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More Studio Time...Back on the Charts...Milk Swim

Aug 4 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

We’re on the back of 2020…August 4 already…Tuesday morning.



I had a busy musical today starting in the kitchen with my friends Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard and we attacked an idea that I brought to the table that’s going to be cool. We will gather again on Friday of this week to finish it up and smooth out the edges.  It’s going to be another solid song to go in our catalog that keeps growing and growing. Although none of the songs I helped them write made it to Jenny’s first acclaimed album “Jennyville” we’ve just written up a storm of new songs since then.  So, I’m already looking forward to her second album that should be out sometime next year when I’ll have a few that will land on that.  Can’t wait to share some of those with you.



I left their place and headed to Station West, a recording studio along with Wil Nance and we helped guide a country vocalist Dan Alley through a song we’d written with Brian White in demo form.  The song sounds like It’s right in the wheelhouse of a lot of country artists, so there will be no shortage of artists to pitch it to when it’s mixed and finalized sometime late next week.  You never get your hopes up too high in this business because it’s hard…really hard to get a major cut in this town because the competition is so fierce.  But with that said, all three of us are extremely high on this particular song and its chances of finding a home.  Time will tell.


And Dan Alley, who I was meeting for the first time in studio...a friend of Wil's...did a great job singing it.  Thank you Dan.


Now, some songwriters in this town are more optimistic.  I just read Ashley Gorley (who’s a terrific writer) and is still young just got his 50th number one record. Sigh.  I think I hate him.



The gospel song I wrote with Irene Kelley that’s on her current CD “Benny’s TV…just went back on the bluegrass gospel charts again and is currently #3 on that chart.  And I think it’s the third time maybe that the song has re-appeared on that chart which means that some radio stations somewhere keep pulling the song up again and again and are playing it.  So, thank you to all those folks.  I love this song. Irene had this beautiful melody the morning I showed up at her house and pretty soon the lyrics just spilled out over that melody.  And some other great friends of both of ours, Darin & Brooke Aldridge added splendid harmonies on the chorus.  If you’ve not heard “Walk With Me”…just click on and listen.



NYC has the lowest number of cases in hospitals ever right now…so it’s nice to start with some encouraging news.


Meanwhile it seems to be spreading to mid-sized cities now across the country with no end in sight.


If you want to get away?  A bunch of Caribbean Islands are now open.  Aruba, and the Bahamas amongst them.  Not a bad way to quarantine if you can afford it.


A CEO for a yogurt company has had to do a lot of traveling during this period. And she’s got a long long list of things she does on every trip to try and stay safe.  She’s been on 37 flights since Covid and spent 160 nights in hotel rooms. 


She cleans her own hotel room (I did too last weekend) and wipes down the shower head.  (never thought of that)


She leaves her towels outside her door and only has the maids in once every four days during her hotel stays.


She wears multiple layers of gloves in the airports peeling off a pair after any bathroom visit.


And she uses a paper airline ticket and not an app ticket for boarding. 


Man, I think I’m trying to do the right things, but she makes me look like a rookie. Here’s a look at her complete check list.



I have not tried it out yet, but I have a new credit card that will allow you to just tap the credit card machine and not have to swipe or hand it over to someone to swipe for you.  Tap and charge away…safer they say.  The things they come up with.



NYC has just approved liquor infused ice cream.  Cool.  I’ll have the cookies and cream cognac please.  With two spoons.



You’ve seen folks scribble out SOS in movies.  I never knew if that would really work until the news came yesterday that three guys who got stranded on an island near Guam for several days did get rescued with a pilot flew over and saw their SOS they had carved out on the sand.  How about that?


That got me to thinking about what the initials stood for?  SOS?  Turns out it stands for “Save Our Souls”. 


They do become more valuable.  I’ve had a couple I SO regret selling when I was young and did not know any better…especially that 1969 Gibson Hummingbird.  Sigh.


A big reminder came yesterday when an auction house brought in 1.32 million for the 1942 Martin D-18 that Elvis played on some of his early Sun recording sessions in Memphis.  That’s the 6th guitar that’s sold for over a million over the past 14 months.  Hang on to those things’ folks.



Guess what?  Us Baby Boomers?  We are no longer the majority in this country.  The Millennials and younger now make up the majority in the US. 


Glenn Frey wrote a wonderful song The Eagles recorded about that before this statistic became reality and before he passed titled “It’s Your World Now”.  True.


And I’ve got a “Baby Boomers” song that I like a lot that Brent Burns recorded and co-wrote with me.  If you’re a baby boomer like me, click on the link and see how many of the things we referenced you can remember. 


One more cancellation in a year of cancellations.  That “Field of Dreams” game that was going to happen in that iconic cornfield ballyard we’ve seen in that movie between the Cards and the White Sox?  Cancelled.  Covid…again.  The Cardinals right now can’t even play baseball because they have so many cases of it on the team.  I missed the Masters golf tournament this year for the same reason.  I can only hope that both of these events will be back in 2021 and that no player will have to wear a mask.



I can swim just enough to keep from drowning.  I could never do what Olympian Katie Ledecky just did.  Watch her swim the length of a pool with a glass of chocolate milk on her head without spilling a drop.  How do one do that?



That time is when you think ole fluffy your cat would just LOVE to wear a Halloween costume.  What’s sad to me it some stores are already advertising cat outfits for Halloween.  One store claims to have up to 17 different choices.  So, does the cat owner go into a changing room with fluffy to help her try them on in front of a mirror?


And, are there any cat owners who buy the outfit, let the cat wear it that one night, and then try to return it to the store?


I got questions…no answers.



“Woman Injured While Swimming With Humpback Whales”. Ya think? Wonder if she was swimming amongst them balancing a glass of chocolate milk on her head?



I’m writing from home today and hooking up with Tim Stafford who will be at his home near Knoxville today.  Always a treat for me to play with a guitar player as good as Tim is. 


Have a great Tuesday!







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