sit whenever we want to watch the sunsets. 


Normally because of playing music I get down to the beach a few times each year.  Covid has changed that too.  I was to spend some time down there a few months ago in Gulf Shores and do a show with my friend Brent Burns and write songs.  That got cancelled.


In October our “Hits & Grins” trio usually plays the “Blast On The Bay” songwriters festival in Port St. Joe and then November in Gulf Shores for the Frank Brown Festival.  Both of those festivals? Tenuous at best and we’re waiting to hear if either will happen in 2020.  Stay tuned.



A new study points out that smoking week is not good for your heart.  Ummm….tell that to Willie Nelson. But there may be some who now try to live out the words to the Toby Keith song, “I’ll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again”.



BMW sales?  Not so good.  They’ve lost 790 million during the pandemic.  But meanwhile stock for Tinder…the online dating service has gone up 12%.  I guess guys are just not picking up girls in a BMW right now.


Oh…and Papa John’s pizza sales are through the roof right now too. And again, the kids are not delivering your sausage and pepperoni in a BMW.



Cheetos is now offering up Cheetos Mac N Cheese.  Uh huh.  I’m in.  And why has McDonald’s never offered up a Big Mac and Cheese?  Missed marketing opportunity there me thinks.



The actor passed away a few days ago and just now some folks including me are discovering how much he loved to sing. He played a little music.  And his go to song was the old tune “Fraulein”.  Listen to ole Wilford sing this song one night when he sat in with the world famous Timejumpers featuring Vince Gill.   Pretty rich baritone voice there. Ole Wil could sing!


Ever notice how nobody ever feels bad when they’re singing…or laughing?  We need to do more of that.  RIP Mr. Brimley.



Rock n Roll stars live on a different planet than most of us.  There’s a new story about Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones causing a concert in Toronto to be delayed because he wanted to finish his pie. Shepherds pie to be exact.  Apparently someone had eaten the pie they had made for him and Keith insisted they make a new one.  He would not leave until they did…and until he’d eaten every crumb.  Now that truly is rock n’ roll.



Word is that Tom Hanks will be cast as Gepetto…the old puppet maker in Pinocchio that Disney is going to turn into a “live” action deal like they’ve done with some of their other classics. So, who will they cast as ole big nose?



“Man Bitten By Shark In Florida Compares It To A Previous Attack By An Alligator”.  I’m thinking he may want to move.  Try Iowa.



I was to be in studio today but that got moved to next week so my day has opened up for my “catch up list” of things to do.


Have a great Thursday!

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