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Moving In...A Great Musical Gathering...Amish Uber

Aug 6 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Happy Monday.



My weekend started mid morning Friday writing with Paul Bogart at Sony Publishing right smack dab on Music Row.  LOT of history in that building…it’s humbling.  There’s a floor of rooms…each one has an iconic name on the door.  Cash, Nelson, Anderson…ours simply said HANK.  No, we did not re-write cheating heart…but I did look down on my old list of ideas and saw a title Lisa Shaffer gave me years ago when we were singing in Hits & Grins and doing a lot of co-writing.  The title came out of a conversation…we both knew it was a song title…and she said, “Bill…you take it…and write it”. 


Lisa’s third little one is on the way and will roam that 200 acre farm she and her husband Kevin own up in northern, KY along with the two other little blessings they have.  Lord…I hope her kids grow up one day and know how talented and gifted her Mama was.  Lisa…thank you for the idea.  I think we did the title proud.


And Lisa and I had this little Facebook blessing when our friends Darin & Brooke Aldridge sang a bit of our song "Corn"  this weekend backstage at the Grand Ole Opry in the Minnie Pearl dressing room.  Check out this VIDEO.  And thank you Darin and Brooke !



So…my daughter is moving.  That means boxes, and “uh…I think my back hurts”.  My daughter’s husband Casey’s Stepdad and Mom drove up with truck and trailer from Miami so we all helped get one big load up to Clarksville for the move in at their new home.  We had met Casey’s Mom Anissa when the Heather and Casey got married in Ireland a couple of months ago…but it was our first time meeting his step dad Alan who works under the umbrella of Homeland Security down in Miami town.  That means he’s stopping boats filled with illegals..and lots of cocaine and drugs.  He told me they stay really busy, especially this time of year when the weather’s great.  Those guys that do that could write a book for sure and it was fun hearing some of those stories. 



Sunday evening our friends Lang Scott and Linda Davis threw a big ole potluck dinner and pickin’ party as only they can do.  But it was taken to a whole new level Saturday night as they rented out a bigger space and invited 60 or so of their friends…many of them who got up and sang and performed.  A lot of Kenny Roger’s band members were there and some of them created a great background of music for those that got up to sing.  Kenny’s soundman for like 40 years dialed everyone in.


Linda, Lang and Rylee Jean sang as did their granddaughter Eisele…one of Hillary’s three little ones and sang right on pitch in meter at the age of 2 or three years old.  The musical apple don’t fall far from the tree.


T. Graham Brown sang  "Tell It Like It Used To Be" and slayed us all.  Williams and Ree the “Indian The White Guy” had us all doubled over in laughter.  Grand Ole Opry star Jan Howard was there and Linda sang one of her songs as Jan had a hoarse throat.  The “Whites” with Sharon and Cheryl and Mr. Buck were all there after being on the Opry earlier in the evening and had us all singing “Keep On The Sunny Side” and “I’m Hanging Around”.  My songwriter friend Amanda Williams did a song she wrote with pianist Ron Oates who also played that was just a killer song.  Ron has played piano and written for…well…insert a name.


I got up and did “Face For Radio” and several other folks and friends got up and displayed their musical talents too.  Linda and Lang led everyone in “Amazing Grace” to close out an amazing evening. 


If you are around Lang and Linda for 5 minutes…you understand why they have so many folks who love them.  Those folks are just returning the love. 


I’m blessed to play music with those two some.  Our next date is up in Pennsylvania with our “Evening In The Round” show September 9 in Jennerstown, PA.



Economists are saying as many as 800,000 may leave California and New York because of high taxes.  Great.  Just what we need…more folks moving to Nashville. 



Nutella is hiring 60 people to become taste testers.  Their official title is “sensory judges”.  Those accepting have to already be living in Northern Italy…or be willing to move there.  Not a bad job. 


Sort of like the ice cream tasters.  Yes…they have those.  Once a year when I was in Cincinnati one of the major makers of ice cream sent their official taster in for an interview.  I was surprised he didn’t have to wear big boy pants.  And the best part of it all is he always brought FREE ice cream!  What a job.



In Brooklyn a big brawl broke out in the “nail” show when a customer refused to pay for what she said was a botched job.  The employees grabbed brooms and dust pans and commenced to whooping her.  Pretty sure I saw those same folks on a Springer show once.



One company that is really growing is Culver’s.  When I lived in Wisconsin you quickly learned it was frozen custard…not ice cream that was being served.  Culver’s is all over the country now and they sell frozen custard AND butter burgers.  AND…paddles to restart your hearts.



So these folks decide to try and break a world record setting up the most dominoes.  That would be 596,229 dominoes on the clock.  They got really close when a fly landed on ONE domino and that caused a really bad chain reaction.  One fly.  I’m not sure what’s more interesting to me.  The fact that a fly caused such a disaster…or the fact that there’s that many folks who will spend time trying to stand over a half million dominoes up on end.



One Amish farmer has offered up rides in his buggy calling it the first ever Uber-Buggy.  Uh huh.  If you’re not in a hurry…his carriage and horse will be right over to pick you up.  And folks wonder why I wrote a song titled “I’ll Join The Amish”.



I’m in the very busy time of year for me with lots of performing dates coming up and several road trips.  This coming Saturday I have a double header.  Saturday morning at 11:30 AM I’m playing at the Ford Theater in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum with my friend Steve Dean that is always a cool thing.


Then Saturday night Victoria Venier will join the two of us at Puckett’s in Franklin for a “Hits & Grins” show.  Make plans to join us if you can.



Tomorrow morning…I’m on the air on WSM doing the morning show from 5:30-10 AM.  Tune in for a bit if you can worldwide at wsmonline.com


Have a great Monday!





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