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Writing...Traffic and 65 Years

First weekend of August straight ahead.



My songwriting appointment was with Jenny Tolman...just back from opening a big show for Cole Swindell at the Ohio State Fair and by all accounts it sounded like she and her boyfriend-producer-musician-writer Dave Brainard and band knocked em' out.  I'm certainly rooting for these two.  Jenny's album is in the very final stages and even though none of the stuff we wrote it made it to this album...I'm hoping a lot of folks are going to be hearing her music over the next couple of years.  I do have a little "cameo" role on the album as a weatherman believe it or not that's inserted between a couple of her songs.  It's funny...and I'm glad to be on this record even in a small creative way. 


Yesterday we sat on the couch and flushed out a fun "trailer park" idea I had on my books that we turned into a very fun uptempo bluegrass ditty.  I grew up living in trailers...working in a trailer...so it's been a constant well for me to draw on through the years.  Ya just can't get enough songs about the trailer park now.  Fun day yesterday.



I did get notice that I will be on air this coming Monday night on WSM radio filling in for Eddie Stubbs 7-Midnight.  As always you can listen from anywhere at wsmonline.com.  You can also download the WSM app for free and just click on it to hear the radio home of the Grand Ole Opry. 



I had to run my daughter to the airport yesterday.  What should be about a 25 minute journey roundtrip turned out to be an almost two hour ordeal as we picked up I-40 and ran into a parking lot four lanes wide.  Accident?  Nope.  The Vice President was in town.  They shut the interstate completely down for almost a half hour.  Heather and her fiancee' were lucky to catch their flight to California...but made it.  Coming out of the airport trying to get back home...I discovered that because of the stoppage for the VP's motorcade...that traffic was at a crawl...alternate routes too.  So two things.  I'm hoping for less visits from the White House...and two...I apologize for any bad language you may have heard.  I had no idea that when this administration was talking about building a wall that they would actually put one down on Interstate 40!



Some Mayoral elections are getting ready to gear up...Senate...House...all that stuff.  Here in the Rocky Top State...one candidate has already announced he will ride a tractor across the state for votes.  Another one announced today that he will run all 513 miles doing the same thing.  I guess that's all about getting attention in the press.  So when I run for dog catcher...I'm going to pogo stick across the state.



36% of those who graduated with a college degree would change their major if they could go back and do it again.  Mine was in Mass Media...and even though it never helped land a job for me...I'm having trouble thinking about what I would change my major to on a do over.  Since they don't hand out 4 year degrees for Chippendale Dancing...I'd probably choose the same major all over again.  And the world would thank me.



The Fairs have started.  Even the cold drinks are fried I think.  And as soon as they figure out how to get Coke on a stick that will be available I'm sure.  I can't remember the last time I've been to a fair.  I think the last one I was at I played music at.  Hamilton County Fair many moons ago in Cincinnati with a band.  During a break between shows we entered a tent where a guy in a cage was turned into a gorilla.  When that happened...the gorilla shook the bars and screamed and 200 little kids with food and soft drinks in their hands turned and ran over me!  So...don't look for me this year lining up to ride the Scrambler and to be in line to place a bet on the racing pigs.






Wow.  Oklahoma City just recorded 7 earthquakes in 7 days.  Fracking?  Some think that.  Me...I'm just thinking there's no way I'm "fracking" living there for awhile.



In France where supposedly they have the best cuisine and you couldn't buy a corndog if you wanted to...they now have vending machines with oysters.  Insert your money...out into the slot drops your half shell goodie.  I'm not sure I want any kind of fresh seafood coming from a vending machine.  Vending machines were invented for Snicker bars and Twinkies.  The end.



Sexy and mobile.  You can now buy a stiletto skate.  Uh huh.  I just no there's a good reason for inventing these.  Anyone?  If nothing else here's your chance to be a Roller Derby diva.






How about NBA great Steph Curry shooting a 4 over par round on the Pro Golf circuit yesterday in California?  Man...someone like that guy would help the ratings for golf if he played regularly.  And they need help.  Maybe we can get him a sponsor for NASCAR too.  Bo Jackson one more time!



Believe it or not...the owner of OJ Simpson's white Ford Bronco that he made his slow getaway in is going to be seen on the TV show Pawn Shop!  Rick and Chumlee are going to be seen taking it for a ride.  I think the current owner paid over 70 grand for it years ago.  I don't think we'll see the boys in Vegas actually buy it...but...the ratings are going to be up the night that episode airs for sure.



A little writing and a little prepping for an up and straight back road trip with my wife as we head to a party to celebrate 65 years of marriage for these guys...my great friends and extended family Dodge and Dean Raymer and their many friends and family members. 65 years with many more to come.  Happy Anniversary you two.





Have a great weekend!

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