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Big Bucks...Big Snakes...And Re-Boots

Aug 5 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

First “Hump Day” in August. 



I wrote with Tim Stafford online.  Tim’s a member of the bluegrass group Blue Highway and is a noted guitarist as well as writer-singer. Tim had a couple of ideas and I had one, so we wrote my gospel-bluegrass idea yesterday and set another appointment to write one of Tim’s ideas.  Tim’ group normally would be SO busy right now playing all the bluegrass festivals across the country.  But like many I don’t think Tim, or the group has played one time since the pandemic started.  So…more time to write and we’re taking advantage of that.



I wish I had a picture to post of what I saw in our backyard last evening.  SIX big bucks and at least two of them had trophy racks on top of their heads.  Monster racks.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like that.  My wife wants to feed them.  My brothers would be putting up a tree stand if they lived here.



In the Florida Everglades officials say they have now removed 5,000 of those invasive giant python snakes.  Yikes.  Makes me REALLY glad my backyard has grass and deer and not water and pythons.



Clorox is saying there will be a shortage of wipes into 2021.  Hopefully we won’t hear the exact same words form Charmin.


Here in Nashville we’ve had a little good news as the cases dropped 28% over the past week.  The state of Tennessee though is one of the “hottest” spots in the country.  The drop in Nashville may be because they’ve shut the bars down for a second time. 


For the first time ever the Radio City Christmas Show in NYC has been cancelled.  When the virus first broke out, I thought that maybe the country would be up and running in October.  And now major events are cancelled all the way through the Christmas season.


Of course, it’s devastating on businesses. Many won’t return.  Here’s an eye-popping number.  Disney lost 4.2 BILLION dollars last quarter with their parks being shut down.  Now that they’re back open, I wonder if the dolls from all those countries in the “It’s A Small World” attraction are wearing masks?



Cracker Barrel is adding “Maple Bacon Grilled Chicken” and “Country Fried Pork Chops” to its menu.  In case you need some healthy comfort food to get you through the crisis. Is there anything that doesn’t taste better with bacon or fried?  There is fried ice cream.  Does anyone make bacon flavored ice cream?



Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano have agreed to a reboot of the TV series “Who’s the Boss”.  It’s coming back.  They will be shooting new episodes all these years later soon.  Makes for an interesting radio question if I were still doing a morning radio show somewhere. 


What TV show would you bring back if you could?


I’ll take “Cheers”…”Mash”…”Seinfeld”….”Friday Night Lights” and “All In The Family” to start with.  Imagine the material “All In The Family” would have to deal with in today’s world.



Did you see this Space X prototype that launched into the air?  It looks like a farm silo!  And it may be headed for Mars one day.  It doesn’t look the least bit aerodynamic, but it flies.  Amazing.  Maybe we’ll be farming on Mars.



I'm writing with my east coast friend Rob Bellamy & Ayla Brown this morning finishing up a duet idea for the two of them.  The two recorded 3 of my songs on their last album so when I know I'm writing with them I'm always trying to think of ideas that might work for a duo as opposed to just a solo artist.  So we'll have fun kicking that tire again this morning for sure. 


Have a great Wednesday!

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